Prepositions after "falter"

falter in, after, for, on or under?

In 43% of cases "falter in" is used

The club faltered in the face of worldwide economic catastrophe.

The progressive agenda may have faltered in many respects over recent decades.

Keynes gets as far as the public interest but falters in sight of the common good.

On the other hand, you have a Cardiff City club which has yet again faltered in the promotion playoff.

Against Cagliari, a penultimate match, Juventus won 2-0 as scudetto rivals Milan faltered in the derby.

I hope you all stay together forever, and know you have at least one superfan that never falters in her love.

If we falter in our leadership, we may endanger the peace of the world - and we shall surely endanger the welfare of our own nation.

The fact that Toyota faltered in 2010 and 2011 reinforces the point that good strategy alone isn't enough; you have to have good execution too.

After being given a target of 164, the Sydney Sixers faltered in the middle but kept their cool to seal a win in what was a spectacular semi final.

Despite setting the pace in the first two segments, Alonso faltered in the shoot-out due to a broken anti roll bar, which put him down in 10th place.

In 7% of cases "falter after" is used

Strange that it is harder to ditch a friend than a partner! I find that friendships often falter after 7 years or so, or when one person has a change of lifestyle.

In 7% of cases "falter for" is used

A system ostensibly designed for equal distribution of wealth was faltering for sophistication when it came to meeting peculiar individual needs.

In 7% of cases "falter on" is used

He wasn't a good person but he never faltered on what he wanted.

The seller is threatening that he will take legal action against me as I have faltered on time.

Except for the occasional technical glitch of faltering on ' show don't tell ' which is something only a writer will care about you will have a whale of a time.

In 7% of cases "falter under" is used

She's faltering under the pressure.

If you don't or can't contract the core muscles to support your upper body, you will either falter under the weight of whatever you are lifting or put additional pressure on the spine.

In 7% of cases "falter with" is used

Both times she faltered with her shot selection from the back of the court.

In 4% of cases "falter due" is used

While their faith was faltering due to their inactivity in the things of God, others were acting on their faith and reaping a harvest in the kingdom of God (John 3:34-38).

In 4% of cases "falter from" is used

Suddenly, the Sardar Patel Stadium was a snakepit as - in reply to 521 for eight declared - England faltered from an already vulnerable 41 for three to 110 for seven by lunch.

In 2% of cases "falter as" is used

Don't adhere to something falters as the offer can make it which means basic.

In 2% of cases "falter at" is used

Sadly the series apparently falters at the end, but that's not going to stop me.

In 2% of cases "falter over" is used

The government's will to pass reforms is considered critical to revive stock markets that have faltered over the past month-and-a-half.