Prepositions after "preach"

preach to, in, about, on or against?

In 40% of cases "preach to" is used

You need to be preached to all the time.

Women are sent back to preach to their communities.

So Christ and the Apostles first preached to the Jews.

How I found Jesus Christ! After all of these, nobody came to preach to me about Jesus.

There is only so much preaching to the choir one can do before they fall asleep too.

Anyway, I've either just preached to the converted or my words have fell on deaf ears.

Some essays are preaching to the converted- that is, they are unlikely to persuade anybody to the right of Raskin.

That's the time--that's allotted time for the Mes- siahic Message to be preached to Israel, like it was back there.

That Christ came to preach to men, but knew he might die, since men have free will, with which God does not interfere.

President Obamma should stop preaching to possible electers and await the final outcome of this industrial accident.

In 12% of cases "preach in" is used

Dollar was preaching in his life.

Baeta to preach in my church on Sunday.

Though it's preached in Singapore, it's hardly practiced.

Its theology was inspired by John Wesley's open air preaching in the mid 18th century.

There is no preaching in heaven no laying on of hands, no healing, no confusion only Praise.

I am excited to preach in one of my favorite church Victory Los Banos pastored by my friend Jon Dolor.

Even Sakyamuni when preaching in Ling Shan produced a flower, everyone kept quiet but kasyapa had a smile on his face.

Every Sunday and on the evenings of holy days he preached in the city's public squares or busy streets where crowds could easily gather.

That the gospel on this, the first day the Great Commission was ever preached, was preached in all tongues, symbolized the fact that it is for all nations.

In 8% of cases "preach about" is used

He preached about Jesus Christ.

And no, she does not preach about crushing the little guy.

In other words, I shouldn't preach about anything too extreme.

I think YOU need to read and understand the words you preach about tolerance.

One day, she tuned in to one of my broadcasts and heard me preach about Jesus ' finished work at Calvary.

For someone that preached about proper information a few times your information seems to be a little off.

They did not preach about their religion, nor did they impose their values on us during our exchanges with each other.

I think people of faith need to read and understand the words they preach about like acceptance of others of different faith.

Do nt you think that she must have been someone of great virtue? Im not preaching about Mary here, im just trying to set an example.

Today he has no say over my religiosity and I tell him to mind his business if he preaches about praying and stuff or asks if I do any nitnem.

In 7% of cases "preach on" is used

Very seldom do you hear sin preached on.

Sandra, you preach on Sunday here at Bourke Street.

Exorcism is tricky to preach on, especially for Episcopalians.

My mom was glad to let the rector preach on Jesus overturning tables in the temple the next day.

A little while ago I preached on sin and temptation and used the story of David and Bathsheba to illustrate that.

I'd also booked to preach on 26/11, 24/12 and 21/1 (these last dates subject to change) 2 comments: Bendigedig said.

Jesus did indeed proclaim and preach on the meaning of the Scriptures, and he explained how those holy words pointed to him and his salvific mission.

A capitalist or a socialist won't be able to bring capitalism or socialism in a country where the Islamists are preaching on the basis of Islamic teachings.

If you want to argue doctrine, if you want to straighten out somebody over here, if you want to criticize Ken Copeland for his preaching on faith, or Dad Hagin.

Born in 1956, Luter entered the ministry after surviving a motorcycle accident in 1977 and began preaching on a street corner every Saturday at noon to anyone who would listen.

In 5% of cases "preach against" is used

I have been there and heard the hate preached against Mormons.

Many would stand on the sidewalk preaching to their own group preaching against the Mormons.

Most of the Mullah started preaching against secularism in mosques and other religious gatherings.

This is different from expecting a whole church to be complicit in something that they preach against.

This is exactly the kind of thing Lucas preached against before he got the opportunity to do it himself.

And every other thing the bible preaches against but you do will also mean that a speacial place in hell is arranged for you also.

During the season of the pilgrimage, men were posted on all the roads to warn the tribes against the madman who was preaching against their gods.

In 5% of cases "preach by" is used

Now let us see what all these tours and preaching by Deng led to.

This is the account of the first opposition that was made to the gospel as it was preached by the apostles.

As a result there are many Dhamma Sermons daily preached by monks and nuns of Theravada Buddhist tradition.

The story preached by Hindu priest community is simple - in order to save the world from furious Kali, Shiva came beneath her feet.

The lay ethic preached by the king of the dhamma (dhamma-raja) and his officers was focused on the layman's obligations in this world.

Despite the markets ' favorable response to QE, the unwinding of such easing policies was preached by Romney as a nightmare waiting to happen.

Greater challenges because the new anti-Pan Nigeriana ' gospel ' is being preached by well-placed persons in our society (country) Intellectuals.

They readily accepted this fact and on their own reverted back to the religion of one and only God who has no partners as preached by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and other Prophets.

In 4% of cases "preach at" is used

Dollar began flying up from Atlanta to preach at Saturday night services in the theater at Madison Square Garden.

I have been preached at, and proselytized at, so much by Christians, over the years, that I've come to have a rather low tolerance for it.

John, like Jesus, preached at a time of political, social, and religious conflict (see Cultural and historical background of Jesus ), and he prophesied that fire was coming to destroy the wicked.

In 4% of cases "preach from" is used

The Bible wasn't just something that was preached from every Sunday.

I am who I am, and no amount of preaching from an ignorant fundamentalist christian will change that; just as no amount of logic from me will dent your myopic ignorance.

It is rather dispiriting, perhaps, to try to have a full-on Sung Evensong with only a handful of people in an echoing, empty nave, and a sermon preached from the pulpit as if to a great crowd.

In 3% of cases "preach for" is used

It's what we at MOB Media have been preaching for years.

I've been preaching for years now to people that USC will not be able to recruiting Top 5-10 classes anually despite those ' why not us ' folks.

And the futurist social scientist is now preaching for a different kind of economic enterprise that emphasizes on social development and not the profit for the investors.

In 2% of cases "preach with" is used

His decision to start serving Christ at that time came after he attended a church where the gospel was preached with great passion.

Coaches love to talk about playing it just one game at a time, and there couldn't be a better example than what DeBoer is preaching with his team now.

Amos preached with great energy against injustice, especially denouncing the abuses of the king and chiefs, abuses that offend the Lord, and render acts of worship vain.

At the same time God's message will be preached with unusual clarity and power (10:11; 14:6) -- to provide all intelligent human beings with sufficient evidence on which to base their decisions.

In 1% of cases "preach like" is used

They never say that?? I have to go to Japan for preaching like Prabhupada.

In 1% of cases "preach through" is used

And preached through Jesus the resurrection from the dead.

It includes all the happiness of the future state; this they preached through Jesus Christ, to be had through him only.