Prepositions after "nibble"

nibble on, at, around, as or by?

In 70% of cases "nibble on" is used

But see that you nibbled on less calorie-filled foods.

Anyone will surely be delighted to nibble on the berry of these crews.

Wish I had something to nibble on -- you should come here in the mornings.

The nearby beach had the clearest water I've ever seen, and little fish nibbled on our toes.

Even lesser-known techniques can beat stress, like calling mom or nibbling on some chocolate.

She twitches but fears the public outlash if she were to start nibbling on his head in public.

We took turns holding him, kissing him, nibbling on his toes, stroking his hair, telling him how very much he was loved.

Exercise enhancing food 7: Trail mix Nibbling on trail mix is an excellent way to top up on the minerals lost during exercise.

Munching on a healthy snack such as fruits or a brown bread sandwich is much better than nibbling on unhealthy cookies and crisps.

Remember it's not all about you Ok, so you can nibble on your toes and wrap your leg around your neck, impressive, but not quite why your students are in class.

In 15% of cases "nibble at" is used

Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other.

There are several Over-The-Top players nibbling at the old telcos today, but of these, only Skype is a household name.

Smaller countries fall even as old hostilities between nation-states surface to bitter effect despite the hordes of undead nibbling at their ranks.

In 3% of cases "nibble as" is used

Pumpkin Seeds For Health Benefits! So Halloween time, or anytime, save those precious pumpkin seeds! Delicious dried, or roasted and added to a variety of dishes, or simply nibbled as a snack.

In 3% of cases "nibble to" is used

It is this hybrid nature that is being picked apart, our ailment is akin to being nibbled to death by ducks.