Prepositions after "evolve"

evolve into, from, in, over or to?

In 24% of cases "evolve into" is used

Now he has evolved into going to a group.

I don't believe we have evolved into weakness.

Grief can evolve into depression under certain conditions.

Over the period it has evolved into most comprehensive portal in the health sector in.

The original scheme evolved into our awards programme for bars, hotels and restaurants.

Once those in our generation evolve into men, the future generations will be better off.

In practice, the goal has evolved into the protection of a highly lucrative financial investment, the taxi licence plate.

Being a quiet, gentle and naturally meditative person (and a very ineffective manager!) he gradually evolved into a teacher.

Evil begins with a callousness towards the interests of other people, then it evolves into contempt when one gets in its way.

The HDB might have started that way, but -- it can be argued -- it has long since evolved into a mass developer like any other.

In 18% of cases "evolve from" is used

And it then evolved from there.

Allow organisms to evolve from molecules to man.

What will evolve from this will evolve on its own.

Many of Pakistan's contemporary sexual mores may have evolved from traditional practices.

By studying fossils, it is possible to say that these mammals evolved from early reptiles.

The on most widely accepted today is based on the assumption that drama evolved from ritual.

What it implies is that Hindus evolve from inefficient communism to copied capitalism, be it efficient or inefficient.

As google evolves from performance into Branding, they will collaborate more with agencies to accomplish client objectives.

His career evolved from the design of everyday consumer products to his new home on the internet with web application products.

Scientology is not a Christian religion, it evolved from science fiction which demonstrates the stupidity of religion generally.

In 13% of cases "evolve in" is used

They all had to evolve in partnership.

Windows evolved in the true Darwinian sense.

They do not evolve in the same way as language.

The spheres of light anD the spheres of mass imPRove and evolve in a pure spherization.

How do you see user experience and user-centred design evolving in your organisation.

It is really interesting to think of how the web and how we use it have evolved in such a relatively short time frame.

If you evolved in the tropics, where the environment is very hot, then heat loss is facilitated by being long and lean.

Some species had developed from ancestors that evolved in the original Gondwana, and others had arrived over millions of years.

In 10% of cases "evolve over" is used

My current work evolved over time.

It is how the democracy evolves over the years.

This framework will continue to evolve over time.

History helps us understand how things began and how they have evolved over the years.

The Cape Horn story that has evolved over the years is local myth being accepted as fact.

I have been a reader of this blog for a long time and see it evolve over the period of time.

This liberal spirituality, as it has evolved over time, has been deeply entwined with media-oriented consumerism.

My theory is that at all times we are in a unique situation, as the global economic systems change and evolve over time.

Science evolves over time, the theory seemly perfect now may be overthrown by a better, more seamless theory in the future.

P) Church, Mawuli School, one of the early secondary schools in the Volta Region and the country has evolved over the years.

In 6% of cases "evolve to" is used

White Arrows evolved to a band with the addition of old friends J.

Adrenaline will leave a cheetah wondering when humans evolved to outrunning them.

Up to this point the Humans were finally evolved to the point where they began building cities.

On the other hand, Swansea has evolved to a better side, solid in the back and deadly in attack.

In the 2012 NBA Finals we saw LeBron James evolve to a level unseen in his already illustrious career.

She loved the concept and under her well directed nudges, Icky, Yucky, Mucky! evolved to what it is today.

Humans are star stuff evolved to the point that it can begin to know and marvel at its own magnificent STORY.

The undesireable ones respond to (human) consumer pressure and change their color; over time they evolve to the same color.

But let us imagine that after Man, some surviving life-form evolves to a level of intelligence comparable to, or even surpassing ours.

None of us are God, because their is no God, and none of us are infallible, because DNA has not evolved to that high state of perfection.

In 5% of cases "evolve with" is used

As the years go by scores often evolve with the times.

They have good good songs, and their songs evolves with them.

And as the president evolved, the White House evolved with him.

They evolved with the flora, rapidly outnumbering all other groups of winged insects.

Conservatives generally believe that history evolves with and is informed by morality.

The improved teaching pedagogy must also be flexible and be able to evolve with the times.

Spaces that respond to their needs, and spaces that challenge and evolve with the changing shape of the high street.

Forests and grasslands, for example, evolved with fire -- caused by lightning strikes -- as a part of their lifecycles.

I would say that good and evil are concepts that evolved with society, as apposed to being derived from knowing God's nature.

The RADIATION would never have permitted life as ' we are ' and ' as it is known ' to have evolved with the bio-form it presents with NOW.

In 3% of cases "evolve as" is used

Evolving as a regular for the label is Karmon.

Adamov's Professor Taranne'has evolved as a dream.

And I'd evolving as a person, as well as an actor.

If anyone can make him evolve as a designer, that would be Joe Zee.

But, what was Ben saying? This is a vital point if we want to evolve as a humanity.

More than simply advancing technology, we work to ensure the Internet continues to grow and evolve as a platform for.

My cancer battles helped me evolve as a person, made me a more enlightened soul, one who appreciates each and every moment I have here.

I am sure they are looking at this and more, which is why I hope that Nokia will surprise us all and continue to evolve as a business with the spirit in which they were founded.

In 3% of cases "evolve out" is used

It evolved out of animal camouflage.

Hindustani evolved out of a score of dialects which are inter-related among themselves and to it.

Progressive rock, in its various forms, evolved out of psychedelia, out of classical music, and out of jazz fusion.

Contemporary forms of simulation, such as movie rides and themed environments, evolved out of traditional forms of fiction.

I emphasise on the ' redefining ' we can never go back to what we were once, but we can evolve out of the sorry state we are in.

