Prepositions after "perpetuate"

"perpetuate by" or "perpetuate in"?

In 51% of cases "perpetuate by" is used

Which in turn are invented and perpetuated by ones own sex.

Campbell, the Commissioner, will be well perpetuated by this Garden and Fountain.

A witty tale probably perpetuated by anti-Dutch propaganda and contrived by nationalistic British colonials.

The nasty school meal is assumed and treated like some rite of passage for kids often perpetuated by TV shows and movies.

Sri Lanka has been lackadaisical in its approach to dealing with the false propaganda that is perpetuated by the LTTE Tamils.

As the American economy thrived and prospered, rootlessness was perpetuated by the policies adopted by the captains of the corporate state.

This ' greenhouse syndrome ' is being produced and perpetuated by disaffected individuals and lobbies of minority value and little knowledge.

I'd making a point that this thread is lame and pointless and is being bumped and perpetuated by you and Scarlet madwoman for reasons unknown.

If any person and action perpetuated by such persons seem suspicious to you, you have every right to walk to the nearest police station or police.

The criminal culture perpetuated by the anti national corrupt political leaders has been allowed foreign invasion, destruction of this pious land, border disorder and anti social behavior.

In 16% of cases "perpetuate in" is used

I think it may have been perpetuated in terms of just getting caught up in the mix.

Rather, what we have in the case of gender is a pervasive pattern that just keeps getting perpetuated in different people.

Although the rumours of secret tunnels have perpetuated in Malacca throughout the generations, these stories have never been substantiated.

Sri Lanka did not separate the hundreds of Tamil males and systematically murder them as it was perpetuated in the former Yugoslavia by the army.

Kids are impressionable and easily influenced and ideas can be perpetuated in an unhealthy way, so parents should certainly take an active role in knowing what their.

Their spirit of Christian service is perpetuated in the University of the Incarnate Word primarily through teaching and scholarship, encompassing research and artistic expression.

In 7% of cases "perpetuate on" is used

Greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.

This was the most diabolical fraud ever perpetuated on the American people.

In 2% of cases "perpetuate against" is used

We have to say that the genocide that was perpetuated against the original inhabitants of this land came around to Africans.

In 2% of cases "perpetuate for" is used

And in a time of political upheaval this call should ask them to look inwards and continue to recognise and dismantle the structures that have been perpetuated for too long.

In 2% of cases "perpetuate inside" is used

Preserving the perfect share tab while in the applications for your own? nternet websites is commonly a healthy way to be able to need investment capital perpetuate inside your people.

In 2% of cases "perpetuate over" is used

This has been perpetuated over the decades and attracted the type of managers who feel in control in such an environment.