Prepositions after "expose"

expose to, by, in, as or for?

In 76% of cases "expose to" is used

Go find a plant that is exposed to sun.

I was exposed to new horizons of hell there.

Vampires exposed to sun light burn to death.

The prevalence of diabetes was significantly higher in the group not exposed to TCDD.

Ten thousand Ukrainians are exposed to mockeries and torture in prisons and at arrest.

To do so would make the policy invalid and could leave the GP exposed to legal action.

This means I'd exposed to a fairly regular stream of libertarianism via social media, my RSS feed, so on, so forth.

I was in a relationship for 2 long years to someone who was never exposed to fine foods or culture for that matter.

Two, arrogance -- I was convinced my work was good enough to win an audience if I could just get them exposed to it.

It's what they've been exposed to from as early on in their lives as their brains were capable of learning anything.

In 5% of cases "expose by" is used

Embassy in Riyadh, now exposed by the rascals at WikiLeaks.

All the crimes commited by Sheela were exposed by Osho publicly.

But in fairness, they were exposed by the best in the Premier League.

But Watergate showed the ruthless power of the state exposed by fearless journalists.

A lie is always best exposed by intimate knowledge of the truth so that any deviation can be.

The Guardian did not feature on the list of newspapers exposed by the Information Commissioner in 2006.

All of Rajneesh's drug use was exposed by the FBI, local Oregon law enforcement, and published in newspapers around the country.

Australian banks and credit unions have reimbursed the A$30m to the 30,000 Australians whose details were exposed by the hacking gang.

The cover-up by Summerhayes and Hunt was reportedly exposed by the discovery of a memo in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society.

Alan Smith seemed made for the anchorman's responsibility but was exposed by poor positional play borne of a lack of guile and experience.

In 5% of cases "expose in" is used

You have been exposed in the past and you know that.

Twenty immunized and ten control animals were exposed in late November 1983.

This relationship was further exposed in 1971 through the tragic consequences.

No action was taken until the matter was raised in Parliament and exposed in the press.

The people need not wait for that as he is well and truly exposed in several state elections.

It is raw and uncomfortable and personally exposing in a way other business functions rarely are.

Moreover, it was common for children to be exposed in places which enabled their discovery by other adults, who might take them in.

While the middle-order has been exposed in just one match against Pakistan, lack of match time could be the only worry ahead of the knockout game.

The unasked question is not ' who commissioned the murder ' but ' who commissioned the investigation to the murder ' and thereafter the expose in the media.

Many of the split combined with may get exposed in the penning in addition to for the TURN when ever you have lots of the permalinks attribute associated with.

In 3% of cases "expose as" is used

There's nothing so exposing as a song recital.

Robert Oppenheimer of the CFR was exposed as a communist.

The burqa must be exposed as the mobile solitary cell that it is.

How embarrassing for you that you have now been exposed as a blatant liar.

They must be challenged at every opportunity and exposed as the bigots they are.

This is true chiefly because of what Demarest exposes as the flawed ethical foundations on which Creole culture was built.

The first inventors made the same claims as Agha sahib, but since sthey have changed their claims as the first option has been exposed as a hoax.

The unilateral ceasefire on the last week of every month would if, as Israel maintains, Hamas are the aggressors, leave them (Hamas) exposed as such.

John Banks, who nobody liked and nobody wanted, has been publicly exposed as a lying cheating windbag without a shred of decency to commit political suicide and stand down.

In 3% of cases "expose for" is used

Why cant Freedland see this? Once again, Freeland exposed for the Arabist he is.

May the whole RoNS programme be exposed for the out-of-control ministerial hobby-horse that it is.

Earlier this year, a Chinese photographer was exposed for faking a photo of migrating Tibetan antelopes.

A 2003 study found that rats exposed for two hours for 50 days developed lesions in the brain and damage to neurons.

Ghost whisper 77 22 months ago The devil always hates to be exposed for the truth of who he is and where he is headed.

That's where I derive the most satisfaction, knowing that she knows she's just been exposed for the phoney that she is.

In addition to that, exposing for hours under the sun without protection of the hair may also result to hair thinning.

Radiation escaping from these mismanaged and downright lethal power sources will be killing those exposed for generations.

As ruthless as media outlets are nowadays, any hint of collusion would be exposed for the advantage of whatever station snitched first.

Tony Tan's son, Patrick Tan, had just been exposed for an unprecedented 12-year leave from Singapore's compulsory two-year military duty called National Service.

In 2% of cases "expose of" is used

Instead, Read my major expose of the Adams Family.

It's a funky discourse on life, and an expose of the corrupt and unjust.

Many uncover a whole lot of websites that one expose of, with a small outlay.

As an expose of this exploitative nonsense, you couldn't get much better than Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.

The list that follows is only the first of an upcoming series of historic exposes of these secret societies.

Purposeful Why are reporters and media targeted? It is not only a question of their criticisms or exposes of government policy.

And I think the the Wretched of the Earth and the Buru Quartet are the most eloquent exposes of colonialism that were ever penned.

It's a weakness that is rarely exposed of late since Villas-Boas has finally settled on a preferred midfield to attack and also protect the back line.

In 2% of cases "expose on" is used

A new group of four controls was exposed on Day 49 to monitor the trial.

The ship Sandy exposed on Fire Island was run aground near Smith's Point near Patchogue in either 1919 or 1922.

They really have been exposed on this site for their zealotry, the ad hominem attack on you has been mirrored on other fora on theconversation.

Furthermore, I will have to endure being exposed on both sides for all of the time it takes for them to position me on the scanner prior for each radiation session.

Newsnight was due to run an expose on Savile last year but it was pulled from the schedule, leading to the BBC's Director General being forced to answer questions in front of a select.

In 1% of cases "expose at" is used

They lost becuase they left themselves exposed at the back.

We also see our full-backs totally exposed at times, and that is where I have some sympathy with the over-criticised Santos.

Extending far from land and exposed at low tide, the mud banks which trapped the French frigates a century ago remain a hazard for the unwary.

Savile and others will be judged according to what lies within their hearts and the motives for their actions will be exposed at the Judgement.