Prepositions after "predispose"

"predispose to", "predispose towards" or "predispose toward"?

In 74% of cases "predispose to" is used

A big pot even if you are otherwise skinny predisposes to heart disease.

The two main class II alleles that predispose to diabetes are DR3 and DR4.

Females being much more predisposed to social lives, and **26;694;TOOLONG.

Especially if you are predisposed to bad news about Embarcadero or Delphi (sorry, Rad Studio).

What happens to the money the outbid buyer has in their hands? That buyer was predisposed to *save*.

This will help the doctors to identify any possible conditions that predispose to complications in pregnancy or abnormal births.

And because poor pain control inhibits movement, those with limited mobility are predisposed to other risks such as blood clots, according to Dr.

The irritation and frustration of chronic pain or disability can predispose to depression - it can be seen as ' the last straw ' if other stressors are present.

So before we look to the consumer to boost a local food economy, the crimes against people who are absolutely predisposed to being poor and staying poor need to stop.

To be frank, it's an economy boosted by people who are less likely to have a tight budget for food, and as a result are predisposed to be able to support their local grower.

In 13% of cases "predispose towards" is used

I don't think he's an anti-Semite or a bigot but doesn't sound as though he's predisposed towards the Jewish community.

On the contrary; the accusers in both instances are likely to be predisposed towards the armed forces, regard them as ' Our Boys ' and even have organic links with them.