Prepositions after "exist"

exist in, for, between, on or as?

In 45% of cases "exist in" is used

It arises and exists in the mind.

This Hadith exists in many forms.

They don't exist in the real world.

Smaller communities exist in areas such as in Belgium, Spain, Panama and the Caribbean.

Never have I seen a greater opportunity than that which exists in the Imperial Valley.

So it exists in the brains of people because concepts can be communicated by language.

In Quebec, however, while naturopathic medicine is not actually illegal, it exists in a limbo state of ' a-legality.

Lots of popular programmes (Firefox) and sites (Google) exist in Esperanto, so people just get aware of the language.

Such a body can not exist in Jamaica at this point in our history; we have not yet reached that stage of development.

In 12% of cases "exist for" is used

They exist for the sake of others.

Safety standards exist for a reason.

None of these exist for Tamils in the NE.

The prospect of this vast area existing for days and nights without power was scary.

Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny Castle Kilkenny Castle has existed for over eight centuries.

As if we all existed for the sake of the things we make and do, rather than the reverse.

Thus, theoretical support exists for the relation between autonomy and both positive and negative forms of deviance.

The world is currently dominated by 32-bit computers, a situation that is likely to exist for the foreseeable future.

Big opportunities exist for companies who are building social technologies and unlocking the value for the enterprise.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) opportunities exist for servicing 1,000 commercial aircraft and 500 GA aircraft.

In 6% of cases "exist between" is used

It still exists between Australia and the US.

Many similarities existed between the two operations.

Well, I guess it shows what a gulf now exists between the U.

The violence of the explosion dramatizes the gulf that exists between the realities.

Differences do exist between Qubec students ' unions and the ROC but it's not this simple.

However, the differences which exist between them should not be exaggerated or misunderstood.

The strongest bonds exist between those who share a military background or long experience in the prison service.

Many similarities exist between this celebration and the Halloween that is celebrated on 31 October around the world.

Where a gulf exists between rich and satisfied disciples and the poor, desperate little ones--the former perish (Lk.

In 5% of cases "exist on" is used

Did the photos exist on a cyberlocker? Yes.

Similar distinctions exist on Android devices.

Codeshare options will exist on these flights.

It's normally non-air-con, but air-con 3rd class exists on a few long distance routes.

The need to duplicate some file names might arise if files exist on a continuous basis.

But the reality is that the only dangerous that exist on the system currently is EXP/Java.

In the Handling Of Data Already On The Destination pop-up menu, choose Delete Anything That Doesn't exist on The Source.

Reality is based upon relativity, thus both a negative, and positive, exist on the other side, thus we have good and evil.

Netmail PST Radar ' s Scan and Detect job lets you know how many PST files exist on your network and where they are located.

In 4% of cases "exist as" is used

We did exist as consciousness only.

Wez exists as an evil parallel to Max.

It actually ceased to exist as a kingdom.

For now, it exists as a testament, a record and a manifestation of a place and a people.

I suspect that this is in large part why Atheists and Skeptics can now exist as large groups.

Moreover to deny that ' now ' exists as an instant which divides the past from the future seems also to go against intuition.

Being maximally good, he would not want evil to exist as evil exists, it follows, logically, that the Judeo-Christian god does not.

Patrick never existed as an historical figure and in large part the Historical Memoirs put to rest once and for all Ledwich's claims.

In 4% of cases "exist at" is used

Similar tanks already exist at Mt.

Both ways can exist at the same time.

Nothing like it exists at the moment.

Shop your closet! When I was young we always made our costumes from things that existed at home.

Contact forces are called surface forces, since they exist at surfaces of contact between two bodies.

This is because Leo exists at the opposite end of the spectrum from Aquarius, exactly 6 months away.

The same disparity between first class and steerage passengers from back in the day seems to exist at this exhibition.

Severe problems exist at the moment because the very dry spell of weather and rock-hard soil makes worming impossible.

Only one existent state in any given sequence (which could be the entirety of reality, or one event) can exist at a time.

G Sponsor a child in Gambia, where health and education systems are lacking and the population exists at subsistence level.

In 3% of cases "exist within" is used

Happiness is all about you, it is a gift that exists within you.

Ethnically distinct subgroups exist within each of these five categories.

Many local varieties exist within the general framework of the lineage system.

It is after all, a collection of united States that exists within the American hemisphere.

The data type is NMTOKENS and not IDREFS because no matching IDs exist within this Message.

I know for a fact that many women exist within that limbo -- because they write and tell me.

The world of nature exists within a larger pattern of cycles, such as day and night and the passing of the seasons.

It had little influence and no responsibility for Yugoslavia while it existed within it, even less so with Slovenia.

On the great mental plane, gender manifests as masculine and feminine energies that exist within each and every person.

In 3% of cases "exist without" is used

One can not exist without the other.

They do not exist without the other.

Hypertension can exist without any clinical symptoms.

