Prepositions after "extract"

extract from, by, for, in or at?

In 78% of cases "extract from" is used

extract from Perazzo Domm, Daniela.

extract from website THE PORTSEA CAMP.

So these pictures were extracted from someone's Dhamma blog.

Bromelain: extracted from pineapple and has been proven to promote endometrial growth.

extract from German government memorandum handed to the Polish government on April 28th 1939: 9.

Rice meal is used for animal feed while the valuable rice bran oil can be extracted from the bran.

With the use of certain solvents, there is still some residual oil that can be extracted from the olive pomace.

For those afflicted with cynic focus, this is also not extracted from the Supreme Court decision on Balochistan.

Some of these are extracted from naturally occurring materials, others are manufactured by the chemical industry.

If we look at a graph that is extracted from a paper published by Muller at one of the MBT conferences in Germany.

In 11% of cases "extract by" is used

The poisonous juice was then extracted by pressing the pieces.

Here are the top 25, as extracted by antivirus solution provider ESET.

Nevertheless, MgCl 2 extracted P about 33% to 81% of that extracted by NaHCO 3 and MgSO 4 respectively.

Most information however is still micro-published and has to be tediously (and expensively) extracted by humans.

Unfortunately the original site survey was incorrect and only about 1,000 tons of guano was extracted by the end of 1959.

The results demonstrated that the amount of extractable phosphorus (P) by MgCl 2 was lower than those extracted by NaHCO 3 or MgSO 4.

Even more flavour is extracted by inserting a tray of botanicals above the pot, through which the alcohol vapours pass before condensing.

Yet it locks the province into dependence on natural gas exports, much of it extracted by the harmful and dangerous method of ' fracking '.

If some of the energy of the falling water is extracted by a water wheel, there will be less heat of splashing and hence less entropy increase.

This, in turn, is dependent on: i) the amount of continental precipitation, and ii) the amount of water extracted by man for irrigation and industrial purposes.

In 3% of cases "extract for" is used

They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.

In 3% of cases "extract in" is used

The bullet was extracted in the Thames Hospital and he recovered.

About 60 % of the coal extracted in the world is burned in boilers to produce steam to generate electrical power.

In 1% of cases "extract away" is used

Shano says: 12:11pm 19/10/09 The dangers lie with the amount of resources that were extracted away from actual daily emergencies that would have been taking place also.

In 1% of cases "extract through" is used

In Meghalaya, ground water is generally extracted through dugwells and springs (or seepage wells in valley areas/topographic depressions) and bore wells.

In 1% of cases "extract within" is used

Furthermore, it was said, the kidney had been extracted within the past three weeks, which, it was inferred, placed its removal within the timeframe of Eddowes ' murder.

In 1% of cases "extract without" is used

Ghost Escape- Once the objective's complete, extract without being shot down Be careful, make clean kills, and use the sync shot and marked targets features often.