Prepositions after "pounce"

pounce on, upon, like, with or at?

In 85% of cases "pounce on" is used

And that is when the infuriated women pounced on him.

Thinking of Keown pouncing on Van Nistelrooy still riles me up.

In my opinion Drogba was the difference, pouncing on our indifferences.

If they hadn't been as disciplined or quick to pounce on our weakness, we would have won.

Quite often Obama looked downward at his notes as Romney pounced on the president's record.

Nothing wrong with that! When I hinted at such a happy-ending there were many who pounced on me.

I am sure if Varun Gandhi had made such a statement who media would have pounced on it and maligned him in every possible way.

By the time the ' yutes ' realise I'd stalling and rush to pounce on me, my prayer is usually answered and I ' swips ' right past them.

So here I come from across the room with a fly swatter and/or tissue in hand, ready to pounce on the little house invader, only to find.

The community at large was unhappy with this notion and those who like to pounce on anything negative to come out of cupertino had a field day.

In 8% of cases "pounce upon" is used

Mowatt was at the intersection when he was pounced upon by men armed with guns.

OK, so I appreciate that you may not want to flagrantly pounce upon the poor man.

In 3% of cases "pounce like" is used

I'd sure that stalker-Veronica- will pounce like a lion now that I'd out of the picture.

In 3% of cases "pounce with" is used

When he seemingly got bored of toying with Bonnar, Silva tripped him and pounced with a pinpoint knee to the chest.

In China and Russia, in Haiti and Maldives, there lurks an enemy ready to pounce with noxious gases, scorching firepower and water assault: Mother Nature.