Electric current can not exist without an unbroken path to and from the conductor.

The actionable counterfeit, fake, or simulacra can not exist without a previous source.

Another type of force that exists without direct physical contact is an electromagnetic force.

In fact, many affiliate marketing strategies that leads to success can exist without actually needing a website.

You are not one thing only, you are an ever changing dynamic of opposites which can't exist without it's opposites.

The commercial birds have lost many abilities for survival in the wild; they can no longer exist without human care.

In 2% of cases "exist before" is used

Natural space existed before the universe.

This kind of phenomenon never existed before the Gulf War.

This space had existed before Juggernaut had become conscious.

All these things which did not exist before and are now existent are called phenomena.

I think the program correctly picked up that this did not exist before the second world war.

There is no doubt that some things in the universe come into being which did not exist before.

No evidence was adduced that an abdominal ulcer, perforated or otherwise, existed before the first surgery on 28.

That is the only form of suburb which can survive a high oil price because it has existed before cars were widely used.

The general objective of such remedies is to restore the situation that existed before the implementation of the change.

It existed before the beginning of the Church and will be God's kingly domain at the end of the Church's earthly existence.

In 2% of cases "exist with" is used

She exists with survivors guilt.

It is possible for inequality to exist with or without poverty.

One on one or group coaching doesn't exist with them, especially James Ray.

Someone can always run off with a copy but the same problem exists with the printed copies.

Many acts of hatred, violence, stupidity, etc could not exist without the catalyst of religion.

This means $ScriptTrigger exists with a value and as such the script is passed a non-empty parameter.

Mulberry Daria natural leather lutch golf bag among off white colour exists with One of a kind Valuation on ' 115.

Strong differences exist with respect to the occurrences and durations of down states in vivo and in triple cultures.

In my humble opinion that role cant exist with Drogba or Torres in the team as it will probably restrict their game too much.

No such contract exists with Western and, in any case, we have seen how inept Transport Scotland are at drawing up contracts e.

In 1% of cases "exist across" is used

However, wide variations exist across socio-economic groups and geographic regions.

Full time, part time, temporary and contract opportunities at all levels of experience exist across a wide range of sectors.

Spudnuts (Charlottesville, Virginia) The Spudnuts store in Charlottesville is the last of a chain that used to exist across the nation.

In Victoria the Government supported the establishment of thirty-four Aboriginal missions and reserves, while over two hundred existed across Australia.

The people of central Australia also have dual moiety systems - the ' sun side ' and the ' shade side ' and this exists across most of the central desert region.

Yup, last week saw not only the publication of my first ever solo paper, but also my first ever contribution to the big list of animal species known to exist across time.

In 1% of cases "exist after" is used

Malaysia only existed after Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore merged with Malaya.

Before Wenger the club was in existence and will always exist after Wenger's exit.

By this doctrine they also understood that there was no future state, and that the soul did not exist after death.

Essentially, white space should be treated as if it does not exist after tokenization of the expression has occurred.

Look, it's basically suicidal for a people (cause the country doesn't exist after the US invasion) to go up against the US army (and mercenaries).

Mankind is too vain to believe he will not exist after death and so has to believe in the comfort of something after he has shuffled off this mortal coil.

The grammar school dream of taking children from the bottom to the top only started to exist after WWII when children could get grants for uniforms and so on.

And, again, this is perfectly clear to us because in the Fred case both boys who could exist after Fred's choice are already present and equally so in our mind's eye.

In the case of Wilma, she will be the mother of the child who exists after her choice is made whereas in the case of Fred, he will be unrelated to the child who exists after his choice is made.

In 1% of cases "exist among" is used

The differences that exist among the students ' unions in Halifax alone can not be ignored.

With the diversity that exists among individuals, a variety of schools would appear to meet individual educational needs.

The horror-survival FPS hauntingly depicts a gloomy, pitch-black world in which little hope exists among the twisted metal and building debris.

The class consciousness and pride which exist among the British and French proletariats, do not exist in Israel, and appear odd to many Israeli workers.

According to him, an artist exists among a chain of already ' produced ' and ' consumed ' images, thus rendering himself submissive to the dominance of images.

And many of these features such as deferential affection towards parents, elders and strong family relationships still do exist among the majority of the population.

In 1% of cases "exist by" is used

Secondly the modern or the world dram as such also exists by enlarge.

Hubbard in 1987 various sci-fi writers prophesized, that space colonies would exist by 2012.

Now the Logos assumed a human nature that was not personalized, that did not exist by itself.

A: So you are saying that these arguments say that God exists by definition? B: Yes, that's exactly right.

Although tax-financed common schools existed by the 18305, most parents continued to send their children to private schools.

In 1% of cases "exist during" is used

The book describes a possible future and all the political and military problems and limitations that exist during a catastrophe.

That understanding created a base for solidarity with Mexican workers in the United States that did not exist during the Cold War era.

