Prepositions after "host"

host by, on, in, at or for?

In 59% of cases "host by" is used

The program was hosted by Mellow 94.

In a Top 10 list hosted by Screwattack.

During an event being hosted by No Kill St.

The People's Choice Awards will be hosted by Kaley Cuoco on CBS on Wednesday, January 9.

Proceeds from the event, hosted by Roxanne Vargas, entertainment reporter for NBC6 South Florida.

From the Golden Palace was whisked to Liquid Windsor for an exclusive after-hours performance hosted by Phat Nights.

King was whisked away to a dinner at Kings House hosted by Governor-General Sir Clifford Campbell and Lady Campbell.

If you enjoyed The Lion King, you are certain to enjoy the Circle of Life film that is hosted by Simba, Timon and Pumba.

In 12% of cases "host on" is used

The programs will be hosted on the server computer.

This includes any forums or blogs you might host on your site.

You can try it here and the project is hosted on github here.

Net, and connects/talks with our Database (Vetrakk) - which is hosted on a remote VPS.

I honestly do nt have a setup running outside my lab where the NLS is hosted on the DA server.

I would like to recall the constructive informal meeting you hosted on 13 April on this subject.

Those who are hosted on enom and godaddy can also use a naked domain? Currently google is sending traffic to www domain.

Easy Availability Being hosted on remote servers makes the data available from virtually anywhere over an Internet connection.

You can embed a web page in the download window itself, this is a page you design and host on your server, so you have utter control.

So the court is explicitly talking about secondary liability for inline linking to infringing images hosted on third-party websites.

In 9% of cases "host in" is used

The first such event was Tech Crunch Disrupt, hosted in San Francisco in September.

In 1993 IRAWMA made its fourth South Florida hosting in downtown Miami where the Hon.

I would love to see a wrap party hosted in an old warehouse space in Omaha or Lincoln.

The company announced these new efforts at Go Play, an even the company is hosting in London.

You do not neet massive RAM to run Vista, I have it as a guest on a Windows 7 RC1 host in VMWare 6.

However, if you do this you should be absolutely sure that the file you link to will be hosted in perpetuity.

I know that, if targeting a certain market, for example the US, then you should get hosting in that country.

Instead of just syncing bits and pieces - your whole desktop can either be hosted in the cloud, or synced there.

For example, by having the data hosted in the Cloud, it enables users a high level of accessibility from anywhere.

The event will be hosted in Bull Bay as part of a Caribbean peace tour organised by Bermudian promoter Kevin Smith.

In 5% of cases "host at" is used

Currently, I'd hosted at blurstorm.

The book would be hosted at Podiobooks.

But here's another early exit in another major not hosted at the Ally Pally.

The Fellowship pro-gramme is currently hosted at the University of Maynooth, Republic of Ireland.

All the bull crap about where it was hosted at the moment is irrelevant to the intent of the site operator here.

A limited number of participating Kernel subscribers will be hosted at The Kernel's offices in east London and fed coffee, Pro Plus, pizza and booze.

These Games, which were hosted at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, attracted a broad international field of participants and generated great public interest.

Co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third County Nationals, QED-UK run ten week courses hosted at Mirpur University of Science and Technology.

Intel's ISTC -Social is hosted at University of California, Irvine, and includes partnerships with research groups at Cornell, Georgia Tech, Indiana University and NYU.

In 3% of cases "host for" is used

These are some of the customer services tips for the efficacious web hosting for businesses.

This can be achieved in the best possible way by considering WordPress hosting for your blog.

If you order a reseller hosting package for a year you get 2 months hosting for free, you only pay for 10.

People are now a day, offering their services for the web hosting for different organizations and individuals.

I will include the first month's hosting for FREE, but if you mention this ad, I will host the site for FREE for 3 months.

host for the night, Lady Renae, got the audience involved during her on-stage antics, and did special toasts to Arthur Guinness.

host for the meeting is the Wallenberg-group's powerful corporation Investor which has booked the entire conference hotel Stenungsbaden.

I need somebody who is an expert in setting up servers and hosting for WordPress websites that get EXTREMELY HIGH amounts of traffic.

In the line of fire Estonia responded to the cyberattacks, in part, by increasing bandwidth and organising backup hosting for government websites.

Whats not clear is what happens with MobileMe hosting for iWeb, I have a number of web sites hosted on MobileMe and millions of businesses use it for basic websites.

In 3% of cases "host to" is used

Panama plays host to Honduras on Friday night in a game the Canadians will be watching closely.

Also, we will chronicle all that happens at QX, right from the events we host to the events we participate in.

Carpenter's filmography is famously host to its share of anti-heroes with harsh demeanors but Crow is in a league of his own.

The building is a historical monument and plays host to everything from art exhibitions to book readings and from craft lessons to plays and musicals.

Amazon is best known for its e-commerce site, yet it is also one of the world's leading cloud computing providers, offering instant website hosting to thousands of companies and websites.

In 2% of cases "host of" is used

This hosting offers nice schemes and guarantees.

There aren't any limitations for hosting of more domains.

Then there's hosting of which you buy in which anyone includes with additional control over any time you load and host your web site.

Then there is certainly hosting of which you pay for of which anyone get with additional control over while anyone load and host your site.

Kathy C, I'd not arguing against you or Durden, but rather at the host of others who use Hurricanes as a venue for their arguments, to include ACC.

If the Client does not use Elza Graphics Hosting services, then the management and Hosting of the Domain name are the full responsibility of the Client.

Britain's economy will wallow in recession three months longer than previously expected but the country's hosting of the Olympic Games should vault it back to growth this quarter.

Customer can take advantage of PaaS to develop and deliver new application without having to invest in hardware, software and storage for the development or hosting of a new application.

In 1% of cases "host after" is used

You need to know more about hosting after reading this informative article and be.

Each panel was hosted after a number of presenters put up a case for the business they were launching.

A popular TV show that Claudette Pace hosted after her Eurovision participation was called ' L-isfida '.

In 1% of cases "host as" is used

Those videos cover everything from why you should use WordPress to getting your domain name and hosting as well as installing WordPress -- we've got you completely covered.

The hottest version of special server hosting as a result of Windows is sold with top of the range reliability elements and even most recently released web management techniques.

In 1% of cases "host through" is used

This is where it is possible to decide on managed internet hosting through your provider.

Its primary operating costs are tied into data hosting through Amazon Web Services, research and development and talent (read: developer) acquisition.

Windows, not, there are tools who always hosted through the other royalty or most either correct the other sure delegates and encapsulated to access an erp button to jot the development.

In 1% of cases "host with" is used

In fact when you sign up for hosting with Bluehost.

This is the only blog I have and it's not hosted with SBI!

Fully Managed Hosting with complete end-to-end treating your mission-critical data should help your small business.

ASAP is planning to host with partners and member organisations, in country workshops - ' sensitize ICAAP and abstract writing '.

When a Client renews Hosting with Elza Graphics, this also includes domain renewal if the renewal is needed to keep the site functioning and was purchased as part of the Hosting package.