Prepositions after "fall"

"fall into" or "fall in"?

In 22% of cases "fall into" is used

They fall into two broad buckets.

Many fall into doing nothing at all.

I will admit, I fell into this trap.

History repeats, but more souls than ever before are falling into the eternal fire.

When we think of these efforts as just another technology project we fall into a trap.

He decides he'd much prefer to be out flying his power kites than falling into the.

And I've been sitting ever since! What promoted you to start house sitting full time? As above, I just fell into it.

In a normal sleep cycle, once you fall into the stage of rapid eye movement, your brain goes into the dreaming phase.

These are the people who fall into the ' my only New Year's resolution is not to have a New Year's resolution ' camp.

In England this showed that many once prosperous Templar manors and preceptories had fallen into serious disrepair.

In 20% of cases "fall in" is used

fall in love and get married 2.

We fall in love and we fall out.

Colla Meann fell in this battle.

Falling in love with a flight attendent (Kirsten Dunst ), though, can cure many ills.

There he had told her that he had fallen in love with her and wanted to see her again.

We each have our own values and our money management will fall in line with these value.

She knew that once she truly fell in love, no matter what she did in future, she would be unable to retract her heart.

And they fell in love, and the next thing, Sara's husband is calling me to say ' Sara moved in with Mick this morning.

The next six months are liable to see reduced demand and a fall in prices caused by the excess of sellers over buyers.

If you get that right and world class, everything else falls in line including money and engagement with communities.

In 10% of cases "fall on" is used

I fell on the sand with a thud.

But his voice fell on deaf ears.

Nothing that falls on it is true.

Two young cousins in New Jersey were killed when a tree fell on their tent while camping.

Sinfully more like touching my hand and not moving it away or playfully falling on me.

She was playing with her cousin when a sliding gate slipped off its rails and fell on her.

The blame falls on Tory policy, whether pushed by the 1979-1997 Tory governments or the 1907-2010 Labour governments.

Therefore to protect your vehicle from bird droppings that fall on the sky, consider sketching basic carports designs.

To someone sitting in the stand, the players look perfectly balanced just as long as they don't fall on their backside.

Now the Queen she came to call on us, she wanted to see all of us I'd glad she didn't fall on us, she's eighteen stone.

In 9% of cases "fall to" is used

Economic mood index fell to 84.

But by 1989, fell to $141 and 2.

Italian 10-year yields fell to 5.

Since then Isuppli thinks that the materials costs for that model have fallen to $134.

Another burst of smoke later, Hyun-jin strikes out and he falls to the ground, laughing.

When they tried to surround Imam Husain, he attacked them and they all fell to the ground.

Writing a novel takes energy, power and experience, things that usually fall to writers in their middle years, he said.

The task of rebuilding the roads has fallen to building and civil engineering firms such as Sarajevo-based Bosnaputevi.

Economic statistics remained to show bad results, which testify a negative situation -- manufacturing industry fell to 8.

Hence the likelihood of half the Parliamentary seats in Sabah falling to the opposition is not an impossible scenario.

In 6% of cases "fall for" is used

DM readers will fall for anything.

Not my fault if others fell for it.

A lot of people will fall for that.

Of course they don't fall for it with each other any more but anyone else is fair game.

We should start a Green Beans group - there must be more than two of us who fell for it.

I share this so that others will learn from my experience and not fall for similar scams.

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest military stratagems in the world, yet time and time again, people fall for it.

Jiwanjot fell for 44 trying to repair the innings from a poor start of 35 for 3, which brought his average down to 138.

The Ruler of Iran has done this for years, as he works on the bomb, so this is not the only stall we are falling for.

But you'd be dead, and there would only those of us who don't fall for your propagandistic bilge to carry on without you.

In 5% of cases "fall from" is used

Syria's oil exports fell from 13.

Yet maths fell from 71,608 to 58,830.

The budget deficit would fall from 8.

Pretty typical premise, girl falls from the sky and lands herself in the heroes life.

But in reality Massachusetts fell from 36 th to 47 th out of 50 states in job creation.

His second novel, fall from Grace, was released in April 2011 to wide critical acclaim.

