Prepositions after "flush"

flush with, in, into, out or by?

In 42% of cases "flush with" is used

It will have your lips flushed with blood.

He was clearly flushed with the effort of controlling himself, and.

Flushed with wine, he shouts at the moon -- It runs back in its course.

Though she tells me she's 19, her face is still flush with shades of adolescence.

I was flushed with joy, knowing that with enough sacrifice, I would still be part of that afternoon's golden rivalry.

As discussed in Chapter 1, in the lust/romantic love stages, the brain is flushed with hormones creating a drug-like condition.

Reduced blood flow in the intestines can cause feelings of ' butterflies ', and the extra blood in the skin can make you flush with fear.

flush with cash, a result of a long period of high raw materials prices, they are to spend over $200 billion in expanding capacity out to 2015.

Then of course there was this book: Flushed with Pride was written by Wallace Reyburn a talented author of books about sport and other subjects.

In 9% of cases "flush in" is used

Vitamins using hard water will affect unquestionably the source of water within central heating boiler podium, so that your assistance will incorporate flushing in the ability.

In 9% of cases "flush into" is used

The SUV skidded into the gaping hole, plunged into the flooded culvert some 6 metres below, and was flushed into the creek, which the storm had turned into a raging river 30 metres wide.

In 9% of cases "flush out" is used

Are you still reading? Illusions and Projections Neo is flushed out of his pod, scooped up and has his muscles regenerated onboard the ship.

Diarrhoea is the most common effect of drinking contaminated water on Zanzibar and can be flushed out of the system with a typical re- hydration solution.

In 7% of cases "flush by" is used

To our dismay this was easier said than done, since the bathroom continued to flush by itself.

In 4% of cases "flush from" is used

This theory seems to require that arsenic in groundwater has been present for thousands of years with out being flushed from the delta.

According to one explanation, arsenic poisoning of the ground water resulted from the reduction of arsenic laden iron hydroxides flushed from Pleistocene- Holocene sediments.

In 4% of cases "flush on" is used

At one end was a 300-year-old sundial, flushed on the ground.

Especially as she flushes on the classic area 's: cheeks and nose.

In 4% of cases "flush to" is used

Golson again was flushed to the right on the two-point conversion, shifted upfield, lunged for the goal line and reached the ball over the plane to tie things.

Novitec preparation on the new Fiat Panda, aesthetically, includes on its front, a new lower lip, keeping the rest of the bumper completely flush to the original model.

In 2% of cases "flush at" is used

Many actors use these techniques to produce more convincing performances, such as Liv Ullmann, who could make her cheeks flush at will.

In 2% of cases "flush during" is used

The original sediments had been deposited during Plestocene-Holocenes time and were oxidized and flushed during the low-stand of sea-level during this last glacial maximum.

In 2% of cases "flush over" is used

I've had weird dizzy spells and flushes over the last 2 months, and this morning everything feels even worse.