Prepositions after "harvest"

harvest from, in, for, at or by?

In 26% of cases "harvest from" is used

This will grow their Social Flower, and you'll be able to harvest from their visitor flower - Gifting.

However, like other fish and creatures harvested from the wild, most die before they can reach the retailers.

Misripah instilled in them an entrepreneurial spirit and the knowledge of how to run a business using what they harvest from their farms.

Harvested from the want to understand: in fact, very easy to respect others, as long as know how to respect others, for others to pay it.

Traynor has not divulged all information that was harvested from his pal's exercise, he could have been given more information that led him to the culprit.

We had an early spring (like January/February early ), and despite the early start, the only thing I managed to harvest from the garden was squash and even that only for the month of June.

In 17% of cases "harvest in" is used

Traditionally planted in May or June and harvested in August.

Also, he tried some local seafood such as oysters harvested in the Bassin.

However, this ban was short lived as forests were over harvested in the following years.

The sweet, golden syrup is made from the sap harvested in spring from Vermont's sugar maple trees.

But that authority can not be affirmed while fathers are torn away from their children and harvested in wars.

Growing potatoes Potatoes are grown as annual plants, with fields planted each spring, and harvested in the fall.

Last year, they fell because of the rich grain crop harvested in Kazakhstan as well as the downward trend in prices for food-grade wheat.

Farmers make their money based on the amount and quality of work they do basically at two key points in the year -- planting and cultivating in the spring, and harvesting in the fall.

We are currently making new food gardens from scratch, soil building, fencing, fixing water supplies, digging drains and clearing trees and scrub and there is always willow to harvest in the winter.

In 15% of cases "harvest for" is used

At this point all the grapes in the area are harvested for the year.

Dig into the Bible with interest so that we may harvest for the Master (John 4:35-38).

It is not a sure thing of vote harvesting for PAPpigs any more after this bus captains strike episode.

The mangroves are being interspersed with timber and fruit trees, which can be pruned for firewood or harvested for fruit and eventually timber.

We moved on, through an avenue of cassia trees (whose bark is harvested for a rough kind of cinnamon ), next to a Catholic mission, then headed north.

Potable water consumption is reduced through the use of water-efficient sanitary fixtures and rainwater is harvested for washing cars and flushing toilets.

In 10% of cases "harvest at" is used

Potatoes need to be harvested at certain temperatures to maximize the length of time they can be stored.

Our superior quality control system ensures that only the best quality blooms are harvested at their peak.

Irrespective of the scale of rice processing, paddy rice must be harvested at full maturity and timed carefully.

In 9% of cases "harvest by" is used

Wild rice grows in the Northern United States where it is harvested by native people.

The first is an aromatic gin made with juniper berries harvested by hand among the 5,000-year-old bristlecones from our site in eastern Nevada.

This is also a world where there are floating vineyards that workers must harvest by boat, and a world where elephants aid the grape-pickers -- this is wine-making with a difference.

In 5% of cases "harvest on" is used

Sustainable = beef that is local, raised humanely (not suffering ), grass-fed only, and harvested on premises or at local facilities/butcher.

While grapes were traditionally harvested on the basis of sugar levels, increasingly they are harvested with a view to achieving physiological or? phenolic? maturity.

In 3% of cases "harvest as" is used

Don't forget, the abortion clinic gets paid money for providing ' office space ' to the harvesters, and has a financial interest in the success of harvesting as an industry.

In 3% of cases "harvest of" is used

Governance is harvesting of immaterial labour but a willing harvest, a death drive of labour.

The country's maize demand is 180,000 MT per year and during harvesting of the first season a yield of 200, 000 MT have been obtained.

In 3% of cases "harvest with" is used

The wood was in effect a crop that could be regularly harvested with many uses including fuel and the making of cups and bowls.

While grapes were traditionally harvested on the basis of sugar levels, increasingly they are harvested with a view to achieving physiological or? phenolic? maturity.

In 1% of cases "harvest down" is used

Those are palm leave trees and are harvested down the mountain.

In 1% of cases "harvest during" is used

In agricultural areas, most of the young ones help their family harvest during the summer months.

In 1% of cases "harvest into" is used

We are attempting at this time to increase by a relatively small percentage the number who will be harvested into the path of love and understanding.

In 1% of cases "harvest over" is used

The lavender crop is harvested over December and January.

In 1% of cases "harvest under" is used

Kangaroos are harvested under a code of practice enforced by extensive government monitoring.