Prepositions after "exempt"

exempt from, in, by, as or at?

In 88% of cases "exempt from" is used

And no nation is exempted from these challenges.

Exports exempted from foreign Exchange Regulations.

Pulses are currently exempted from an import tariff.

SEZ units are also exempt from the central government's service and excise tax regimes.

Certain categories of imports are exempted from the Import Trade Control Regulations.

Women were admitted later on although most were exempted from the blood-letting rites.

Can students who are exempted from the English Placement Test still select compulsory English foundation (FNDE) CUs? No.

Such people will not be exempted from the rewards Allah has promised for those who are considered good-doers (muhsinun).

Also if it is so great then why did all the Unions want to opt out and some large companies and why are they exempt from it.

Now the industrialised countries are exempted from following disciplines in finance, for example, in changing their interest rates.

In 2% of cases "exempt by" is used

Article 10: (Scope of Application) stipulates that the act applies to all enterprises except small family businesses, domestic servants, and those exempted by Presidential decree.

In 1% of cases "exempt as" is used

At thirty-three, Truman was two years over the age limit for the draft and would also have been exempted as a farmer.

In 1% of cases "exempt due" is used

Personnel of the security agencies were exempted due to the nature of their business.

In 1% of cases "exempt on" is used

Thus this is also exempt on concept of Mutuality.

In 1% of cases "exempt to" is used

They think that they're exempted to the rules of the road and ride whatever way they think gets them to their destination faster.