Prepositions after "perpetrate"

"perpetrate by" or "perpetrate on"?

In 47% of cases "perpetrate by" is used

It is believed that these were perpetrated by bandits from distant Somalia.

Many of the worst human rights violations of recent years have not been perpetrated by sovereign states.

Lest we forget the largest financial crimes against the people of america have always been perpetrated by white men.

The rakyat does not trust the police, nor the government's will or ability to handle any crime perpetrated by the police.

Feb 27, 2002 -- The suicide attack perpetrated by Daryan Abu Aysha at the Maccabim checkpoint in which two policeman were injured.

It ushered in a global political climate that pitted nation against nation despite the attacks being perpetrated by non-state actors.

Child protection data exclude cases where the abuse or neglect was not perpetrated by the parent and the parent is protecting the child (e.

What matters is the fraud being perpetrated by Elisa Stephens ' Academy Of Art University, against its students and the American taxpayers.

Lakshman Kadirgamar is remembered for his ferocious condemnation, globally, of the violence perpetrated by the LTTE on ordinary Sri Lankans.

I call upon the The international community to intervene in the creeping genocide that is being perpetrated by Somaliland against the people of SSC.

In 21% of cases "perpetrate on" is used

Free trade is the biggest of THE BIG LIEs perpetrated on the American people.

And you are the reason the Okie Doke game has been perpetrated on the rest of us so long.

If funds allocated for development are not used properly, it is a grave crime perpetrated on the people.

Muti ' in the days (when atrocities were perpetrated on the People Of Medina) at Harra in the time of Yazid b.

They consist of muslims, christians, jews and other races who stand united against the war on terror which Israel has perpetrated on Palestine.

Most of these beautiful people have no idea that a sophisticated fraud was perpetrated on them and blame themselves for their deteriorating mental and physical health.

On February 27, a horrific and brutal crime was perpetrated on Hindus: fittingly, it happened at the birthplace of the most fanatical and brutal Muslim tyrant in India, Aurangzeb.

This photo is contrived on so many levels, why it fascinates the way it does just screams of the how susceptible the general public is to the illusions that are perpetrated on the internet.

In 9% of cases "perpetrate against" is used

During these instances there were no limits to the cruelty or violence that was perpetrated against civilians such as the greed and bloodlust that characterised the attacks on Magdebug in 1631.

In 8% of cases "perpetrate in" is used

This is underhanded, dirty sleaze perpetrated in an effort for personal gain.

I'd surprised no one's mentioned the biggest scam of ' scholarly ' one-way hashery perpetrated in this generation.

In 5% of cases "perpetrate under" is used

An eye popping scam perpetrated under the Minister's watchful eyes was the award of N1.

Kwabena Sarpong urged Ghanaians to consider the debilitating impact of the pervasive corruption being perpetrated under the NDC and.

This judgment marks the first time that any Somali government official has been held accountable for the atrocities perpetrated under the Siad Barre regime.

In 1% of cases "perpetrate for" is used

Harris, you know, and we know, this big anomaly is a consequence of a chain of other anomalies who have been tolerated and perpetrated for way too long.