Prepositions after "forget"

forget about, in, by, to or for?

In 77% of cases "forget about" is used

And don't forget about time off.

forget about The Price is Right.

And let's not forget about fish.

We have that putt millions of times and I had to try to forget about the Ryder Cup.

forget about the bestseller list, this year's Booker winner and all the rest of it.

Oh yeah lets forget about european social security because that might cost the gov.

It works! Blossom 11-17-2011, 09:44 PM YouTube Oh I forgot about youtube! Where do you find it other then Market.

I forgot about this bill until a few weeks later I heard the two zamindars arguing about where the bill had gone.

I'd like to think once the whistle blows and everyone walks off the pitch, you go have a beer and forget about it.

When I registered, about 82 years ago it seemed like, I completely forgot about the morning cold that is November.

In 6% of cases "forget in" is used

Again, he's forgotten in history in a lot of ways.

This is an important fact which is forgotten in a lot of situations.

I then became aware of how much I had forgotten in such a short time.

However your name will never be forgotten in this field here in Tazania and abroad.

My opionion is that no famous mucisians, band, or rapper will be forgotten in the future.

I understand forgetting in the heat of the moment, but not knowing it at all bothered me.

Like as food gets burned also orders get forgotten in the middle of a dinner dash or the new servers just forget all their training.

It is a situation reminiscent of a period Kenyans would like to forget in a hurry, the aftermath of the post-election violence in 2007 and 2008.

Obasanjo was one of those who taunted Gowon, saying he wondered what Gowon had forgotten in Dodan Barracks which he wanted to go back and retrieve.

In 5% of cases "forget by" is used

You will never be forgotten by me.

I feel they must have peaked too early in the debate, and have been forgotten by an inconsiderate public.

Biathanatos was published after Donne's death and was pretty much forgotten by everyone, save a few scholars.

Her struggle to overcome breast cancer while campaigning for Governor in 2000 has not been forgotten by voters.

As the Marines disappeared from the beaches into the darkening city they were not forgotten by the supporting arms.

During the confusion and bewilderment of the second day Mary hid herself in the nursery and was forgotten by everyone.

This is one of those rare cases whose memorable facts and colourfully written judgment combine to ensure that it is rarely forgotten by students.

His pending case at the ICC seems to have been forgotten by a number of Kenyans so lets wait &; see where the opinion polls place Uhuru Kenyatta.

Inspired by Nigerian history and tragedies all but forgotten by recent generations of westerners, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novels and are jewels in the.

Step 7: A step that is forgotten by most people, turn out the fire and cover the paella with kitchen paper and leave the paella alone for another 5 - 10 minutes.

In 4% of cases "forget to" is used

Do not forget to, record your progress.

I forgot to meantion in my last post: Mr.

Therefore, do not forget to follow-up with an email afterwards.

The Elite's forgot to factor into the mix, ' When people loose everything, they loose it '.

As for Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana ), she can't still forget to what happened with Mara.

And he forgot to add that the complaint that lead to Sheela ' s arrest was filed by Osho himself.

Don't forget to factor in the cost to sell! Your stuff doesn't just miraculously sell itself as soon as you show up.

If you are planing on traveling in both the North and the South Islands do not forget to factor in the cost of the ferry.

This forgot to my mind that we are actually getting more as another 1 billion was spent as they were hammering on their keyboards.

Apply for your international driver's licence before arriving in the country and do not forget to bring your normal licence as well.

In 3% of cases "forget for" is used

forget for a second just how tough the job market is today.

It doesn't mind being forgotten for the sake of an illusion.

I'd forgotten for an instant that this wasn't about my story.

It is easy to forget for a moment or two that Linc died one week ago at age 90.

This we ought not ever to forget for to do so is to abandon The Church as the Episcopal Church.

A day to forget for Liverpool who had Charlie Adam and Martin Skertel sent off and lost Daniel Agger to injury.

By recalling the information from your above write-up, you may ensure your wedding event is an event to not forget for those time.

The game against Manchester United will be one to forget for Shelvey as he was shown a straight for a rash challenge on Jonny Evans.

In 1599 O'Neill and O'Donnell forgot for a short while their differences and mobilised forces at Strabane in case of English landing.

I has been forgotten for a long time now! Do they remember it still exists? I had to download a LaserDisc version!!! Please, try to send this question.

In 1% of cases "forget after" is used

Don't forget after Halloween you.

Perhaps these villages haven't been forgotten after all.

It is one bet that I would recommend you save your money on as he will be soon forgotten after this show (but remembered as a standing YouTube joke for the laser eyes sketch).

In 1% of cases "forget at" is used

Didier Drogba is gone from Chelsea FC for a few months now, but the Ivorian footballer will certainly never be forgotten at the Stamford Bridge surroundings.

In 1% of cases "forget on" is used

And of all things to forget on your list -- prion diseases like BSE that you get from eating infected beef!!!! Hey everyone.