Prepositions after "finish"

"finish with" or "finish in"?

In 32% of cases "finish with" is used

Let me finish with the Mayfair girl.

Cut the twine and finish with a knot.

Olmstead finished with 19 kills on.

He has finished with all the work he is going to do, he is tired and ready to die.

finish with What's Next If your proposal is in writing, be clear about the next step.

Always finish with a layer of concrete at least 2 inches thick for a maximum strength.

Woods, who was joined by Jim Furyk (70) and Rickie Fowler (69 ), finished with two bogeys, a birdie and an eagle.

But that hour had been decisive; I was finished with Fez; its privacy had been replica oakley sunglasses violated.

And their approach was often around stuff like putting the hard disk back in a locked safe after you finished with it.

In 29% of cases "finish in" is used

One or two barely finished in time.

Last year it finished in second place.

Starting from Drymen on the West Highland Way it goes north east to finish in Pitlochry.

In addition, the first instance trial shall be finished in three months instead of six.

Bandara had a poor score 76 in the third round to aggregate 220 to finish in 27th position.

The side stories were written after the main story, and were packaged in volume 2, after SAO finished in volume 1.

On that day in San Diego, Huerta punched his ticket to London as the second-fastest American to finish in the top-9.

Hughes also said he would need an extension on his report, which is now expected to be finished in September 2013.

Enjoy! Arriving at the airport, being greeted by the Ironman athlete herself! She finished in 12 hours, 26 minutes.

In 8% of cases "finish at" is used

By the time you finished at about 8.

It is expected to finish at around 7pm.

But the Church finishes at the 4th chapter.

Tottenham head to leaders Lazio next, then finish at home to Panathinaikos on December 6.

The channel crosses the height of the thumb muscle to finish at the corner of the thumbnail.

Tour starting at the Caulfield campus of Monash University at 8:45am and finishing at about 5pm.

Then whatever--I have done here is finished at that hour, I have got to meet Him in the judgment the way I went down here.

The government is running a public consultation (finishing at the end of April 2011) that would increase the liability to 1.

With their awful defense, it's hard to see them winning two of these four games, which is what they would need to finish at 9-7 (at best).

Palio delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare Where Bacino di San Marco (starts at the island of Sant'Elena and finishes at the Doge's Palace).

In 6% of cases "finish on" is used

A fast person aims to finish on top.

It had its ups and downs but it is finishing on a high.

We Started the session in Mid June and finished on 1st September.

To get everything done, I have to cook things the day before and finish on Thanksgiving.

Kuzamil on a 420 did the best of the International teams represented here to finish on the podium.

Glenmuir won Group B with five points while Frome edged Bog Walk on goal-difference after both finished on four points.

We've both given work our notice and finish on the 24th of August, with a departure date from Auckland of the 26th of August.

Twenty five riders from Europe and twenty five riders from North America are on a cross-country trip which will finish on the U.

Despite finishing on the same points as Lyon, they were knocked out on goal difference, after drawing both games against Lyon 0-0.

In 5% of cases "finish by" is used

We started at 9 am finished by 3 pm.

I know I can have this finished by Tuesday.

It is hoped to be finished by September 2012.

The stalls can be set up from 1pm with people attending from 2pm and we aim to finish by 5pm.

Work will start at the end of this month and it should all be finished by the end of February.

If he had been allowed to do it, the work which was all prepared would be finished by this time.

If you wanted a report it was start it, go get a cup of coffee, and it might be finished by the time you get back.

The German air force was finished by then and we had complete air control, but there were still air raid warnings.

Miss Sarah Munema finished by appreciating the support from the Bank customers countrywide, she thanked them for choosing Barclays Bank.

The architectural wonder is described as having been designed by giants and finished by jewelers, a lustrous pearl and a tender elegy in marble.

In 3% of cases "finish for" is used

She has been finished for the last three years.

It looks like filming is finished for the drama.

This world is finished for you, and this life is finished for you.

All parents please be aware that when the official school day finishes for your child (1.

His production probably would be quite a bit more if he had somebody who could finish for him.

Maybe I'll save the series that I have finished for when I get to A Dance to the Music of Time after all.

Marinated for 24 hours, the meat is slowly roasted for five hours then grilled to finish for a smoky flavor.

Despite a decent first half, he began to become more of a threat and had a brilliant turn and finish for United's second.

Some of the broader-leaved trees have finished for the year and are dropping their mustard sienna leaves: the dry weather helps them crackle underfoot.

In 2% of cases "finish ahead" is used

Hard to believe 8 others finished ahead of him on this list.

Finishing ahead of Barbera, Crutchlow (1st season ), Bautista, Abraham and de Puniet.

Andrew Bogut's $13 million salary is enough for him to finish ahead of three different motor sportsmen.

But I would say a realistic goal for us for the Indian GP would be to finish ahead of the three new teams and maybe a little higher.

