Prepositions after "espouse"

"espouse by" or "espouse in"?

In 69% of cases "espouse by" is used

It is the false monoculturalism espoused by Alois and his ilk which is unhealthy and destructive.

THE BOWMEN Grudgingly, we must return to a theory espoused by several previous students of the Angel.

And it was the original in collaborative literature - a genre now lucratively espoused by authors like James Patterson.

Bad America The simple truth is that if any of us exposed ourselves to the kind of racist teachings espoused by the Rev.

Younkins The belief that man, by nature, is good was espoused by the French philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).

Given the definition of hate supplied I can not see how anyone can ignore the hate being espoused by so called rationalists.

Similarly, Plato replaces the common sense understanding of morality (espoused by Protagoras in the eponymous dialogue) with his own.

It buys into the same illogic as espoused by the donor community -- namely that simply by engaging with the enemy contending parties will end up agreeing.

Silverman takes on the persona of a vacuous monster, because only a vacuous monster can hold to the views espoused by Manning and his knuckle-dragging fans.

In 18% of cases "espouse in" is used

This also could justify the theory of rapture as espoused in the ' Holy ' books.

A second example is trustworthiness which is extremely important to Islamic societies and dealings between people A value regularly espoused in the west.

The two young people he had on were very articulate and gave a spirited critique of the kind of Christianity espoused in Jamaica and its insidious seepage into all areas of national life.

He shall be subject to removal ONLY by the CARICOM Heads of Government Conference, after an evidentiary hearing in which he would have had guaranteed to him similar rights as espoused in the ECHR e.

In 6% of cases "espouse to" is used

You, Rob, are conflating the same statements to make up a position that Hume never espoused to having.

In 4% of cases "espouse as" is used

No one is forcing you to become a Muslim, they are just seeking to partake of that freedom that you espouse as a great virtue of this country.

On the Left, ' Britain ' has been separated from its connections with empire and racial superiority, and is espoused as the multicultural face of Englishness.

In 2% of cases "espouse from" is used

The punishment model that is being espoused from the top down is very puritanical, almost Calvinistic in it's zeal.