Prepositions after "fire"

fire from, at, on, by or in?

In 21% of cases "fire from" is used

You should be fired from your job.

He told me that he had been fired from his job.

They have been firing from machine guns and firing RPGs.

Then comes the O'List guitar lick, salvaged even though he'd been fired from the band.

Imagine being fired from the company you started and by the very people you helped recruit.

If these officers do not obey these new regulations, they should be fired from the force immediately.

The weapons are fired from the city's sprawling suburbs or its surrounding mountains and are notoriously inaccurate.

We had to move forward and occupy the position where the enemy was firing from; in order to gain tactical advantage.

Missiles and large caliber bullets were fired from the air across the border and we saw the whole post blazing with fire.

When one of the delegates, Wandile Mkhize, arrived home in KwaZulu-Natal, he was killed by shots fired from a moving car.

In 19% of cases "fire at" is used

Not a singleshot was fired at them.

Lots of our men kept firing at it.

One or more of the Seals fired at him.

They didn't want to, so they were firing at the rioters feet and trying to keep them away.

Usually designed to fire at short range (25-50 meters ), both with one hand, and with the two.

It was only the beginning of this month when another officer who fired at a car and killed its.

After the blockade is lifted every rocket fired at Israel would be responded to the next day with a rocket fired back.

Two British bodyguards were injured after a rocket was fired at Asquith's convoy in Benghazi, hitting his security escort.

I can hear the sound of ' justifiable ' rage, rockets fired at Israel and sirens sounding off in the town of southern Israel.

Army's White Sands Missile Range tells The Associated Press the contrail was from a Juno ballistic missile that was fired at 6:30 a.

In 13% of cases "fire on" is used

They are clearly not firing on all cylinders.

The soldiers then fired on them, killing four.

Marcus really has the newsroom firing on all pistons.

Barca haven't been firing on all cylinders yet and the defence has really let us dowm.

After he and his wife were shot dead, the Americans weren't fired on again, reports AP.

Meanwhile the offense wasn't firing on 2011 levels, but they did enough to win the football game.

M-1 rifles were raised, and within 13 seconds, 61 shots were fired on unarmed students -- four were dead, nine wounded.

In the latter case, snipers randomly fired on anti-Chavez protesters, Chavez's supporters, and whoever happened to pass by.

YouTube videos show UN and government police forces firing on crowds of angry people in Haiti, Egypt, Mexico and El Salvador.

Ms Lawton was fired on 21 August from a cleaning company that worked at the home of a lawyer, George D'Angelo, Reuters news agency reported.

In 11% of cases "fire by" is used

Ruthie filed 2 days after Glen was fired by Gary and Randall.

A fracas ensued and shots rang out in the club, fired by Shyne.

Rudolf Elmer had already been fired by Julius Baer in late 2002.

This is a man who most likely will be fired by June unless he manages to deliver something.

That showed us we'd activated the same circuit that was fired by his spontaneous rage attacks.

Pardew was fired by a Championship club before taking over at Newcastle where he has been a huge success.

On the 22nd, in preparation for further advance, 243 rounds were fired by the cruiser, but this time things went badly.

In 1998 he was fired by Rocco Benetton -- the youngest son of Luciano -- who had just been brought in as the team's aerodynamics engineer.

For giving common sense advice on how to avoid becoming a crime victim he was fired by the leading conservative magazine in the United States.

Little did I know that this exclusive interview would lead to my being fired by Canada's largest newspaper! That, however, is a story for another time.

In 11% of cases "fire in" is used

He needs to be fired in this election.

The gunmen fired into the air outside the consulate.

Beck was subsequently fired in 1990 due to poor ratings.

The mural was fired in the same medium as is used in the dcor throughout the subway station.

The solution isn't to start firing in all directions - at one-day internationals and at T20.

Imagine how few people they'd fire in an easier scenario where the company was fairly profitable but.

The force order also directs officers to fire ' at the knees of the rioters ' and explicitly prohibits firing in the air.

This is a foreign policy disaster of EPIC proportions and Rice, Clinton, and Obama should all resign or be fired in disgrace.

After the shooting, Zimmerman told police the young man came at him from behind and attacked him, and he fired in self-defense.

Thousands of workers have already been fired in the Obama administration's program to enforce immigration law in the workplace.

In 6% of cases "fire for" is used

He'd been fired for pretending to be the manager.

Two months later, he was fired for no apparent reason.

Of course you know he will never be fired for this though.

All should be fired for improper security and causing undue danger to American citizens.

Mwafi wasn't fired for taking information from Israel, but for not using it to protect Egypt.

People have been fired for saying much less, and there should be OUTRAGE around the country about what he said.

Phil 6 HOURS AGO Dear BBC, Just make sure he can be fired for less than a million should he prove incompetent, please.