Losers: Genoa: Oh my how Genoa have fallen from the heights of Champions League candidates to mid-table anonymity.

Every year, around 80 people are killed and more than 5,500 seriously injured as a result of falling from height.

The default rate to be used in projections, the intermediate projection rate, is to fall from 7 per cent to 5 per cent.

We have seen Africans laughing at someone accidentally falling from a bicycle and crying at the loss of a loved one.

In 4% of cases "fall by" is used

Its shares fell by as much as 11%.

Loans of under A$100,000 fell by 6.

Motor spirit deliveries fell by 10.

The number of people employed fell by 8,000 to 2,218,000 during the quarter, a fall of 0.

In this survey, some six months later, the figure has fallen by one year to 31 years old.

In the ensuing two weeks, the publicly traded index of triple-B-rated subprime-mortgage bonds fell by nearly 20 percent.

The Congressional Budget Office calculates that if these measures were implemented, real national income would fall by 2.

Revenues for FT Group, which contains Interactive Data and FT Publishing, fell by 12% in 2009 and profit dropped 47% to 39m.

In 4% of cases "fall out" is used

I feel the characters fell out of.

It was ready to fall out of the sky.

You have fallen out of your chair before.

I am trying to understand how eventually *all of the income* will fall out of clubbing.

If you fall out of the boat the PFD needs to be tight enough that it will not slip off.

In other words, the MPC appears to be falling out of love with QE in its current form.

Forward Paddling Techniques for Whitewater Rafting Don't panic when you fall out! follow instructions as given below.

During this time, he fell out of contact with his girlfriend, and it became apparent that she actively began to avoid him.

Biggest laugh in our theater was from the castle guards - such a simple reference joke, and I just about fell out of my chair.

Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge is nearing the Chelsea exit-door having fallen out of favour with manager Roberto Di Matteo.

In 4% of cases "fall under" is used

That location falls under District 13.

This falls under the same category as above.

Extraction falls under the Ministry of Justice.

The children pass this way to fall under the custody of kindred eccentrics relatives.

The framed picture shows the scene of Jesus falling under the weight of the cross.

But it felt like The Mill had fallen under a spell, the kind you find in fairytale's.

I look at this situation and see Greece falling under an yoke again, a yoke that is imperialist in all but name.

Howe and assistant John Cartwright fell under the spell of Charles Hughes, Arsenal descended into a long-ball mire.

The painting on the wall shows Jesus falling under the weight of the cross, with the angels watching and praying.

In 2% of cases "fall off" is used

Mind you don't fall off the edge.

Drivers side sliding door fell off.

Paul's Law: You can't fall off the floor.

It is unexpectedly raining; water is leaking from the roof, and tiles are falling off.

KXL-FM News reports a crew member fell off the stern while it was moored in Rainier, Oregon overnight.

The turkey was so tender that it was literally falling off of the bone and was full of such flavor.

My turkey always comes out perfect, usually falling off the bone, but I plate mine sliced so it's no problem here.

Everyone believed him, thinking I accidentally fell off the stairs in the middle of a heated argument to divorce him.

I could hear them all running around inside the bedhead until the poison kicked in and they fell off the walls twitching.

Yes, we've seen a few stories about how people fell off their bikes, slid down the road and the cycle helmets prevented head injury.

In 2% of cases "fall within" is used

Most people fall within the 85 to 114 range.

My birthday usually falls within the Ramadan period.

Keep in mind that part of the Serengeti Plains fall within the NCA.

The majority of these episodes do not fall within the category of temptations by Mara.

I didn't say anything about Christianity not falling within those same fundamentals.

Consciousness itself might be one of the phenomena that fall within the mind's limitations, i.

Furthermore, these contributions should be immediately identifiable as falling within the parameters mentioned.

So a bugle player can play any note in the harmonic series of the instrument that falls within the player's range.

The majority of import items fall within the scope of India's EXIM Policy regulation of Open General License (OGL).

It must have all the elements discussed in the preceding paragraphs to fall within the ambit of section 9 of the Act.

In 1% of cases "fall at" is used

In 4th Q 2008 GDP was falling at about 3.

Sprinkle's Law: Things always fall at right angles.

