Prepositions after "humiliate"

humiliate by, in, at, for or on?

In 62% of cases "humiliate by" is used

I was -embarrassed and humiliated by his behaviour.

This woman was clearly traumatised and humiliated by what went on in that room.

The male drinkers want to drink, but they don't want to be humiliated by the woman at the market place.

From some of these reactions, you would think that England had been thrashed 10-0 and completely humiliated by the Italians.

Athens, which had been the most powerful of the Greek states, had just been defeated and humiliated by Sparta, never to fully recover.

People want safety, but they also want other things (fun, convenience, speed, comfort, not to be embarrassed or humiliated by neanderthals, etc.

Extremely sick - some terminally so - and disabled people will be poked and prodded by physical assessors and blocked and humiliated by the clerical ones.

It would have seemed a bit more appropriate had the fire occurred last Saturday as the boys in orange trudged off the field after being humiliated by that band of.

It was bewilderingfor them to accept the fact that the most feared and powerful Quraish of Arabia were humiliated by a handful of ill-equipped men led by Rasulullah.

George Foreman, humiliated by Muhammad Ali in 1974 and retired in 1977, found salvation in the trinity of God, boxing and grilling machines and was a world champion again in 1994.

In 14% of cases "humiliate in" is used

Badly performing workers were humiliated in front of colleagues.

The story is based on director Whit Stillman? s personal experience of being humiliated in the past.

In 5% of cases "humiliate at" is used

Can't wait for you and your boss to be humiliated at the polls.

In 2% of cases "humiliate as" is used

He's been worshipped as the Franchise and swam in the cheers; and he's been humiliated as the Dean and drowned in the boos.

In 2% of cases "humiliate beyond" is used

Even at the end, during the hanging of Saddam, he was humiliated beyond reasonable human comprehension.

In 2% of cases "humiliate through" is used

And then, in Bangladesh, there lurk in many sad homes across this chaotic city beastly men who fiendishly go looking for women to humiliate through physical assault or verbal abuse or both.