A California woman is suing retailer Abercrombie &; Fitch after being fired for wearing a hijab -- which, she points out, she also wore at her job interview.

My comfort and my advice is -- knowing being fired for doing what I believed was the right thing, rather than being sacked because someone else did the wrong thing, is the best thing.

In 4% of cases "fire into" is used

Only one rocket was fired into Israel on Tuesday.

The gunmen fired into the air outside the consulate.

From their positions the Williamite gunners could fire into the English town.

As they refused to stop, the police fired into the ground in front of the marchers.

The Indian Army came firing into the Radiology Block and fired indiscriminately at this whole mass of people huddled together.

The organization also believes that 50 Israeli civilians including children have been injured by Hamas rockets fired into Israel.

There-fore the response avail-able to the Palestini-ans in Gaza is extremely lim-ited and is con-fined to rock-ets fired into Israel.

Captain Lynn capped an impressive individual performance with a goal in the 62 nd minute, pouncing on a loose ball and firing into the top corner.

Since Sunday, Israel has twice fired into Syria, claiming that it is responding to shells which have struck territory in the occupied Golan Heights.

Bang and his ragtag group of factory protesters look like they'll be no match for them, but they stand their ground even as tear gas is fired into the fray.

In 2% of cases "fire after" is used

Shoot, Carel du Plessis coached a team to beat the Wallabies 61-22 and was fired after that very match.

The actress added fuel to fire after admitting she was dating Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan.

The Warren Commission's inquiry was steered by Allen Dulles, the CIA head whom John Kennedy had fired after the Bay of Pigs.

The text was recovered after police arrested a handyman -- fired after 25 years at the cathedral -- and three members of his family.

Cases of people fired after employers learned they were at risk from hereditary disorders or of people not offered a job because of their genetic condition having been reviewed.

In 2% of cases "fire off" is used

If you can not find your banking commission fire off a complaint to your State AG.

Are they? So, if I were you, I would fire off the QWR and debt validation letter to BOA ASAP.

It wasn't that these two defenses were just firing off of the ball and doing everything right.

We now have some limited convection firing off the Northern Coast of South America associated with the ITCZ.

It would be largely attributed to the fire offering as a layer protection for me against the predators, I hope.

That was enough to capture the attention of our budding Elliot Nesses, who fired off warning letters to suspected offenders.

Huh? That's it? After a month of firing off attack after attack, that's all you've got? President Obama didn't have much to add on the topic.

Should they make any sudden movements towards me, at least I would be able to fire off warning shots at their general distance, but I would just appreciate if they would just leave me alone.

In 2% of cases "fire upon" is used

If you're waiting to spawn and someone fires upon your buddy, that resets the timer for you to spawn next to him.

You can only spawn by your buddy when he's alive, obviously, and when he's not being fired upon as this will reset the spawn timer.

Briefly what I suggested was (1) completely lift the siege (2) only return fire when fired upon and then only with similar weapons as used against them.

Some of the railroads running far out into the prairies have regular trains for parties of amateur hunters, who fire upon their victims from the car windows.

And those Blue Powder helmeted wearing United Nations allies do all they can to blame the country being fired upon, instead of the country doing the firing.

Kennedy also promised his military advisers that if one of the U-2 spy planes were fired upon he would give orders for an attack on the Cuban SAM missile sites.

AND NO ONE OBJECTED!! Briefly what I suggested was (1) completely lift the siege (2) only return fire when fired upon and then only with similar weapons as used against them.

In 1% of cases "fire against" is used

Espinosa lost the ball in the centre circle and a swift attack left the Bara defence exposed, first a shot was fired against the bar and then Arslan reacted quickest to smash home the rebound.

In 1% of cases "fire as" is used

They were fired as the book went to print.

The former Team India captain not only failed to fire as a player, but his strategies as a captain didn't work well.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Once again, Mike Brown has been fired as a head coach for a team not meeting expectations.

In 1% of cases "fire before" is used

Note that Signal Messages that would be fired before MinDelayTime are lost.

If fringe workers are fired before the core, then this tend to rise the average rate.

In 1% of cases "fire over" is used

Volleys were fired over him -- and it was not blank cartridge.

He was told to stop work when the gun was ready and to crouch down so that the gun could fire over him.

Late into the night, as about 300 rioters cornered a small troop of police, the commanding officer ordered his men to fire over the crowd's heads.

In 1% of cases "fire through" is used

A bullet fired through a euphemism is still a bullet.

After they stopped the cars, I fired through the scope and the gunfire made an insane amount of noise, just crazy.

In 1% of cases "fire with" is used

And, immediately fired with a love of God, he then decided to do whatever he could for the honour of Christ.

Gun shots were reportedly fired with stray bullets hitting people who were ostensibly going about their normal everyday chores.