Prepositions after "flee"

"flee to" or "flee from"?

In 45% of cases "flee to" is used

As I recall, he fled to Australia.

Najm ad din and Shirkuh fled to Mosul.

To avoid arrest Goering fled to Sweden.

He fled to Brazil (via Spain and Australia) and did not return to the UK until May 2001.

One of its findings is that people were, largely, not fleeing to any ethnic homeland.

Chief of Staff Keith Gardner could be next to flee to a high-paying, under-the-radar gig.

After international pressure the Myanmar government allowed most of the Rohingyas who had fled to Bangladesh to return.

Arguably, this is the Caribbean equivalent to the situation East Germans faced fleeing to the West during the Cold War.

Robert fled to the Congo like millions of Rwandans who feared the retribution of the newly installed government (the RPF).

Her family owned a small tea plantation but fled to India in 1971 or 1972, the year before Idi Amins expulsions of Indians.

In 22% of cases "flee from" is used

I guess that's why God tells us to flee from sin.

I am not fleeing from the truth and have never fled.

Many rickshaw pullers fled from starvation in the villages.

Maiuri, who fled from Katrina at the last minute, stayed behind this time with no regrets.

It's not the sort of way most Canadians want to treat someone who has fled from persecution.

Sensing his helplessness, I fled from him, a coward; but he persevered, bravely, in the sunshine.

During 1847, thousands of starving Irish people had fled from potato blight and brought typhus to the large cities of Britain.

Refugees from Morocco, who were fleeing from the French colonial army, arrived in Mauritania at the beginning of the 1930's.

Those who make them become like them, so do all who trust in them! 1 Corinthians 10:14Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.

In 1893 he married S H Bonnevie who came from a Huguenot family which had fled from France to Norway at the time of persecution.

In 7% of cases "flee into" is used

Bdi was forced to flee into exile in France.

Most of the women and the children had fled into the open in terror.

After setting off alarms, the suspect allegedly fled into a wooded area nearby.

Like a man possessed, he wiped the car door and the handle, and fled into the dead of the night.

Four years later I had to flee into what I expected to be permanent exile in Canada to escape Johnson's war.

In seconds, the paratroopers have attacked the school and sent a group of teenagers fleeing into the mountains.

That night, omer's army ambush and kill all of the Uruk-hai, thus allowing the two hobbits to flee into the forests of Fangorn.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Refugees According to the Geneva-based refugee agency, another 1,000 Syrians have fled into Lebanon and 1,000 into Jordan since November 8.

Currently, there are 500,000 Tamil civilians living in refugee camps in the Tamil north and east or have fled into the jungles in the north to escape Sri Lankan army bombing.

Early reports indicated that after suffering heavy casualties, a good chunk of the terrorist militia surrendered to the allied forces as the rest fled into the forests north of Kismayu.

In 6% of cases "flee in" is used

The people fled in panic before them.

If the white flag is hoisted, he instructed them to flee in disguise.

We went north this morning, as did so many Gazans, to areas they fled in recent days.

The image encouraged the Picts and frightened the Northumbrian army who fled in panic.

Of course the real solution is to make their homeland a better place to live and work so they wouldn't flee in the first place.

The blast caused a great panic among the crowd, sending people flee in all directions, local media quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

That will start an avalanche for sure and those OtporT maniacs fleeing in droves to avoid the lamp posts &; the fate of Il Duce.

Police arrived to find James Krumm dead and Christopher Krumm barely living; the younger Krumm died soon after students fled in a panic.

Prince Kashyapa seized the throne from his father King Dathusena and fled in fear of his brother Mugalan; the rightful heir to the throne.

In a show conducted in Glasgow in 1818, the corpse of a man hung for murder suddenly sat up, causing members of the audience to flee in terror.

In 5% of cases "flee for" is used

Their 13 children fled for their lives.

Over one million people live in Goma and many have been fleeing for their lives.

I couldn't see the Taliban fleeing for cover, but thought maybe Our Boys would tie him to the front of a tank and use him as a mascot.

