Prepositions after "peek"

"peek at" or "peek into"?

In 31% of cases "peek at" is used

On the way to the hospital, I peeked at my wound and saw my own skull.

Make sure no one gets to peek at anyones picture until they are all done.

You can also supply an AutoDetector that peeks at the incoming byte stream and guesses a character encoding for it.

It was nice sitting by the window and occasionally peeking at the pedestrians down below and the beautiful downtown view above.

There was a temptation to turn around and peek at the backside bent over behind him, and he felt a twitching in his body as he imagined the scene.

Doing a MITM Attack and peeking at the packets we can see that WhatsApp prints the mobile number and the name of the user your target is speaking with.

The cameras can be arranged as desired before Max goes home at night and from then until next morning he simply logs in to the Net when he needs to peek at proceedings.

I wish her well! Chase Rogers, FuelFactor Not only does she understand design? one peek at her web site will convince you? but she understands the properties of healing.

And just in case you can't get enough of this beautiful and generous couple, take a trip down memory lane by peeking at their engagement photos taken in sunny Oxford here.

Mrs Jarvis watched her victim desperately trying to hold position and then, just before she laid on the ninth blow, noticed out of the corner of her eye Helen trying to peek at the sight behind her.

In 20% of cases "peek into" is used

We only peeked into the rooms, which looked smart and comfortable.

Resisting the urge to yell at him, she peeked into the bulging bags.

When the girls peeked into the bag they saw a fluffy, snow white kitten.

Would love everyone who enjoys language to peek into our designerly word gallery (see link above!).

Keep your liar meters on! From what is known of peeking into most women's diaries, the life of a woman seems synonymous with the life of a secret.

In 9% of cases "peek through" is used

Fred peeked through a small hole on the side of the bag and looked at the dogs.

He wore no shoes; toes peeked through his unmatched socks, one black, one grey.

While I do not look as old old as I am, more often than not, my true age peeks through the facade due to twists and turns that the conversations take during the interview process.

In 8% of cases "peek in" is used

As he peeked in the fridge for something to nibble on, I saw him take a hard look at the the beer inside.

She won't do her business in the kitty litter but will peek in there buts prefers to do it in corners of the room when there is carpet.

In 8% of cases "peek inside" is used

However, those who dare to peel the veneer and peek inside the leader unveil a tremendous weight of responsibility.

They have been peeking inside John's record shelves for the last five months and despite a valiant effort, I fell behind after letter L.

From Armani (all black and chrome and 1980s) to Westwood (lots of eighteenth century references ), we get to peek inside the homes of some of the world's biggest designers.

In 6% of cases "peek behind" is used

Many dead who were well and alive few hours before that, peeking behind the curtain.

Here on the Red Button we get to peek behind the scenes for the inside story on the investments made in the Den each week.

It becomes more difficult to lose oneself in a story without trying to peek behind the curtain and see how the sausage gets made.

It's almost as if our inner child is being allowed to peek behind the curtain and voyeuristically observe the beloved figureheads of our youth.

In 6% of cases "peek from" is used

Fresh crustaceans peek from behind the seafood counter.

I crawled out of the room and peeked from the corner of the gas station.

In 5% of cases "peek over" is used

Peeking over the car's hood for a second, he fired a spell.

The sun was only beginning to peek over the horizon when he woke back up, scar still tingling in sympathy to the remembered agony of that night.

In 5% of cases "peek under" is used

Nessie bang on sod all there I have had a look too, but I must admit I didn't peek under all the stones 4.

And though geek culture movies have come a long way from where they were in the mid to late 90 's, there is still that sense that sometimes early peeks under the hood can be helpful to the process.

In 2% of cases "peek out" is used

And if you go maybe twelve blocks away and up the hill, you can see the top of the tower peeking out of the buildings.