Prepositions after "perch"

perch on, at, in, atop or about?

In 75% of cases "perch on" is used

He perches on the countertop, hooking his hiking boots around a lab stool.

Or a metal rod runs through all three stones perched on top of one another.

Its iconic advertising image is a glass of red wine perched on the edge of a bed.

This Buddhist Monastery is perched on a ridge, at the southern edge of Shoushan hill.

The lodge and its 18 hole golf course is perched on a hill overlooking Lake Naivasha.

Bentley, who was perched on the water wagon and had just been at work watering the streets.

Michael was perched on the roof of the two-storey building, shielding his eyes from the morning sun as he readied himself.

You'll have a greatview of some of the spectacular villas perched on the cliffs, testimony to Dinard's Belle Epoque period.

These birds are so used to being fed that they will happily perch on your shoulder or in your hand just to get a quick bite to eat.

In 7% of cases "perch at" is used

You can dine at proper tables or perch at high tables or the bar and snack or have a full meal.

Fire-flies are gone now, have left the weathered grasses, But still among the weeping-willows crows perch at twilight.

In 2% of cases "perch atop" is used

Perched atop the boxcar of a moving train, Geddes could just make out the Alberta foothills.

In 1% of cases "perch by" is used

Margaret was pacing the same area of the floor in front of BJ and Hawkeye whom where perched by the window.

In 1% of cases "perch for" is used

There he remained, precariously perched for over an hour without the train slackening its pace.

In 1% of cases "perch like" is used

I've seen film footage of others: shivering children, perched like birds on the edges of charpais, while swirling waters enter their tin homes.

In 1% of cases "perch off" is used

One drew himself perched off a tall building, almost at the verge of jumping off.

In 1% of cases "perch upon" is used

He was currently perched upon a rock on top of the cave entrance, his feline eyes peering out from the shadows cast by the afternoon sun.