Prepositions after "perceive"

"perceive as" or "perceive by"?

In 38% of cases "perceive as" is used

I definitely don't want to be perceived as a damn fool.

Since it is perceived as such, failure is not openly discussed.

A roaming dog might be perceived as a threat to a bear or its cubs.

Lord Robin Renwick of Clifton was perceived as a very close friend of Helen Suzman.

What we perceive as time is only the change in position or state of material objects.

It is indeed perceived as an unneccessary and arrogant attempt to discredit both, H.

Besides the economic benefit of the discount, it was perceived as an effort of the brand to adapt to the situation.

In his review, the critic took issue with what he perceived as an attempt to depict Joseph Merrick as ' courageous '.

At best, they find us odd and at worst they get scandalised by what they perceive as an adulteration of the Catholic faith.

Gerald Ford will forever be perceived as a clumsy oaf thanks to news footage of him tripping over a step on Air Force One.

In 34% of cases "perceive by" is used

I am curious how this new approach is perceived by others around me.

But it was likely an implicit nuclear threat was perceived by New Delhi.

The west is not as ignorant about Islam as perceived by its own citizens.

Any view perceived by the general public as ideological or cultish will be rejected.

If you like this idea, just try it out with one post and see how it's perceived by the readers.

This fact is perceived by those who live in high floors, and this is due to the sphericity of the earth.

This I must unfold somewhat more plainly, that it may be understood and perceived by ordinary examples of the contrary.

These perceptions can be further tested as to how easily this value is perceived by potential customers through focus groups.

These semiochemicals, known as pheromones, are chemical compounds that are perceived by smell and secreted by internal glands.

When public education is financed by the state, the real price to taxpayers is much greater than the price perceived by the consumers.

In 15% of cases "perceive in" is used

Women were perceived in the same ways that objects are viewed.

This means that more information is perceived in the same amount of time.

The price of free is perceived in direct proportion to the value experienced.

India's direct intervention followed, because of what was perceived in India as a genocide of Tamils.

There's clearly a mismatch between what parents perceive in their kids and what objective measures reveal.

We had a long discussion on that day and the next day, as he wanted to know all the details seen and perceived in Dacca.

The one world that we living beings inhabit is perceived in different ways (as different environments) by different organisms.

Ever since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes of eternal power and divinity have been able to be understood and perceived in what he has made.

A contemporary in Bolton wrote of him: ' His genius for Mechanics was observed, it was perceived in his common conversation, which often turned on subjects of that kind '.

In 2% of cases "perceive at" is used

Adjusting your body language to a more assertive style may help change the way you are perceived at the office.

Once again, we see the relationship perceived at the time between illness and the devil and also the risk: that one can be healed and still not know God.

In 2% of cases "perceive of" is used

Rocks don't perceive of, or witness, time.

What one perceives of self (soul) is not the same as another, this is the multiverse with in the universe that we live in.

In 1% of cases "perceive through" is used

Nor is that Hyle, therefore, to be called an evil which can not be perceived through any appearance, but can scarcely be thought of through any sort of privation of appearance.

In 1% of cases "perceive upon" is used

I perceived or I was made to perceive upon his face signs of disgust.

In 1% of cases "perceive with" is used

We believe and think whatever we perceive with our 5 senses is real, for it is the only way by which we have known the world.

If you read them several times you will perceive their deeper wisdom, with familiarity you will cease to hear with your mind and perceive with your soul.