Prepositions after "park"

"park in" or "park at"?

In 39% of cases "park in" is used

No parking so you have to park in town and.

It?? s like a 747 parked in Kensington High Street.

A luxury sports car parked in the driveway of a fancy L.

On occasion buses for the Helix or other events on campus are parked in this car park.

I took my blue badge and got to park in all the disabled areas deffinatley worth taking it.

A big piece of equipment which someone said was a TV booster was parked in the nearby picnic area.

I park in the lot behind his building, which looks like a prison with its narrow, dark windows and heavy concrete faade.

While it can get frustrating finding a place to park in Boston, you can get around very easily on the subway or by foot.

If you park in a resident's parking space you will almost certainly get a penalty notice (fine) and your vehicle may be removed.

The difference between expected and actual returns on plant assets is parked in OCI, which is disclosed on the financial statements.

In 17% of cases "park at" is used

Off street parking at one's door.

Double yellow lines: You can't park at any time.

French doors open onto sunny courtyard with parking at the door.

About 50-100 cars are parked at the sideways of the road for which owners are charged by Tk 5-10.

A convenient, quiet place to live with parking at the door, or in the enclosed secure lock up area below.

Parked at the far end of the mine away form the interpretive site, there used to be a Marion 7400 dragline.

I parked at the back of Armada Hotel and there's a bridge that leads to Padang Astaka where Urbanscapes 2012 is being held.

Oh wait, maybe that's why the ambo and paramedics are parked at the bottom of the hill just waiting for an accident to happen.

It has a paved garden area to the rear, you can park at the front door off the road, it is south facing, and has an open fireplace.

In 14% of cases "park on" is used

They park on my drive and block my entrance.

Or you can park on the road into Shincliffe village.

Vehicles parking on parking area must have a valid licence plate.

It feels a lot like climbing out of a manhole while a semi-trailer is parked on the cover.

The ground, the top of cars parked on the street and the roof of low rise houses had turned into white.

The airplane parked on the tarmac, and the stairways were brought up to the plane so people could disembark.

The photo shows a well maintained road surface, clear road markings, a big blue sky and a few 4x4s parked on the street.

As someone who used to live nearby and drive to these shops, I can say I personally have never parked on Dominion Rd itself.

I watched a Mexican cop in Juarez (the border city to El Paso) unscrewing Texas license plates off of cars parked on the street.

The hotel manager and front desk person are trying to make sure their guests have not parked on the wrong side, there is a $50 fine.

In 4% of cases "park outside" is used

It is UNFURNISHED, 4 Bed - has a south facing rear garden, and parking outside the front door.

As always with Israel-linked events, there was police presence, with a SWAT vehicle parked outside the auditorium.

When Mirror visited the spot, the watchman of a neighbouring construction site said he had witnessed the entire drama and also spotted an expensive car parked outside Neelambari Apartments.

In 3% of cases "park with" is used

Driving up to it, we saw a vehicle parked with a couple of people walking around.

Always park with care, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for a long time.

The whole area around Broad Street, Market Street and Chestnut Street were parked with huge numbers of people enjoying the not-so-wintry cold winter night.

In 2% of cases "park across" is used

Everybody parks across the road.

He had accepted, and his little Model T runabout was parked across the road in front of the house when I returned from services at the Baptist church.

In 2% of cases "park by" is used

This is the ol ' dark van parked by your car scenario, that you want to avoid.

Give other road users plenty of warning that you are going to park by indicating early.

In 2% of cases "park for" is used

The back entrance leads to off street parking for only those living in the complex.

There is parking for 2 cars atleast and the patio area is south facing and gravelled.

It is another point within the Gale Crater, wherein the Curiosity will park for the next two weeks to conduct a couple of experiments.

In 2% of cases "park near" is used

Three wheel drivers who are parked near the Kovil will take you there for Rs.

Also you will find jeeps parked near the hotel entrance by local tour operators to catch some business by taking visitors to wildlife parks.

In 2% of cases "park next" is used

Just as I parked my car three police officers parked next to me.

Outside a tour bus is usually parked next to the BMWs and Audis of the dinner crowd.

The drone is parked next to two slender-winged U2 aircraft, the 1950s-era piloted spy plane that Global Hawks were intended to replace.

In 2% of cases "park under" is used

What is up with all this? Note there is no picture of a bicycle on a crossWALK sign! 90% of all these people are yuppies who have their Mercedes parked under their fancy Kitsilano condo anyway.

In 2% of cases "park within" is used

Vehicles must park within the white markings only.

There's nothing fancy about this restaurant, but I was amazed that there were a lot of vehicles parked within the restaurant's vicinity even if it was already past 1PM.

In 1% of cases "park along" is used

Although I did not get fined on that Friday, this happened to me a few years earlier when I parked along the same road.

In 1% of cases "park behind" is used

He chuckled and pointed to a Toyota Prius parked behind a working log loader.

Afterward, he parked behind a car wash and forced himself on her, the girl said.

In 1% of cases "park beside" is used

Now place the new guides- 15-year-old best friends Jake and Peter- in a trailer parked beside the ranch's motocross racetrack.

The couple, aged in their 20s, were asleep in their campervan, parked beside an isolated rural road, when they were woken up by the commotion on Wednesday night.

In 1% of cases "park down" is used

Finally we just parked down the road in broad view of two tow trucks.

As we got back onto the roads we walked through an industrial strip and Mick spied a pair of Eddie Stobart trucks parked down a lane in a yard.

In 1% of cases "park from" is used

After investigation it has been found that cars are parked from Shapla Chattar to Dainik Bangla, which narrows the width of the road.

Jaroslovsky's Law: The distance you have to park from your apartment increases in proportion to the weight of packages you are carrying.