Prepositions after "forbid"

forbid by, from, in, for or to?

In 24% of cases "forbid by" is used

And evil is forbidden by God Almighty text.

Wang hopes to get inspiration from books that are forbidden by the propaganda department.

I dare say that in your case the murder of a human being is unequivocally forbidden by God.

She believes that to do so would be the kind of haram lie that was clearly forbidden by the Prophet (s.

BUMPER CARS Forbidden by new health and safety regulations at Butlins resorts from bumping into one another.

Terrorists ruthlessly engage in cruel acts, killings, a crime forbidden by religion, in such a way as to deface the look of Islam in the eyes of people.

It is forbidden by Islam, which counts the one who gives and the one who takes as brothers, between whom there is no difference except in their taqwa and good deeds.

I charge him with having done that which, even if it had not been, as it was, strictly forbidden by the Home authorities, it would still have been a high crime to do.

While Councillors are forbidden by law to hold any other post during their term of office, it is not unusual for them to accept lucrative business engagements after leaving office, e.

Spain, who had dismantled Poland 7-2 in the previous round, were forbidden by Franco from travelling to the Soviet Union and thus the Soviets went straight through to the semi-finals.

In 20% of cases "forbid from" is used

You are also forbidden from bringing more than PhP5,000.

People who have no specific business there are forbidden from entering.

Of course Muslims are forbidden from visually representing the Prophet.

They were forbidden from public exhibition if they did not meet certain standards.

These women are likely to be housebound and forbidden from interacting with the society.

I don't think that members of the House of Commons should be forbidden from referring to their beliefs.

Bodies of Prophets (AS) don't decay: The earth is forbidden from decomposing the bodies of the prophets of Allah (AS).

Additionally, they should be forbidden from having any pets for a period of not less than three years after which time, their case will be reviewed by a corrections psychologist.

Judges are forbidden from being paid to do anything other than their judicial duties, but can accept appointments to serve on royal commissions, inquiries and other official investigations.

The mine, now closed due to falling yields, is currently the second-largest excavated hole in the world, and helicopters are forbidden from flying over it in case downward air flow sucks them in.

In 16% of cases "forbid in" is used

Photography is strictly forbidden in the Long Room.

This is the evil suspicion which is forbidden in Islam.

Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas.

Church buildings are forbidden in all but a very few cases; most fellowships must meet in homes.

School corporal punishment is not forbidden in Brazil, but there appears to be no tradition of formal CP.

This should also include a review of terminology used in IFRS, and consider whether such sensitive terms as ' interest ' -- forbidden in all forms in Islamic banking- can be amended or added to.

In 13% of cases "forbid for" is used

Worldly temptations are forbidden for widows.

It is forbidden for any Omanhene to create such a stool.

It was however forbidden for them to bring in more weapons.

It is forbidden for them to have intimate relations during this time.

So, free mixing between the sexes too is forbidden for the same reason.

One of the reasons he was attracted to Islam was that alcohol is forbidden for Muslims.

It is strictly forbidden for husband and wife to engage in sexual relationship while in state of ihram.

A quasicrystal can have, for example, local fivefold rotational symmetry, which is forbidden for a crystal.

In 1511, it was forbidden for its stimulating effect by conservative, orthodox imams at a theological court in Mecca.

Birth of Jesus Christ Muhammad in Qur'an says that it was forbidden for Mother Mary to speak for 3 days, and Jesus was commanded to speak while in cradle.

In 10% of cases "forbid to" is used

High status women had to veil, while harlots and slaves were forbidden to.

It was embraced by the noblest citizens - it was forbidden to the plebians.

The two most obvious items which are forbidden to Muslims are pork and alcohol.

Likewise, it seems probable that Mutah was first forbidden to those at Khaybar in the year 7 A.

For if anything were forbidden to God there would have to be someone more powerful and this someone more powerful is who we would worship.

Only the potential or actual victims of crime can sometimes immediately prevent or immediately punish crime, provided only that they are not forbidden to.

The album was reported as being leaked 11/16/2012 (M/D/Y) It is strictly forbidden to post links to Mediafire, Wupload, Deposit files or other file hosting sites.

And, lest we forget, British citizens may have this wonderful theoretical right to self-defence but they are forbidden to wield so much as a toothpick to exercise it with.

In 3% of cases "forbid on" is used

Here in Barnet we also have an eruv (public network of poles and wires that define a territory where Orthodox Jews can carry out tasks otherwise forbidden on the Shabbat e.

In 1% of cases "forbid at" is used

If I recall correctly, which I quite possibly do n't, criticism of the Brandens was explicitly forbidden at one point.

In 1% of cases "forbid because" is used

Mahram means those relations with whom marriage is forbidden because of blood relationship or nursing (suckling) relationship or marriage, like brother and sister or son-in-law and mother-in-law.

In 1% of cases "forbid due" is used

If same sex marriage is forbidden due to religious grounds, the law should be immediately changed as our nation is patently not founded on religion.

In 1% of cases "forbid during" is used

Smoking and sexual relations are also forbidden during fasting.

In 1% of cases "forbid of" is used

What is forbidden of the boasting of a co-wife.

In 1% of cases "forbid without" is used

The importation of all firearms (including those charged with compressed air) to the Turks and Caicos is strictly forbidden without prior approval in writing from the Commissioner of Police.