At Compigne, the stable recorded a one-two in the Prix de la Michellette unraced fillies? contest, with Mansera (Manduro) finishing ahead of Dayita (Dansili).

After Italy's 2006 World Cup victory, Bundesliga have finished ahead of Serie A in UEFA country ranking every year and, at the moment, they are ahead of Serie A.

In 2% of cases "finish as" is used

Rosicky is finished as a top class player.

Aoyama finished as the 2nd satellite bike in his 2nd MotoGP championship in 2011, behind Edwards.

The bride is very popular and well known in this district, having just finished as a graduate from Calgary Normal College.

Once again, she finished as the first runner up in the contest missing out on the golden ticket to represent Malta, against the winner Miriam Christine.

Finding such an idea, or in my case more often NOT finding that idea, frequently causes me to feel I'd finished as a writer, that I'll never write again.

He was understandably tired after his run in California, where he finished as the runner-up in Indian Wells to Roger Federer, but he should have done better in Miami.

We can take heart that Murdoch is already finished as a political force here, that the record of his morbid influence is being settled and serious crimes will be prosecuted.

The Spanish manager has experience in the tournament, which he won at the second attempt with Inter Milan in 2010 after finishing as runner-up with Liverpool five years earlier.

In 1% of cases "finish above" is used

It would be great to finish above Arsenal.

Everton are better than Liverpool and again will finish above them this season!! Fergie should have started RVP.

Massa was forced to complete the rest of the race in fuel saving mode, which he says cost him finishing above the two McLarens.

No Spurs? Can't see Chelsea finishing above Spurs, with RdM unlikely lasting beyond Christmas and no one wanting to manage that vile club.

But Wenger's not that sneaky is he? Or IS HE? Either way I hope Turncoat has a complete shocker this season and we at least finish above Man Utd in.

However, the reputation of DePaul being an easy win on anyone's Big East schedule will remain with the program until it finishes above last place in the conference.

In 1% of cases "finish after" is used

She starts work early in the morning and finishes after 5 pm.

It means that 14,000 farmers whose REPS contract finished after May 1st last years will now have no Agri-Environment Scheme this year.

If you lease a car then your deal with the car will automatically be finished after 2 to 3 years and the option to get a new clam latest model car will be open to you.

In 1% of cases "finish because" is used

Pierre: ' I Want To finish because Of The Criticism ' UFC welterweight champion Georges St.

His clothes all had to be dry-cleaned when he had finished because of the state they were in.

However, no one had told the Americans that the war had finished because of a communications breakdown and Tomas was shot as he approached them after 11.

In 1% of cases "finish before" is used

In any case, their food is finished before noon.

If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better.

The funeral was the following morning and the grave had to be finished before then.

The early &; normal price will be available if the full payment is finished before the exact due date.

If the packet finishes before the seven days end, then you start a new packet without stopping for the normal seven day period.

On the Saturday night we expect the game to finish before 6 pm, we'll be able to have a beer or several on the field and then head back, get changed, showered, etc.

Sunday, 14 February 2010 Rushing like mad at work to get work finished before the Chinese New Year holiday, Brenda's birthday on Thursday, a poorly Buster at home, ooh and I got nabbed by the fuzz.

In 1% of cases "finish behind" is used

Even after finishing behind Vettel in India, he was bullish when questioned about his chances.

They did not disappoint, finishing behind the depth-laden USA and perennial thorn in the side, Russia.

Are those that finished behind him going to fail on bigger bikes? No! Like Aoyama (who I've always liked ), some guys just seem to be at their best on the smaller bikes.

In 1% of cases "finish from" is used

The workmanship, materials and finish from the recent 2007 renovation are generally excellent.

The problem in Nigeria today makes our people to be running out of the country because when they finish from the university, it is difficult for them to get a job.

But you need to separate your worry about something which has happened and has finished from your concern about what's happening (or most likely not happening) now.

After a poor run of form, that is two excellent podium finishes from Webber which put him back into 4th place in the standings, just 6 points behind Kimi Raikkonens fading Lotus.

In 1% of cases "finish outside" is used

Russia came in third while favourites Australia finished outside the medals.

In the midst of our early difficulties, they had us finishing outside the top 10.

He missed the first three races of the season at Snetterton, but is sixth in the standings, and yet to finish outside the top five in the six events he's competed in.

The 5-year-old ran particularly well in a number of bumpers last year never finishing outside the top two before winning a maiden hurdle to get this season off to a flyer.

But Park's chances going into the Ochoa tournament were very slim: She needed to win the LPGA's final two tournaments of the year with Lewis finishing outside the Top 10 in both.

In 1% of cases "finish to" is used

All of the shirts are finished to perfection.

Connect this coil when finished to the points marked coil 1 on the schematic.

The rooms are finished to a high standard and the cleanliness throughout the hotel is most pleasing.

The Colosseum offers you full relaxation; with each of our 42 rooms finished to the highest standard.

We have developed a large old barn into two self catering studio apartments which have been finished to a very high standard.