Prepositions after "figure"

figure in, into, as, on or out?

In 53% of cases "figure in" is used

In fact, this subject figured in the MMA's election manifesto.

The number goes up when you figure in a person's entire life time.

All these books and more do figure in Manini's book as references.

It has sometimes figured in statistics, but it has not been held together economically.

How different is a paper like XAT when compared to CAT? Yes CAT did not figure in the case.

The Whittier Peninsula figured in several proposals -- including a ballpark and an amphitheater.

But little or nothing is being done in this respect and these issues do not figure in the government's LLRC Action Plan.

In their first interview after taking over their new positions, Chadha and Gill speak about how India will figure in the bank's global plans.

In his fifth consecutive season with The Robins, Elliott figured in City's 54 per cent possession of play in match witnessed by 13,000 people.

Lescott has staked his claim to one of the berths by figuring in eight of Roy Hodgson's 11 games so far, including all of those at Euro 2012.

In 11% of cases "figure into" is used

Was that ever figured into the cost of the item? Of course not.

The amount actually paid by the reinsurer is not figured into the reinsurance contract, only the percentage of loss the policy will cover.

There are millions of things that go into the workings of an economy and temperature changes in the tenths of degrees doesn't even figure into it.

In 9% of cases "figure as" is used

The presidential debates started and I figured as a Democrat I was supposed to like Barack Obama.

In 8% of cases "figure on" is used

I figured on using the Dex 4 only if I went low.

Just figure on using Utley or Howard, and adjust if needed in real time.

She may have thought she was going to the room with one or two guys, but didn't figure on 12.

In 4% of cases "figure out" is used

Still trying to figure out her future, still trying to figure out herself.

In 3% of cases "figure among" is used

Tamil Nadu also figures among one of the most visited destinations for medical tourism.

In 3% of cases "figure by" is used

I'd figured by that stage that it might be a business.

I figured by this point that I had taken way more precautions than any drunk girl at a bar.

In 3% of cases "figure since" is used

I figured since training our daughter was easy, our son would be difficult, and wouldn't be ready until much later.

Sometimes I do check Squidoo to see what has already been done, but I figure since 90% of all my lenses have content that even if they have the same topic, mine will not be the same.

In 1% of cases "figure at" is used

Bhuyan was a suspected member of the outlawed secessionist outfit United Liberation Front of Assam (Ulfa) which figures at the top of the home ministrys list of banned organizations.

In 1% of cases "figure to" is used

I had gone from having over 110,000 silver spread over four 80+ figures to having collectively under 300 silver.