Prepositions after "fix"

fix in, by, on, for or at?

In 17% of cases "fix in" is used

This is not gospel and fixed in stone.

These and other bugs will be fixed in a future build.

The problem was supposedly fixed in the newer devices.

After the breakthrough in June, the venue was fixed in PJ and day/time on Thursday afternoon.

The mill - This consisted of two circular stones, one fixed in the ground, the other turned by a handle.

The world can not be fixed in one movement, but it is this movement among many that will bring us closer.

I understand there can be technical limitations you might fix in post, but hiring a bunch of actors to fake a prank is sad.

How does it render on a tablet? It had some rendering issues on my phone which was fixed in one version then broken in the next.

For immunohistochemistry and Neurobiotin reconstruction, triple cultures were fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and 2% picric acid in 0.

The characters in the drawings are permanently fixed in their lost heyday, the 1970s, peering at the present through a haze of smoke.

In 16% of cases "fix by" is used

Most of these were fixed by editing D3Prefs.

It is now upside down, but still fixed by a strap.

It won't be fixed by snarky remarks about SPELLING.

Most of the things he has trouble with, are going to be fixed by playing more than watching.

Here's an example of how disarranged code can be fixed by CSScomb: On the left, unsorted code.

This is easy to fix by simply sending us an email or calling and leaving a message with your new details.

Our school system itself is broken, and can not be fixed by budget moves, whereas the healthcare system is not so badly off.

The number of Midshipmen in a ship was fixed by the rating of the ship and it was at the discretion of the Captain as to who was carried.

This was fixed by means of removing the soak-away, and replacing with a system using a sump pump to keep the water level below the damp course.

The same is true with respect to local government officials except barangay officials whose term of office shall be fixed by law (Section 8 Article 10).

In 16% of cases "fix on" is used

His eyes are now fixed on the ceiling.

Adjustment bolts are fixed on the top of wedge block.

My eyes are fixed on him, and his eyes are fixed on me.

I stole a glance at my sister standing next to me, raw determination fixed on her face.

Her eyes fix on her own hand moving and she automatically sees the hand of the perpetrator.

Initially there were a few problems with electric window controls which were fixed on warranty.

For example, to look at and fix on a stone is samadhi, then to see that this stone is flowing continuously in change is panna.

Because there weren't much decorations (and positive overwhelming distractions) my focus was fixed on the important features of the place.

Students often waste loads of time by successively trying out different paper topics or by not fixing on a thesis for the one paper topic they do.

The distinguished lawyer who spent most of his life as a parish priest in relative seclusion died at the age of 86 with his eyes fixed on a crucifix.

In 12% of cases "fix for" is used

A date will then be fixed for the court hearing.

A new date for the hearing was then fixed for some months later.

It will help you take the right steps to get things fixed for the future.

It had been in final QA for half of 2008 it was just being fixed for release.

I haven't had my only mp3 player fixed for the longest time, but I wear the earphones anyway.

At the end when the case was specifically fixed for recording their evidence, no witness was examined.

He passed the following order (see summary ): Today is fixed for the defence witness in the ICT BD Case No- 01 of 2011.

Two days latter in another letter to Sir Joseph Larmor he wrote 4: - The deputation is fixed for Thursday, 22 nd at 12.

A special head in the treasury was fixed for this purpose; also, wealthy people were urged to help the slaves in this regard.

All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you might fix for those who werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

In 11% of cases "fix at" is used

The going rate for 2012-2013 is fixed at 6.

She had also been offered a 2 year fixed at 7.

Eventually, the problem was fixed at great cost.

In the following year they were fixed at 100 and 60 respectively but without perquisites.

Rents were fixed at about 6 per cent of the monthly income, and were last increased in 1928.

Now the mechanism under which CNG price was fixed at 60 percent of the petrol value has been done.

These dollars were issued to the public at a fixed rate -- fixed at a pre-determined rate and not according to the market forces.

As stated, in his ultimate guise, Winslow is the Crucified Christ who is fixed at the center of the Sphere of White Light, The Moon.

Although computer price ranges are continuing to be stable, getting your pc fixed at the nearby shop is becoming costly by the minute.

The cost for getting it in Nigeria may be as much as 10% while for making withdrawals from your dom account could be fixed at around $20.

In 6% of cases "fix to" is used

The corners aren't actually fixed to the base in any way.

The classroom has minimal furniture, rows of desks fixed to the floor and a blackboard.

The wheelchairs are fixed to the floor, positioned to suit right or left handed players.

It clings to the uterus just like roots that are firmly fixed to the earth by their tendrils.

The block is then fixed to the cover sheet by glueing it to the first and last pages of the book-block.

I believe mine was when I was 9 and I had this awful orthodontic brace which was fixed to the roof of my mouth.

Like an oyster, Crania grows with a lower shell fixed to a rock (or a sea-urchin skeleton ), and has an upper shell free.

The light from a single candle between them, fixed to the table in its own wax, cast deep shadows into the worry lines on their faces.

The bridge is not fixed to the towers and has a provision to be able to slide into the towers in case of severe adverse weather conditions.

In 6% of cases "fix with" is used

The second is the feed rack snapped and this has been fixed with a splint.

This matter is fixed with the Qur'an, sunnah and the ittifaq of the sahaba.

But there is nothing that can't be fixed with an all in brawl or a group hug.

Maybe we're lucky and it will be fixed with an firmware-update Then there is the aperture-problem.

If you take a look at all of the following leading websites they are all fixed with -- around 1000px.

In rare cases, your phone might be soft-bricked which can be fixed with a little hard work from your side.

In Truthland (below) you can see that there was methane in his well and the problem was fixed with treatment (23:20).

Something like this: The third one, the quarter blind hook are fixed with melted plastic (sort of like a plastic rivet).

The minister said the weighbridges will be computerized and fixed with closed-circuit television (CCTVs) to monitor transactions.

The covering should be the same size as the frame, with holes drilled into the edges so they can be fixed with screws to the frame.

In 2% of cases "fix as" is used

SPO has been fixed as 3% for the year 2013 and 6% for the year 2014 out of their total energy consumption.

This event made an epoch in the history of Islam and it was fixed as the Islamic date by the second caliph Umar (The Hijrah).

Nearly all of the RC1 bugs are fixed as of Friday June 30th and from here until October its ship-stoppers and Beta 2 fixers only.

Because of this the numbers of light cavalry were later restricted and by Sobieski's reign they were fixed as a maximum of 20% of the cavalry, with pancerni at 60% and hussars the remaining 20%.

In 2% of cases "fix upon" is used

Having fixed upon one point for watching the breath, keep the mind there.

My gaze was fixed upon the newly crowned mural shelter canopy that his team of construction workers had just set in place.

In 1% of cases "fix before" is used

Generally, this registration ceremony is fixed before the traditional wedding.

Let me outline the main thing I see this team lacking, and if we don't get those things fixed before the start of the next round we will fail miserably once more.

Whether its machinery, equipment, pasture or even the old homestead, now's the season to take care of all those upgrades and fixes before mother nature starts in with the heavy weather.

In 1% of cases "fix like" is used

It is not fixed like how it is calculated in J.

Are they manual focus? And aperture is not fixed like 1.

However, I'd learning, so mistakes and fixes like this are necessary.

In 1% of cases "fix over" is used

I hope that's something they can fix over the course of the run, because it's rather distracting.

In 1% of cases "fix under" is used

Took car and fixed under warranty.

In 1% of cases "fix within" is used


Salaries are usually negotiated and fixed within the market.