Prepositions after "excel"

"excel in" or "excel at"?

In 56% of cases "excel in" is used

If he can't excel in this type.

There he excelled in sports and in music.

Sonu Sood excels in the role of main villain.

Generally, our Ahmadi children who are living in Germany are excelling in education.

Alphonse Favier, bishop of Pehtang Cathedral, excelled in Beijing?? s cultural relics.

In fact, over the years, students have also excelled in the Grade Six Achievement Test.

He excelled in courses involving religious liberty and the First Amendment, but he loved the criminal law classes.

Usually a child must excel in either logical-mathematical or linguistic intelligence to be included in such programs.

It was also given away not only to family members, but also as gifts and awards in appreciation of excelling in arts.

Goldfinger truly excels in its individual moments which are uniformly shot and scripted in as memorable a way as possible.

In 26% of cases "excel at" is used

This is a style that women naturally excel at.

While RCCL excels at entertainment, Carnival is still.

A child who excels at something -- tennis, singing, mathematics, etc.

To be your own boss and excel at what you do; you need to modify your thinking pattern.

Britain excels at a great many endeavours, but breeding politicians is not one of them.

Chad Webb, 20 Chad excelled at school but dropped out of accountancy at university because he needed to earn money.

Rachael Kohn: The Salvationists know how to make the best of a difficult situation, don't they, that's what you excel at.

Each of these elements have to be excelled at in delighting the customers enough to be attractive to switch to Airtel.

Those who excel at research should have positions which are largely research, perhaps providing lectures only at a more advanced level.

In 3% of cases "excel as" is used

Thankfully, Joyce excels as a puppeteer.

A brilliant general who never lost a battle, he also excelled as an administrator and statesman.

In his honour, this scholarship is for one male and one female student who truly excels as a student-athlete.

In 3% of cases "excel on" is used

If you? re looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the NSP 10? 2? SUP is the obvious choice.

The more athletic and physical kids will excel on a crowded playground, and the final score will often be a ridiculous 7-5 too.

This is a role Rooney is likely to replicate for the national side this week, with expectations of an English victory high and Rooney determined to finally excel on the international stage.

In 2% of cases "excel for" is used

One of Ian Wright's sons excelled for the seasiders.

PSD to Magento enables the website to be excelled for SEO friendly and it is not tough anymore to convert from PSD into Magento.

In case you find yourself In a situation where you are working in office that is dealing with any accounting issues then you will have to use the Microsoft excel for your accounting job.

In 1% of cases "excel by" is used

Singapore has always been achieving excel by making use of Foreign Talents / Methodologies/ Technology.

Repeal of the ludicrous provision for two women to be listed as the parents on a birth certificate, although even that is excelled by the provision for two men to be so listed.

In 1% of cases "excel into" is used

But whether we see it as the moment the show excelled into brave, unknown television territory or the instant it fell apart is yet to be seen.

In 1% of cases "excel through" is used

The company's radio systems excel through high availability, high data transfer rates of up to 32 Mbps, seamless and lossless handovers.

In 1% of cases "excel within" is used

That poses the question of whether QPR have bought a player that only excelled within a precise construct.