Prepositions after "facilitate"

facilitate by, in, with, for or through?

In 78% of cases "facilitate by" is used

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.

The ILL workshop was facilitated by Mark Skipper from Aptivate.

But, they are effects facilitated by certain rules and mechanics.

In the 1970s, Latin America's economic growth was facilitated by external borrowing.

Communication within their vast territory was facilitated by the use of birchbark canoes.

The conversion was reportedly facilitated by Sunni clerics and local government officials.

If you evolved in the tropics, where the environment is very hot, then heat loss is facilitated by being long and lean.

People should learn to be self sufficient, depend on themselves and that will be facilitated by the type of training you had.

This has been facilitated by the increase in the number of computers as well as the increase in the number of internet users.

This money which was facilitated by a jeweller in Pune landed in the hands of two operatives suspected to be from the Indian Mujahideen.

In 4% of cases "facilitate in" is used

In the school, the teacher's role was mainly facilitated in terms of the child-to-child approach.

The innovation in thinking that is facilitated in good faith across the plannersphere is astounding.

In 4% of cases "facilitate with" is used

CRM facilitates with learn about buyers and also their own habits.

Being based on the cloud, apart from providing high accessibility it facilitates with number of features.

In 3% of cases "facilitate for" is used

Here are some patterns which facilitate for unit-testing.

Kangaroo meat was facilitated for sale not so long ago, can be challenging became very very popular thanks to the deficiency of fat in thought.

In 3% of cases "facilitate through" is used

The technology is facilitated through channeling seawater for treatment through a reliable electric field rather than the conventional energy-intensive vaporizing and heating processes.

In 1% of cases "facilitate on" is used

The prime accused in the matter is ironically a member of the APIIC board under whom, allegedly, the scam was facilitated on the part of the APIIC.

In 1% of cases "facilitate via" is used

We are facilitated via the projection mechanism in our complacent view that the world we live in is mechanical and dead, whilst we are vital and alive.