There are some who believe it evolved out of the practice of using the day following Christmas to open and distribute the contents of alms-boxes in the parish churches.

There are GIFs that evolve out of it, there are Halloween costumes that were all over my Facebook feed, that have essentially evolved out of this gaffe that turned into a meme.

There are GIFs that evolve out of it, there are Halloween costumes that were all over my Facebook feed, that have essentially evolved out of this gaffe that turned into a meme.

Chang explained that the initiative evolved out of a visit to Singapore by a Jamaican delegation headed by Mike Henry, transport and works minister, just over a year ago for the Asian Airport Summit.

In 2% of cases "evolve at" is used

Like football, hurling is evolving at a rate of knots while the playing rulebook gathers dust.

In order to succeed in this digital world, the agencies will also need to evolve at every level.

It is very useful for those who would wish to evolve at a very rapid rate by experiencing it and by using it while within it.

In 2% of cases "evolve for" is used

This is the heat evolved for those specific amounts used.

That is paranoia, how ridiculous! Grow up, evolve for Gods sake.

And how do you see the medium of your work evolving for the future? I'd looking into narrative film making and art film making and how it can be transferred into a different place.

The primary paradox is that our brain did not evolve for reading but writing must have evolved for our brain, that is, writing systems must have evolved within our brain's constraints.

The primary paradox is that our brain did not evolve for reading but writing must have evolved for our brain, that is, writing systems must have evolved within our brain's constraints.

The bird fauna had evolved for millions of years in a non-mammalian predator free environment, which was reflected by a large number of species that were flightless or were poor fliers.

In 2% of cases "evolve on" is used

What will evolve from this will evolve on its own.

Local communities should evolve on their own terms and find out models that work for them.

Madagascar appears to have been an island for at least 120 million years, at a time when the lemurs and other typical Malagasy species had not yet evolved on the continent.

The evidence gets stronger all the time: the human species is a very recent development in a single process that has been evolving on earth for around three billion years.

In 2% of cases "evolve through" is used

I can see my tastes evolving through this being the nursery on my doorstep.

If we do not want to know or do not care, then we will evolve through the standard process of evolution.

The main sequence star of a double that contains a white dwarf can also evolve through the giant stage to become a white dwarf, creating a DOUBLE white dwarf system.

I do not think these idiots evolved through natural selection! I hope this will encourage the installation of CCTV in other areas plagued by joy riders and the like.

Many are rooted in time-tested traditional knowledge and systems, and others are innovations that have evolved through experience and the needs of particular societies at different times.

In 1% of cases "evolve along" is used

We who know, know in our bones that we Whites must remain separate and even isolated in order to evolve along the best trajectory for us.

She began her theatre career working as a stage manager but has evolved along the way as she took to the stage and embraced the lives of the characters she has been asked to play.

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, NBCAM has been at the forefront of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer.

In 1% of cases "evolve beyond" is used

We have evolved beyond our own expectation; electronic technology changes daily.

In 1% of cases "evolve by" is used

When heat is evolved by a system, that same heat is absorbed by its surroundings.

Since high mass stars die first, a cluster evolves by losing its dwarf sequence from the top down.

It first evolved by chance interbreeding of cultivated wheats and a wild relative some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.

The reaction is carried out in some insulated container, where the heat absorbed or evolved by the reaction causes the temperature of the contents to change.

If the reaction evolves heat, for example, very nearly all of it stays inside the calorimeter, the amount of heat absorbed or evolved by the reaction is calculated.

You could go to other planets in the universe and find life, and if you do find life, then it will have evolved by some kind of evolutionary process, probably Darwinian.

In 1% of cases "evolve during" is used

The language principally employed is the language of the saints, evolved during the medieval period.

Phase One: 1947-79 The first phase, evolved during 1947-79 with two high watermarks of 1965 and 1971.

The only issue My partner and i evolved during that time seemed to be the reality that I became enjoying Shakeology every day.

There is no consensus about how the mountain got its current name ' Kilimanjaro ' although it probably evolved during the explorations of the last century.

Inside the Methodist Hall they will be creating their very own forest with junk materials, which will evolve during the day and then come to life at 4pm when the creatures return to inhabit it.

In 1% of cases "evolve throughout" is used

Koichi too, evolves throughout the film.

As humans, we have an innate drive to grow, develop and evolve throughout our life.

This makes the achievement of a regional business evolving throughout 38 years of trading being one to both recognize and savor.

This is the right museum to visit if you are interested in the development of Christchurch's transport, but also if you are interested in the way technology evolved throughout the years.

In 1% of cases "evolve towards" is used

It will take a generation or two for Sri Lanka to evolve towards a political culture in which refinement reigns in the unicameral legislature.

Some gang members say they took up arms partly to protect themselves and from there evolved towards more organised forms of criminal activity like raids, car-jackings and armed robberies.

In 1% of cases "evolve under" is used

Anatomical and physiological adaptations common to xerophytes have evolved under many different degrees and kinds of xeric environments.

In his report, Wagner argued that the university's power center, a it evolved under former president Graham Spanier, had shifted too close to the president's office.

In 1% of cases "evolve within" is used

This conference proposes to show how the genre has evolved within African and Indian writings, including those of the diaspora.

They do not progress toward a predetermined state (as with master planning strategies ), but are always evolving within a loose envelope of constraints.

Devices like the iPad and the Kindle are successful because the functionality is not entirely limited to the device and therefore it can continue to evolve within a larger context.

The primary paradox is that our brain did not evolve for reading but writing must have evolved for our brain, that is, writing systems must have evolved within our brain's constraints.