Prepositions after "exert"

"exert on" or "exert by"?

In 52% of cases "exert on" is used

Pressure can be exerted on the brainstem causing coma and death.

Sparks says: November 11, 2012 at 3:24 pm find the maximum force exerted on the sun.

Which is substantially larger than the force the sun exerts on individual planetary bodies? Actually NO.

If a great amount of pressure is exerted on the sedimentary rock, or it is heated, it may turn into a metamorphic rock.

Leif Svalgaard says: November 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm Sparks says: November 11, 2012 at 3:24 pm find the maximum force exerted on the sun.

More pressure was also exerted on Somaliland by groups like Northern Somali for Peace Unity (NSPU) to not abuse the rights of non-secessionist regions.

In their rich variety and diversity, and in the reciprocal influences they exert on one another, all cultures form part of the common heritage belonging to all mankind.

Friction is the force the gases of the upper atmosphere exerts on the meteors as they enter the atmosphere, so decelerating them from the earth-relative velocity they had in the vacuum of space.

It's as though the centrifugal force and the gravitational force combined together into a resulting force (black) exerted on the center of gravity to turn it around this imaginary point (deep blue).

In 27% of cases "exert by" is used

Negative Signs in Potential F in the definition of potential energy is the force exerted by the force field, e.

The angles between P-Cl axial and P-Cl equatorial are less than 90 o due to repulsion exerted by the lone pair.

The force exerted by the force field always tends toward lower energy and will act to reduce the potential energy.

Pressure The pressure exerted by a gas uniformly across the surface of a container can be described by simple kinetic theory.

The sum of all the normal components of force exerted by the particles impacting the walls of the container divided by the area of the wall is defined to be the pressure.

Therefore the will is not given to be exerted by the creature, but only by God, who hath a right to work out His own will by means of the will which is in man, and yet is God's.

In 5% of cases "exert in" is used

A net tidal torque is exerted in a small region close to the tachocline due to the buoyancy frequency originating from the convection zone matching the tidal period.

In addition, when I examine the list in more detail, I'll be focusing on those who can be released immediately, and Shaker is top of that list, so pressure also needs to be exerted in the US as well.

In 5% of cases "exert over" is used

What it fails to assess is rigor of the research design, integrity of the science and influence industry may exert over the outcome.

Cuomo must have exerted over this process, especially considering there has been other extreme weather during the month-long lockout, but it is only recently that the criticism of Mr.

In 2% of cases "exert against" is used

Being right was not enough; pressure needed to be actively exerted against the Soviet system.

In 2% of cases "exert from" is used

Please check out **30;2751;TOOLONG to hear exerts from Don Huber, Michele Antonio, Dr Seralini and Jeffrey Smith on the science behind why it is important to label GMOs.