Prepositions after "hamper"

hamper by, due, in, for or throughout?

In 87% of cases "hamper by" is used

But things were moving slowly and we were hampered by lack of funds.

Boswell was hampered by problems with fund-raising, and had to rely on Mr.

The single simulation is hampered by the now uncorrelated variance it carries.

I'd severely hampered by the language &; your Chinese OS &; some of the programs installed.

Louis (1904) were hampered by poor organization and the absence of worldwide representation.

Efforts to decrease unemployment were hampered by the dependence of the economy on petroleum.

The reform process has also been hampered by a general breakdown in trust between the Commonwealth and the states.

He observed that the rescue operation is being hampered by the strong stench emanating from the underneath of the rubble.

Right now, Europe is a non-player and is being hampered by cheeky gits like Ireland who really do not know how lucky they are.

Late-arriving firefighters were hampered by low water pressure and the blaze burned down seven houses before it was extinguished.

In 4% of cases "hamper in" is used

The free market has been severely hampered in meeting the demand side of housing hence escalating home prices.

In 1% of cases "hamper for" is used

So I'd mindful of it, but I can't think of him every time I'd going into every situation, because that would be hampering for me.

In 1% of cases "hamper throughout" is used

The Islamist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami, reported that its ability to secure permits for rallies or processions was severely hampered throughout the year.

In 1% of cases "hamper with" is used

The Yanks high-priced pitching staff is also hampered with injuries.