Yet, the land bridge hypothesis also is problematic in that there is no geologic evidence that such a bridge existed during the time in question.

The situation that existed during the Kosi response were then reviewed and evaluated with reference to the existing distribution network designs.

Although the stones were paved several hundred years later, they followed the same route of the Roman street that existed during the times of Jesus.

We are here proposing that there is a possibility that the garden of Eden existed during the warming period of the Bolling between 15,000 to 14,000 yr.

Threshold values of the NDVI were used to estimate the likelihood of growing period conditions having existed during each compositing period and for each location represented on the images.

Defending his leader Nawaz Sharif, he said the PML-N did not even exist during the 1990 elections and Mr Sharif was then a member of the PML headed by former prime minister Mohammad Khan Junejo.

In 1% of cases "exist from" is used

This policy existed from 1883 to 1972.

In what shape do they exist from a far and safe distance.

However, the former Stadhuis of Hoorn only existed from 1420 until 1796.

Markets may be natural to man -- they certainly existed from the earliest times of which we have record.

So, be sure not to admit to a debt -- verbally or in writing until you have evidence the debt exists from discovery.

Largely from Wikipedia: The Reform Party of Canada was a Canadian federal political party that existed from 1987 to 2000.

Yes, these are aspects of people, to be sure, but in reference to the Force they exist from within oneself as the Force exists from within oneself.

Yes, these are aspects of people, to be sure, but in reference to the Force they exist from within oneself as the Force exists from within oneself.

In 1% of cases "exist of" is used

But no record exists of it before the Journal story.

No clearer example exists of this truth in war's dark record than in Korea.

The meal existed of a banana soup, made of some kind of savoury banana, as a starter.

Either way, the issues still exist of a) the limits of science and b) the demarcation problem.

Racial Stereotypes Researchers have found that stereotypes exist of different races, cultures or ethnic groups.

Many copies can exist of a photographic image, each of equal value, and cinematic, television, and computer images consist of many simultaneous images all at once.

The vintage Motorhead footage, pretty much the only footage that exists of the original line-up, they cut that into several different videos and they would play that over and over.

Another large group exists of those who have not themselves read the book but have strong opinions based on the commentary of others; arguably they have been most influenced by group-3.

Beyond this group a periphery exists of unreliable elements who take too seriously official management injunctions to respect cultural diversity and emphasis with the position of the detainee.

In 1% of cases "exist outside" is used

But story exists outside of this cycle.

Yet I know that love can exist outside of legal matrimony.

The Dark Side and the Light Side also exist outside the self.

In a word, the objects of his desire exist outside of him as objects independent of him.

Remember, $ScriptTrigger only exists outside of a scriptural context! The variable does not exist in script A.

Oh and by the way I never said God was falsifiable, how can He be when He, just like any multiverse, exists outside of this universe.

But the norm had to be taken from somewhere and specifically from what existed before, because the 3 categories are artificial and do not exist outside DWP.

For this reason He wishes to turn us away from everything else that exists outside of Him, and to draw us to Himself, namely, because He is the only eternal good.

As a novelist, it required her to pull off a seemingly impossible feat -- to show how the condition of slavery exists outside of every human system, even language itself.

HOST (off-stage) There is a world that exists outside the edges of the imagination, an unearthly realm that shamelessly rips off a classic television series of the Nineteen Sixties.

In 1% of cases "exist prior" is used

However, no such equivalency existed prior to this.

Natural laws and mechanisms did not exist prior to inflation.

All the above existed prior to Microsoft making use of them.

The theory propounds that statehood does exist prior to recognition.

Each medium has built upon and recoded the media that existed prior to it.

Indeed really good copywriting can sometimes generate a reputation wherever none existed prior to.

In reality, more Americans have been on the receiving end of dead-end careers in industries that barely existed prior to free trade.

Europe will return to the order that existed prior to World War II: sovereign nation states pursuing their own interests, collaborating and competing.

Many hand dug wells existed prior to the time the tubewells were drilled but no arsenic poisoning had been reported until after the nineteen seventies.

The supreme and undivided One is the unseen, unmanifest balance between the Male Sky and the Female Earth that exist prior to the formation of the material realm.

In 1% of cases "exist to" is used

RT exists to anoy the American gov.

He doesn't exist to further ideological principles.

Significant barriers exist to seeking information, advice or help among LGB people.

A black market will then open up to supply the demand that exists to the poorer people.

In a universe with no possible communication between our galaxy and another, that other galaxy no longer exists to us.

They got the looks, vocals, dance, personality, etc and yes it's scary how such a group can exist to me even till today.

The Taliban were defeated as a military force, and significant advantages exist to the NATO forces in terms of technology.

If this consciousness -Sathi- exists to a certain extent, he knows why he sat down, why he closed his eyes, so long as that consciousness exists.

Its like the cellulostic ethanol rules, where petrol companies are fined for not adding cellulostic ethanol which doesn't exist to their E15 blend.