Prepositions after "excuse"

"excuse for" or "excuse from"?

In 52% of cases "excuse for" is used

It's really easy and there is really no reason or excuse for not starting now.

I decided this beautiful and touching song/video was a good enough excuse for a brief interview.

There is nothing that he can do that they would criticize, and find and excuse for every blunder he makes.

But, Amara Raja can be excused for posting only a 66 basis points improvement in its operating margin to 16.

The are working on the road and it is such a modern pass, that you will be excused for not realising it is a pass.

Not much excuse for this flaw, as it would be recorded in the records they were using (more reliably than helmet usage).

With so many performers and so many shows, audiences can be excused for not knowing which way to look, or what to expect.

Come, come, thou mayst well be excused for not recalling the act of thy delirium, and which thy sober senses would have shunned even to contemplate.

In 22% of cases "excuse from" is used

He immediately understood, and I was excused from ' duty ' until I no longer felt the need to fetch us more dairy beverage.

A discharge can get rid of debts of an individual but there are also a few kinds of financial obligations which are excused from being wiped out.

In addition, if the poor are excused from the numerous education taxes that currently exist, then they would have the funds to pay for private education.

VI:13 The druids usually hold aloof from war, and do not pay war-taxes with the rest; they are excused from military service and exempt from all liabilities.

In 11% of cases "excuse by" is used

The jurors won't include a hedge fund manager and the mother-in-law of another who expressed harsh views of the industry and were excused by U.

In 4% of cases "excuse as" is used

Can this be excused as an act of survival? We have to correct the historical wrongs done to Mattakalpar by the Yalpanathar.

In 4% of cases "excuse in" is used

I'd a part of a nefarious racist movement which dehumanizes brown men because I pointed out how human rights are excused in the name of culture.

In 2% of cases "excuse like" is used

If we did we would be crucified int he media ///not excused like the muslims.

In 2% of cases "excuse with" is used

Kaffee be reprimanded for his conduct and that this witness be excused with the court's deepest apologies.