Mr Lazo said: ' It is the ultimate irony that Assange is seeking asylum in Ecuador while journalists here are forced to flee for their own safety.

Such fears were quickly laid to rest by the intro: a terrified warrior fleeing for his life, getting cornered by a mysterious stranger with threatening voice.

The kind of proud that makes you feel you should put on your running shoes and flee for the mountains, much like a curtain-clothed Julie Andrews frolicking about.

Students fled for their lives as the attacker, dressed in black military fatigues and trenchcoat, opened fire with what witnesses said was an AK 47 automatic rifle.

Sinhalese in the north who had thriving businesses and those who were permanently resident were compelled to flee for safety with whatever belongings they could carry with them.

Those landlords who were in the province were forced to flee for their lives as even the peasantry rose up against them, casting out what were seen as foreign usurpers of Desmond land.

But much of her progress is remorselessly bleak; particularly when, hounded by her abusive, estranged husband, she flees for Peru in search of an elusive inheritance which fails to materialise.

In 3% of cases "flee with" is used

The robbers fled with just a mobile phone and a torch.

His father fled with his family from Harran to Damascus in the year 667 H.

She shouted for help and the two men fled with her handbag, containing 190 and bank cards.

Lubomyr Husar, 72, Ukraine Husar was born in Ukraine in 1933, and fled with his parents to the United States in 1944.

Suddenly down he dropped: she heard the hiss of his wing, Fled with a scream of terror: oh, would she had dared to rest.

I respond to the immediacy of a modern building, whereas an ornamented monstrosity like Versailles sent me fleeing with sensory overload.

Most of the Taliban's leaders were educated in Pakistan, in refugee camps where they had fled with millions of other Afghans after the Soviet invasion.

This girl need him to construct fake travel recognition for Jacob and also Renesmee, so that they can flee with him or her, whenever zero of the Cullens survive the fight resistant to the Volturi.

In 1% of cases "flee across" is used

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

During the Kosovo conflict we were shown pictures of refugees fleeing across the border and the voiceover said they were actually fleeing Serbian atrocities.

In 1% of cases "flee after" is used

Shah Rukh Khan plays Samar, an expert bomb defuser who hides in India, where he has fled after Meera (Katrina Kaif) breaks his heart in London.

Merlin's first response was launched in Nzulo -- a tiny village where nearly 5,000 people fled after fearing that their temporary camps or villages would come under attack.

In Israel's last major Gaza offensive four years ago, 17 suspected collaborators who fled after their prisons were hit in airstrikes were later shot dead in extra-judicial killings.

In 1% of cases "flee away" is used

The Jews fled away into the fort and closed the door from inside.

The enemy fled away from the field and seventy persons were taken as captives by the Islamic army.

The enemy, struck with terror, fled away from the field but suddenly an accident drew their attention.

Thinking he might not be able to finish the job in time and will have to pay with his life, he fled away from the place.

Li also vouched for more power in the hand of local Taiwanese (Bensheng ren) and not in the hand of those who had fled away from mainland China to the island (Waisheng ren).

It extended to the misrepresentation of the scale of the consequences of the conflicts, particularly the number of refugees supposedly forced to flee away from where they normally live.

In 1% of cases "flee before" is used

The three-men group fled before police arrived.

A Caravan of Trunks All night these tens of thousands fled before the flames.

In order to evade security, he jumped over the railing, falling one level and landing on the Lido, and then continued to flee before grabbing a life ring and leaping overboard.

In 1% of cases "flee on" is used

After seeing the weapon, the victim fled on foot to get away.

His association with that regime came to a sensational end when, as many Somalis will tell you, he fled on a plane full of looted money.

Booth fled on horseback but was tracked down 12 days later to a farm in northern Virginia where he was shot dead by Union soldiers while hiding in a barn.

Millions of Palestinians have been driven out of their homes by Zionist terror and millions of Lebanese had to flee on the road during Israeli aggressions.