Prepositions after "evaluate"

"evaluate in", "evaluate on" or "evaluate by"?

In 22% of cases "evaluate in" is used

Everything is evaluated in terms of numbers.

The trends and development of operations can be monitored and evaluated in order.

This curve has then to be evaluated in terms of its effectiveness in destroying C.

The achieving of objectives in the different perspectives is evaluated in the reporting phase.

The self-evaluation report is evaluated in March-April in the target negotiations with the Ministry of Education.

All values of human life such as love, sympathy, be-nevolence and affections are evaluated in terms of silver coins.

These options are evaluated in tables that actually appear in the second part along with major route options 3 and 4.

At the end of such a period of time the candidate will again be evaluated in the manner described under sub-section (d).

The possibility that these symptoms may have been related to a tick-transmitted coinfection was not evaluated in any of the studies.

These and other early studies were important as they showed that the drug was safe and effective and was ready to be evaluated in patients.

In 20% of cases "evaluate by" is used

A validated programme is one that has been evaluated by FETAC.

The MSc thesis will be evaluated by the research project-leading PI and a second internal academic.

The goodness on the chiropractic EMR can be evaluated by way of numerous completely happy doctors using it.

Many service transactions and internal control routines can only be evaluated by seeing the auditee perform them.

Eventually, I relent and let Janni be evaluated by a therapist who's an expert in autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Over a period of time, ISM has produced a list of a variety of degree applications that our applicants have evaluated by ECE.

I think the school should adopt a common industry practice where the supervisors and leadership are also evaluated by the employees.

What consequences these strategies have? They will be evaluated by examining the consequences on people placed in different situations.

The strange game of the publishing house Riniger Also interesting is the long way of the Cash CD, which must be evaluated by the prosecutors.

In return, the premiers and chief ministers consented to having their performance in delivering services evaluated by the independent COAG Reform Council.

In 13% of cases "evaluate on" is used

The nominees were also being evaluated on any charity work they may.

Reconstruction accuracy was then evaluated on the independent test set.

But applicants will always be evaluated on a bend, and Romney defeats the bend.

Applications are needed for work permits as well, and are evaluated on an individual basis.

The key objectives for the additional work must be clearly specified, and evaluated on completion.

Before he re-entered Sunday's game against the Rams, Smith was evaluated on the sideline between the first and second quarters.

On both occasions, you will be evaluated on your participation in debate and ability to intelligently discuss the assigned readings.

Damco was evaluated on their track record in assisting clients to reduce supply chain and logistics cost and develop an integrated supply chain.

Similarly, abstracts of works-in-progress and panel proposals will be evaluated on the degree to which they contribute to the study of literary journalism.

In 8% of cases "evaluate for" is used

LACNIC has a policy that defines to evaluate for 12 months needs.

LACNIC: LACNIC policy defines to evaluate for 12 months needs for the recipient of the IPv4 address transfer.

Learning outcomes should be assessed and evaluated for clarity and appropriateness to support continued improvement.

Bick says that of 48 patients evaluated for the programme, 17 have been accepted, and their families have gone through six hours or more of genetic counselling before sequencing.

In 8% of cases "evaluate to" is used

The aim is to evaluate to what extent long-term foreign aid is harmful or beneficial for Zambia.

In order for the rule's action to be executed the combination of conditions need to evaluate to TRUE.

In 5% of cases "evaluate as" is used

Also, it will allow you to be able to evaluate as well as contrast loans from various lenders.

Likelihood: Each risk is evaluated as to whether the likelihood that it will occur is low, medium, or high.

Effect: Each risk is evaluated as to whether the effect on achievement of objectives would be low, medium, or high should it occur.

Even were evaluated as to whether employees have been putting the knowledge and skills acquired in training to do their jobs more efficient and productive.

In 4% of cases "evaluate at" is used

Computes the L operation on f wrt to wrt evaluated at points given in evalpoints.

Computes the R operation on f wrt to wrt evaluated at points given in evalpoints.

In 4% of cases "evaluate with" is used

On the iPad, they are evaluated with LabView, a professional software program for researchers.

The likelihood function is given by the values of P(ET1) and P(ET2), evaluated with the actual evidence E we have observed.

The effect of Resv on gastric cancers was evaluated with its effect on tumor growth after subcutaneous injection of cancer cells.

The situation that existed during the Kosi response were then reviewed and evaluated with reference to the existing distribution network designs.

In 3% of cases "evaluate from" is used

These constants are evaluated from initial conditions, and Eq.

It makes use of the fact that expressions involving only assignment operators are evaluated from right to left, but is otherwise like any other expression.

Likewise, a network that is robust from the perspectives of backorders could be vulnerable when evaluated from the perspectives of inventory and total costs.

In 2% of cases "evaluate according" is used

Entries are evaluated according to the following criteria with equal weight given to each area.

Every action and potential action, in the normal state, is evaluated according to its consequences: what results will follow.

In 2% of cases "evaluate through" is used

Her skills are evaluated through regular written tests and all the midwives at the centre provide verbal feedback on her progress.

After graduating from high school at age 19, he was evaluated through Vocational Rehabilitation and set up in various jobs in the community over the next two years.

Funding in this pilot phase of the fund was awarded based on proposal submissions which are evaluated through peer-review by representatives of all the member agencies.

In 1% of cases "evaluate because" is used

Here's a sketch: It's easy to write F as a 6-dimensional integral, but it's a hard integral to evaluate because of the dimensionality and the singularity associated with the faces in contact.

In 1% of cases "evaluate before" is used

We also read close to 300 books a year and spend 3 days discussing and evaluating before coming up with our nomination lists.

In 1% of cases "evaluate during" is used

Vision, hearing and communication status were evaluated during the eligibility screening by a trained interviewer.

In 1% of cases "evaluate of" is used

Your white singular along with the black evaluate of the full shoe develops that shade coordination and combination which often only a couple of may stand against.

In 1% of cases "evaluate outside" is used

In this article we are using 2 different examples of where we can place this calculation and have it evaluate outside of a script.

In order to do this we require a calculation to define the local variable, and we require that calculation to evaluate outside of the script.

In 1% of cases "evaluate rather" is used

I think this system would be a much more accurate measurement of impact? A few more points for the necessity of journals, as way of evaluating rather than disseminating research: 1.

In 1% of cases "evaluate under" is used

For this reason this issue has been evaluated under the heading ' wars of irtidat '.

In 1% of cases "evaluate via" is used

However, this plan is still being evaluated via scientific feasibility studies.

While process-of-care quality should ideally be evaluated via direct observation, or perhaps in standardized patients 34, information is typically collected from medical records 9, 35 - 37.

In 1% of cases "evaluate without" is used

Menkin is hard to evaluate without seeing him in the Mudd system.