Almost every guy will fall at the look of a pretty girl.

Women fell at their feet crying and pleading with them not to shoot but were kicked aside.

A street scene in Kabul, the Afghan capital where at least three rockets fell at dawn on Tuesday.

If a bust occurs, there is large unemployment and government revenues also fall at the same time.

Irish people are among the highest consumers of water in Europe, which means charges could fall at the higher end of the estimate.

Watch closely and you will discover that gravity is evidently a uniform force, since objects fall at the same rate, whatever their size.

Here we are specially taught to avoid the pitfalls into which men and nations have fallen at various times in trying to understand Allah.

Both prisoners were given quite a short drop and while Alcee died fairly quickly, Toney struggled for some time after the trap fell at 10:26 a.

In 1% of cases "fall behind" is used

Adams, the candidate of the North, fell behind Gen.

When our project fell behind schedule we hired a consultant.

Conte's men would fall behind Milan thanks to a run of draws.

They can't run the ball and when they fall behind they don't even get a chance to try.

And Punjab will continue to fall behind the rest of India, never mind the rest of the globalizing world.

We invented solar technology, but we've fallen behind countries like Germany and Japan in producing it.

If you or your company falls behind the curve, your potential customers will catch on and begin to doubt your abilities.

Meanwhile, the average rabbit lifespan will have come and gone -- while your organization falls behind its peers unless you invest in training.

Don't get me wrong, the musicianship at hand was second to none, however to me it all fell behind a smokescreen of fizz and noisy audio artifacts.

The HX30V falls behind the SX260 HS in overall performance, but it offers superior video capture capability, which will be a big deal to some users.

In 1% of cases "fall below" is used

When soil moisture levels fall below a threshold of 0.

The Mean Temperature above 80N has already fallen below 0C.

AoA vanes are deemed unreliable once forward speed falls below 60kts.

When you set high standards for yourself and you fall below them, it can feel like a blow.

For example, if your hours fall below a certain level, this could affect any tax credits you get.

When things fall below those standards set, with a better squad, fans get frustrated at **29;522;TOOLONG etc.

The Herald poll today has Labour in front by a sizeable margin and all the minor parties falling below the threshold.

If performance falls below the level specified in the contract in any month, the supplier incurs performance deductions.

When oil prices fall below the reference price, the government can draw on these savings to maintain its level of spending.

Besides pressure from its fellow crops, corn suffered a technical negative too when it fell below its October low of some $7.

In 1% of cases "fall between" is used

The long rains fall between April and May.

Governments could and did fall between election.

The first bomb fell between her shelter and one next door.

The group often seemed to fall between the fandom cracks everywhere except the BBC.

The annual wage for newbie ultrasound sonographers falls between $29,290 and $57,795.

A shower of grey pebbles which falls between them when they first meet heralds the cold, hard sensation of one-night stands.

The coastal region is rather an exception in that it gets some rain in all months, with the main rain falling between March and May.

Climate Jamaica has an inviting tropical climate, with the annual temperature falling between 24C or 75F to a maximum of 32C or 90F.

Alternatively where private land falls between a public road and the Park it is often possible to pass through the private land along agreed trails to reach the Park.

In 1% of cases "fall onto" is used

I was a dead tree fallen onto the path.

He shut his door behind him and fell onto his bed.

Harry's gaze fell onto Errol and he shook his head.

It gets trickier when a tree in your yard falls onto a neighbor's property.

Avengers have definitely fall onto people's expectations and was the same as shown in the trailers.

Chickens raised for their eggs are kept in stacked cages, where feces from the top rows fall onto the birds below.

This is shown indirectly and with a comedic twist, since Rose mentions that he fell onto the tracks when she was present near him.

When you are riding uphill in the Pyrenees you will discover that they are eroding and that large chunks regularly fall onto the road.

His tears, which had shed out of pure sorrow for his family, fell onto the Lingam and washed it and he had fasted all day and all night.

Ultimately most bike accidents will not involve direct impact collisions with a 2000kg car but rather falls onto the side of the road, etc.

In 1% of cases "fall outside" is used

The ensuing struggle fell outside the crown's regulatory guidelines.

Anything that falls outside of this framework simply doesn't exist.

