Prepositions after "explode"

"explode in", "explode into" or "explode with"?

In 26% of cases "explode in" is used

Now it will explode in his face.

And the financial industry exploded in size.

Constant strain and fear finally explodes in some.

In 2004 fifty people were killed when a bomb exploded in Ashura procession in Quetta.

Both his friends exploded in a storm of protests of the absolute untruth of his words.

The rockets exploded in open areas and no injuries or damages were reported, according to AP.

In 1980, 100,000 barrels was spilled after an exploratory well exploded in the Persian Gulf and killed 19 workers.

Acetylene is highly unstable and flammable and would explode in elevated pressure when reacting with oxygen in air.

Later, another car bomb exploded in a busy square in Mezzeh 86, killing four people and injuring 20 others, state media said.

As it has progressed I've had to learn how to hold them without denying either side, or having my cerebral cortex explode in the process.

In 13% of cases "explode with" is used

And the entire room exploded with unanimous agreement.

LMAO - If it was hatenomor, I would have positively exploded with laughter.

The church exploded with cries of Meow, meow! Peter didn't wait to see more.

I opted to explode with knowlede and hard work for over 24 hours the CRASH afterwards.

I feel like my car is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode with loads more problems.

He exploded with fury when armed police guarding No10 refused to open the street's famous gates.

Instead of exploding with rage at their idiocy, ask them why they think that and actually take what they say on board.

They bounce about behind a bunch of wood, outside, and seem to be exploding with astonishment at the thought of us coming nearer.

In a field exploding with alternative treatments, choosing the best course of action for the child with autism can be a daunting task.

I'd not judging anyone for your choices, just offering another perspective from a new mom who's heart has exploded with pride, love and joy.

In 12% of cases "explode into" is used

These have later exploded into full blown insurgencies.

It was a perfect storm of personal stuff and professional stuff exploding into a massive storm.

Her murder rips the veneer off of a terrorizing truth that explodes into every corporate office across America.

Random should've had some ice explode into bluebirds a la Disney, and other hail to drill holes through to China.

This cross generational feedback shows the past exploding into the present whilst simultaneously undermining the future.

And when I decided to take the plunge and do it full-time, my traffic exploded into the 25,000 monthly pageviews I have now.

There is no set checklist which every new conflict will pass through before exploding into a brutal attack on civilian populations.

They drift through mundane jobs fuelled by booze and pot and, occasionally, they explode into violence: graphic, unflinching violence.

Since he came onto the scene as a rookie with the Chicago Bulls in 1984, Nike has exploded into one of the worlds most recognizable brands.

During the last century, while the universe kept expanding at its steady pace, REALITY has exploded into multiple big-bangs of facts, images, recorded time and space.

In 7% of cases "explode on" is used

Levant from Sun Media who raised this as a concept, and it seemed to very quickly explode on the public scene.

I'd glad I read this as the recent popularity of the Kony2012 has practically exploded on social networking sites.

All my personal items and other stuff went everywhere on the kitchen table, so I lost my temper and exploded on him.

The German advantage in defensive armour was increased by the fact that British armour-piercing shells frequently failed to explode on impact.

Related content: When the Iranian Revolution exploded on the world scene three decades ago, John Limbert was a greenhorn diplomat assigned to the U.

But then after prevailing in the county final by five points against Padraig Pearses, they have exploded on the provincial stage to play with abandon.

At his best Pukki dominated the Veikkausliiga at will, but the 21-year-old striker waited until the biggest match of the season to really explode on the scene.

Smoke and flames from a rocket propelled grenade which exploded on the roof drove the security officer out of the building, but he went back in to find Stevens and Smith.

Looks somewhat like an olive, but bite through its outer shell, which feels abit like a very thin film on your tongue, and pure liquid olive essence explodes on your tongue.

It's perfectly normal for a single person to behave differently in different situations -- to have a calm and friendly chat with most people, then explode on hypocrites and thieves.

In 5% of cases "explode at" is used

Some guy exploded at her about towels and it was unnecessary.

The bombs exploded at a site frequently used for Shia commemoration ceremonies, news reports said.

Many view the holidays as being trapped in one huge stress bubble that threatens to explode at any moment.

Deputy police spokesman Charles Owino said that the grenade exploded at Gods House of Miracle Church in Nairobi.

On the 30th of April 1999 a bomb exploded at the Admiral Duncan, a gay pub in London's Soho district, killing three people and wounding seventy others.

There were entire episodes of The Sopranos without a shred of violence in them, only Tony's brooding potential to explode at any minute, and they were all the better for it.

In 4% of cases "explode beyond" is used

But he is not exploding beyond it to make impact plays.

Self needs to find a way for Perry to both be the polished, controlled fundamentally sound player that he is, but also teach him how to explode beyond his position, especially defensively.

