Prepositions after "forge"

"forge in" or "forge by"?

In 23% of cases "forge in" is used

The atoms that make up your body were forged in the heart of ancient suns.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was forged in May 2002 to delineate the scope of cooperation.

Most of the NITROGEN cycling within the Earth system was forged in the bellies of RED GIANT STARS.

The steadfast military cadres of the revolution will be forged in the very process of the civil war.

Every atom in our bodies, other than hydrogen, was forged in the fiery belly of a star who lived and died before our own star, the Sun, was born.

With legal skills forged in the crucible of the Military Justice System, Matt is an unyielding advocate for military wives, female service members and the children of military families.

In 16% of cases "forge by" is used

It plays by its own rules and its own lingo, forged by a well-?? delineated hierarchy of users.

Bart D Ehrman claims many books of the New Testament were forged by people pretending to be the apostles Peter, Paul or James.

An alternative version is that the episode was a provocation staged by the Paraguayan People's Army, a shadow group supposedly forged by the police to fight extremists.

In other words trade routes were forged by Africans from the interior going to the coast, not by the Arabs, or the Swahili, setting off from the coast into the unknown, hostile interior.

In 10% of cases "forge with" is used

Forged with a creative intuition also came the ability to visualize sounds to create rich and complex soundscapes, seemingly out of nothing.

Obama, essentially an actor, conveys the impression of incorporating in his personality the idea of 1960s optimism forged with whatever leftist ideas survived the collapse of Soviet communism.

In 9% of cases "forge out" is used

If bible is corrupt, then so is quran, bcuz quran was forged out of the Holy Bible.

This is in contrast to the radical revolutionary, for whom, precisely, there is no big Other: whose actions are forged out of an understanding of the contingency of the present.

The International Baccalaureate was forged out of the despair of the World Wars in an attempt to unite the world through education, by a collection of teachers at the International School of Geneva.

In 8% of cases "forge on" is used

It was forged on the shores of Gallipoli.

The points would probably have been forged on an anvil or power hammer.

In 7% of cases "forge into" is used

There were several reasons why the United States forged into first place as a world leader.

As the Department forges into the post-twentieth century it will continue to develop and implement strategies towards a modern correctional process.

Heritage and tradition are important, but the real test of a university's mettle is the impact it leaves on the world and the inroads it forges into the future.

In 6% of cases "forge from" is used

Wilton ' s anti-war commitment was forged from direct experience.

It ended with Olympic rings forged from the furnaces, hanging above the stadium.

ALL THE OTHER CHEMICAL ELEMENTS were forged from the primordial hydrogen and helium by nuclear fusion inside of stars that flared forth and died before our Sun was born.

In 5% of cases "forge through" is used

They were very close friends at Junior Speedsters '; their friendship was forged through adversity.

One quadrangle thinks, Wang Jun-cheng for the purpose of illegal possession, forged through the military officer, doudoune moncler, a pseudonym fake soldiers, cheat the money,.

In 2% of cases "forge between" is used

Romney grappled with the unexpected bond forged between the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and Barack Obama.

In 2% of cases "forge for" is used

At home alone in bed he was visited by the ghost of his late business partner, Jacob Marley, in the metaphorical chains he'd forged for himself.

In 1% of cases "forge amid" is used

My MBA has helped me, thanks to the emphasis given to team-building and to the strong bonds forged amid a very diverse student body.

In 1% of cases "forge as" is used

She has crammed much more into her life, partly thanks to the fearsome military discipline forged as a colonel in the People's Liberation Army performance troupe.

In 1% of cases "forge during" is used

It's more about friendship forged during hardship, growing up in a rough neighbourhood, finding oneself and capturing the energy of youth.