Prepositions after "flip"

"flip through" or "flip to"?

In 41% of cases "flip through" is used

flip through the tables and graphs.

You DO NOT need to flip through 500 exhibits.

His mind flipped through two decades of mug shots.

Stand in Chapters/Virgin and flip through ALL of the interior design/architecture magazines.

A They will sometimes unnecessarily play with their watch or hair, click their pen or flip through papers.

Always flip through the pages of each individual book and be sure of its condition before you quote a price.

Yes, he literally called me over while I was waiting in line and flipped through my passport and immigration cards.

Somehow the second time I flipped through it I found a number of items I wanted to make, so there goes the book ban.

I would bury the homework to pull up the baseball cards and flip through them instead so I did it really was all consuming for me.

During the video posted about a month ago, Todd flips through flashcards detailing the chronology of events outlining her ordeal.

In 18% of cases "flip to" is used

He flipped to the next page and scowled.

Ross: Just flip to the page of the book that discusses code reds.

The franchise was almost immediately flipped to the cellular giant, McCaw.

Severus flipped to the next page after he unconsciously sat himself on a cold stone step.

The scoreboard operators could then quickly flip to the correct numeral and hook it in place.

Color-coded tabs let adults flip to sections appropriate to the ages of their children (5? 7 years, 8? 10 years, 11? 13+ years).

He flips to a photograph of a young boy, features alive in mischievous glee, with the caption? Here? s Someone You Won? t Run Into.

They flew to Atlanta this month with the goal of buying about 100 homes, which they hoped to flip to the large investors within the next year.

After a quick natter about Johanna having to interview one of the most arrogant and contentious RnB artists currently on the music scene, the attention quickly flipped to my love life.

In 8% of cases "flip On" is used

When a light is flipped on the chemical inside the eyes that lets you see in the dark is ' burned out '.

Coincidentally - or maybe not - both races flipped on the weight of a series of polls from NBC News/Marist.

Nobody would be injured, radiation would stay in the stratosphere, and the Iranians wouldn't know anything had happened until they flipped on the lights.

In 7% of cases "flip with" is used

If you, as the young architect, were given the task to design a universe where each bit was to be flipped with probability 0.

A universe, consisting of a single observable bit evolving in discrete time steps, such that at each time, the bit flipped with probability 0.

Maxwell had enjoyed 3-2 support from the five-member City Council until last year's election, which saw that flip with three members now opposed to the project.

At each time-step, the system sets the observable bit to 0 or 1 depending on whether the state of the two coins coincide, and one of the two coins is chosen at random and flipped with probability 0.

In 4% of cases "flip in" is used

I looked at him and a light flipped in my head.

Interestingly, the two races flipped in opposite directions.

Deborah or anyone, the swastika is flipped in the photos -- it doesn't match the Hindu version.

In 3% of cases "flip at" is used

You try to ignore the way your stomach flips at the sight.

For an air column, the phase is only flipped at an open end (due to the energy loss associated with encountering a lesser acoustic impedance).

In 3% of cases "flip into" is used

I live in the middle of Aberdeenshire, and see countless cars in fields because drivers do not adjust their speed to the road - one sharp bend and your car flips into the fields.

In 3% of cases "flip off" is used

Swipe to awake, enter password, flip off Airplane mode all in less than a few seconds, and you are ready to go.

In 2% of cases "flip from" is used

This race has flipped from Bilbray to Peters (on Sept 13 ), from Peters to Bilbray (on Oct 23 ), and now back to Peters in today's update.

In 2% of cases "flip onto" is used

Twisting, he flipped onto his stomach as his feet reached the edge of the roof.

You would have to go back to the GD to fnd a time when the entire economy was flipped onto its head.

In 2% of cases "flip out" is used

After about an hour into the trip we got our first bite! The fish flipped out of the water and the n it was gone.

In 1% of cases "flip after" is used

That speculation hasn't deterred Kiriakos, who continues to focus on preconstruction buys -- at preferred pricing -- and flips after a sizable investment in staging.

In 1% of cases "flip between" is used

Chore though it may be, it is a more rewarding read to keep one finger open to the notes while reading the text and flip between the two as needed.

In 1% of cases "flip inside" is used

The screen flips inside the hinge, turning the PC into a veritable tablet on demand.

In 1% of cases "flip over" is used

I went to flip over the buttery, cheesy, yumminess and the sandwiches were sticking to the pan.