Prepositions after "flood"

flood with, in, into, by or to?

In 49% of cases "flood with" is used

Balez's blog was soon flooded with comments, pro and con.

None of these Governments were flooded with applications.

I knew that site would be flooded with buyers due to low price.

It is flooded with young bloggers forming cafes for themselves and trying to make a mark.

Then I switched off my phone as I knew that I would be flooded with midnight calls and texts.

Time might come when we will live in the age of droughts and floods with little time there between.

The fitness club includes a swimming pool flooded with natural daylight, a golf driving range and a spa facility.

Today America is being flooded with Jewish immigrants from Russia and even 20,000 per year leave Israel for the U.

Indeed, while you have one main home screen, you have 5 other pages to flood with more widgets and quick links to apps.

In 13% of cases "flood in" is used

At the same time, rural migrants flooded in looking for jobs.

It causes disasters and floods in which rocks and solid objects are destroyed.

Streets were also flooded in Pisa and some homes were left without electricity.

Stating that the causes of floods in Bihar are purely natural would not be appropriate.

The Kosi river in 2008 flooded those regions mostly which had not seen major floods in past several years.

Several scholars have fiercely debated over the issue, and many argue that floods in Bihar are human induced.

How many people died of diseases and in want of medical attention following the floods in the Singheshwar Mega Camp.

The research will primarily examine government's response during the first month of the Kosi floods in terms of logistics.

This became an important point of consideration for giving preference to Kosi floods over other recent floods in other parts of the country.

Although tested in the situation of floods in Madhepura, the framework requires further testing to see if it holds true in other forms of disasters.

In 9% of cases "flood by" is used

The indoor stadium inside the complex was also found flooded by rainwater.

The same streams we turn to for communication and connection are flooded by a relentless stream of products.

This has been a problem for ambulance services, who have been flooded by a growing number of calls over the years.

The town of Moore Haven on the south side of Lake Okeechobee was completely flooded by lake surge from the hurricane.

The market could become flooded by crap games with a brand slapped on them, however gamers will inevitably weed out and report on the rubbish.

Our markets are flooded by MNCs which have hindered the development of local industries for ex sports market is dominated by addidas, reebook, nike.

For example, in 2006 the Sierra Club released a map of Victoria, British Columbia, flooded by a sea-level rise of from six to 25 metres (see Figure 2).

Some volunteers help clean up factories; some help fishermen set up nets; and some clear the debris in the rice fields flooded by the tsunami so farmers can plough their fields once again.

In 9% of cases "flood into" is used

Cocaine is flooding into the country from Colombia.

Foreign jihadists have been flooding into the country.

This weekend alone about 150,000 people are expected to flood into the city centre -- double the amount over an average weekend.

And indeed, these digital audio products especially the digital mixer brought many many visitors flooded into our booth at least.

Cheesebuger Gift Certificates flood into Christie Offices The list of fools who have brought this disaster upon us certainly also will include New Jersey Gov.

As thousands of Syrian refugees continue to flood into Jordan each month, the Kingdom upholds its longstanding reputation for hospitality by accommodating them.

In 5% of cases "flood to" is used

In four years, the same ignorance will flood to the surface from both sides.

Every four years, our true colors shine through, and the absolute worst in everyone floods to the surface.

Of course, at some point, presumably, all that money could flood to Romney if it really looks like he's the inevitable nominee.

A 41-year-old worker recalled that a crane above was trying to lift people out of the crater, but since too many flooded to around, people who couldn't grip the crane fall down.

In 2% of cases "flood out" is used

Still the black stuff flooded out of the tap.

They were flooding out of the agency because they were concerned about the ethics of the organization.

In 2% of cases "flood through" is used

The message was flooding through my body and I finally understood the call to grow.

In 1% of cases "flood as" is used

The Environment Agency confirmed that 816 homes had been flooded as a result of the heavy rain.

The consensus: get out of big cities where unattended infrastructure and runaway fires or floods as a result of that could be hazardous, and where decaying bodies would pose a threat of disease.

In 1% of cases "flood because" is used

This causes the roads to be flooded because of the poor sewage system.

In 1% of cases "flood during" is used

The Congo River floods during the rainy season causing widespread disruption in the river basin.

In 1% of cases "flood for" is used

We skated where it was flooded for that around the old 16th hole.

In 1% of cases "flood from" is used

John the Baptist Parish, flooding from Isaac forced 1,500 people to evacuate.

Bangladesh will be squeezed from the south by cyclones and sea level rise, and flooded from the north by the major rivers swollen by warming glaciers in the Himalayas.

In 1% of cases "flood like" is used

I'd prefer to see folks leave the floodplains alone, and let the rivers flood like god intended.

flood like situations happened in many states, especially from Western India, in which acute drought was predicted; 8.

In 1% of cases "flood since" is used

The village of Mechu had been repeatedly flooded since 2004, with 200 households forced to leave homes that their families had occupied for generations.