In some instances, author visits may fall outside the festival dates (Sept.

Work that falls outside that scope will be charged on an hourly rate basis.

Any story that falls outside their usual bias is an opportunity to present themselves as civilised, caring and concerned.

Such gifts are standard in Tanzania's cash-strapped media circles but typically fall outside North American ethical standards.

How then, do you describe an art form with no name? This question plagues all of us who fall outside of ' traditional theatre '.

It was indeed a powerful picture that fell outside the frame of post-racial politics and back squarely into the same-old, same-old.

So, as in the case of Belfry Theatre, donations of liquor by private individuals falls outside of the four corners of this policy.

In Colombia, 16 percent of five to 17 year olds (almost two million) fall outside the education system, principally in rural areas.

In 1% of cases "fall over" is used

Yeah, that's it! Poor Jesse fell over the edge.

We crossed two streams on logs that had fallen over them.

Night falls Over Kortedala is one of the best albums of 2007.

Chicago defenseman Earl Seibert accidentally fell over Morenz, breaking the leg viciously.

We all know we need a radical shakeup to prevent our economy falling over the precipice.

Just after 4pm, when the names on the podium are confirmed, an eerie silence falls over the Mall.

These days, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are falling over themselves to express their support for gay marriage.

The referee must judge whether an illegal trip occurred or whether the opponent fell over the leg of the player making a legal tackle.

Yet one gang leader after another has risen and fallen over the decades, with successors battling for control of the lucrative trade.

Oh, and a little further, I would guess book publishers will be falling over themselves to get the rights to any book she may write.

In 1% of cases "fall through" is used

He's made it his life's mission to not let people fall through the cracks.

Plus: If your intangible self isn? t falling through the earth due to gravity, you have a bigger problem.

The other type of play is to look for stocks falling through the floor, or in other words breaking through support.

James Picone: Giga, you can get a pyramid of sand via sand falling through a small hole in a rock, or via human agency.

Willems crossed the ice, at which point a guard noticed his escape and gave chase, but during his pursuit fell through the ice.

People are falling through the gaps in provision due to a lack of integrated commissioning, funding and practice on the ground.

The sites will probably try to shut down some of these efforts, but there? s a good chance that some will fall through the cracks.

To do any less is letting the sliver of gold flakes fall through your fingers because you don't yet see a large nugget before you.

Yet for every kid we can produce as evidence of them having an impact, there are a couple more still falling through the cracks.

You can get a pyramid via a bunch of slaves hauling slabs of rock into place, or via sand grains falling through a small hole in rock.

In 1% of cases "fall upon" is used

Since the first day of Muhrram which fell upon Nov.

In his Foundling, the devil's son falls upon his mother.

Quotes that REALLY spoke to me when my eyes fell upon them.

Both were owned by a franchisee who fell upon hard times and closed the stores in 2010.

Like little twinkling stars, they slowly fall upon Ahmad like small colourful snowflakes.

Father, when we are on the Right Path,? we have no worries whether death takes us or we fall upon death?

He can be asked on the command of Qazi to earn money through labour or service to meet the responsibility fallen upon him.

I feel certain (? ), of those who fall upon got the ring of shadow of My heart (?) but these are the watcher's point of view.

Close support duty on the 19th also fell upon Philippine Sea, and the morning launch of 18 planes brought satisfactory results.

A toad, plump and bloated, lay unmoving before his path; the rays of the lamp fell upon its unshaped hideousness and upward eye.

In 1% of cases "fall with" is used

She fell with the slowness of the Twin Towers.

Suddenly, he was on the ground, having fell with a thud.

Everybody was saying it was going to fall with the tide.

She fell with the lazy elegance of a silk petticoat falling to the floor.

He returned to Fort Reliance that fall with fifty tons of mining supplies.

The bad cookie did fall with CLG, Moscow Five and Mouz by having a 0-6 run.

The American Empire is going to fall, but we do not all have to fall with it.

Evangelism at Microsoft will either rise or fall with the quality of its technology.

When they reached the door, Mary lifted the huge knocker and let it fall with a bang.

If Tothmosis II was the Pharaoh, the visitation fell with special severity on his family.