And a critical mass is building to the point where the next generation of Jamaicans are exploding beyond the arena of sports and entertainment -- avenues over-populated by the early immigrants.

In 3% of cases "explode from" is used

Brain explode from so much ridiculousness.

The price of masks has exploded from 5 to.

And when she finished purple confetti exploded from the ceiling.

During those glimpses I feel a tremendous amount of compassion and a real aliveness exploding from my heart as a rush of love I guess.

In 3% of cases "explode out" is used

My heart almost exploded out of my chest with the cuteness.

As magma rises to the surface, the drop in pressure causes its gases to expand violently like the foam that explodes out of a champagne bottle when first opened.

But every time he alters/blocks the shot of a teammate's offender that has broken through, he is exploding out of his position and exhibiting preventative help defense.

Some of these ways are spectacular, like Thomas, or now Jamari, exploding out of their basic roles into thundering dunks and glass rattling blocks on fast breaks or drives to the glass.

But the guys who begin to steal more minutes, even if their line scores don't necessarily sparkle, are the guys that can explode out of their positions, and use athleticism to stop breakdowns.

In 2% of cases "explode as" is used

Ammunition was exploding as fire engulfed the upper floors.

In a massive double star system, the more massive of the pair may develop an iron core and explode as a supernova, becoming either a neutron star or a black hole.

When a single star explodes as a supernova, it shines brighter than 100 galaxies for several days, and it remains BRIGHTER THAN ALL THE STARS IN A SINGLE GALAXY for about 3 or 4 months.

In 2% of cases "explode by" is used

Otherwise, when some particularly absurd belief is exploded by events, one may simply forget that one ever held it.

What is the partial pressure of hydrogen in the mixture? (b) The gas mixture in the container is exploded by continuously passing a spark.

In 2% of cases "explode outside" is used

On friday 7 August 1998, two lorry bombs exploded outside the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Exploding outside one's space is also a big part of being an effective big man in Self's eyes, also.

January 29, 1998 An off-duty police officer is killed and a nurse terribly maimed when a nail-packed, remote-control bomb explodes outside a Birmingham, Ala.

In 2% of cases "explode over" is used

Its exciting how this form of shopping **28;5567;TOOLONG will explode over the next few years.

Availability: distance-learning opportunities have exploded over the past few years, with many accredited and reputable programs.

This story exploded over the weekend, so come monday there will be much more people tuning in and we don't want them lost or confused.

In 2% of cases "explode under" is used

I don't know man, as far as I know those propane tanks are designed specifically not to explode under those conditions.

The driver accelerated when he saw the object flying towards him and the grenade exploded under the wheel of the next car.

In 1% of cases "explode across" is used

As the smartphone market has exploded across the world there has been plenty of room for both Android and iOS to grow.

The Dark Knight Rises is an epic film a powerfull experience and easily the best film in the film franchise according to tweets, reviews and facebook comments that are exploding across the internet.

In 1% of cases "explode after" is used

Yet, the unchecked sale of SIMs without verification of users exploded after 2004.

I like the different cycles ' Hold On ' goes through, starting off over a slow riff, exploding after 60 seconds.

In 1% of cases "explode around" is used

I won't restrict my life because of the quakes, I still use lifts etc but I've already seen one city explode around me - that's enough, thank you.

Even so, you'd think all this would be great news for pre-existing regional communities, as the boom explodes around them - particularly in Western Australia and Queensland.

In it, guests take (willan on-take) their places at table and eat (willan on-eat) sumptuous meals whilst watching (willing watchen) the whole of creation explode around them.

In 1% of cases "explode for" is used

Their songs are on the whole very simple and mostly follow the familiar theme of boy-being meets girl-being beneath a silvery moon, which then explodes for no adequately explored reason.

In 1% of cases "explode like" is used

Three artists are on the lips and minds and fingertips of critics, all of whom have a shot at Top Ten album honors just before the planet explodes like the Mayans predicted.

In 1% of cases "explode near" is used

Four persons died when a bomb exploded near a pick-up truck in Upper Dir.

The bomb, attached to a motorcycle, exploded near a security vehicle escorting school children, they said.

In 1% of cases "explode onto" is used

If you explode onto the scene at a very young age, there are so many people pulling you in different directions.

The teenage singer-songwriter, who has exploded onto the music scene over the last six months or so, with his unique style of country/folk music.

Last week rookie WR Justin Blackmon exploded onto the NFL scene with 236 yards and one TD, and second-year WR Cecil Shorts scrambled for 81 yards and one TD.

In 1% of cases "explode to" is used

We have major supply constraints, challenges and threats, some of which could explode to the surface in a matter of months or even weeks.