Prepositions after "popularize"

popularize by, in, among or to?

In 73% of cases "popularize by" is used

It's a take on the side-scrolling running game popularized by Canabalt.

That sounded true but only because the sentence had been repeatedly popularized by the mainstream media.

Hence, two cores ideas of Rasta, as popularized by Marley, are trodding lightly on the earth, and non-racialism, i.

I wrote my semester paper on The Picture of Dorian Gray, comparing it to psychological ideas popularized by Jacques Lacan.

Country's move toward pop culture was popularized by John Travolta's Urban Cowboy and spurred on by Dolly Parton's movie 9 to 5.

It is a phrase that was popularized by Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr, the person who founded the British department store Selfridge.

In 14% of cases "popularize in" is used

Punch (the mixture of five beverages) although was popularized in British-India, is actually a Persian concoction.

The sound of what you did on the EP and album goes back to the Leslie Kong/Warwick Lyn sound that you helped popularize in the late sixties and early seventies.

In 9% of cases "popularize among" is used

In addition, pest- and fungus-resistant varieties will be popularized among the seed companies.