Prepositions after "prescribe"

"prescribe by" or "prescribe in"?

In 49% of cases "prescribe by" is used

This outflow is as prescribed by Plan 1977-A.

I'd taking New Obimin which is prescribed by my Doctor.

Probation and parole system is prescribed by this theory.

Such examination shall be carried in a manner prescribed by the Commission by rule.

This type of vaginitis can only be treated by antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

The SPA for residential properties is a standard agreement prescribed by the government.

As such, the Immigration Officer is bound by law to apply the law as prescribed by the United States Government.

Researchers must comply with and be subject depress asyarat other conditions prescribed by the Director General.

Despite his persistent efforts, Henderson was unable to secure open ground as prescribed by the Order-in-Council.

Who can prescribe vision care benefits? Vision care benefits must be prescribed by an NIHB recognised prescriber.

In 19% of cases "prescribe in" is used

Fasting is prescribed in this month.

This is Dhimmitude as formally prescribed in your holy book.

Sighting of the New Moon Fasting is prescribed in the month of Ramadhan.

They therefore did not fulfil their follow-up visit as prescribed in the protocol.

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are often prescribed in combination with clopidogrel.

As currently prescribed in the Act, operators may be penalised for various breaches.

This was because it was launched with freelancers and not by the state officially, as Maududi thought was prescribed in Islam.

Members of the chief council give their lives willingly in the protection of their village and individual rights as prescribed in their codes.

This implies that one has to honour the wishes of the dead person as prescribed in the will provided of course they do not violate the shari'a.

In 16% of cases "prescribe for" is used

Forms Prescribed for declaring Exports.

This is what Allah has prescribed for you.

What clergymen should do is prescribed for them.

The nurse anticipates that which of the following medications will be prescribed for the client? 18.

It tells us we can not be moral without religion and it prescribes for us how we must live our lives.

Low-dose aspirin of 75-150mg a day can be used if it's prescribed for the prevention of vascular disease.

Some in the medical community also say it unfairly penalizes legitimate pain patients, and doctors who prescribe for them.

Some drugs, including those prescribed for diabetics, upset the fluid balance of the body and increase the need for water.

The lieutenant governor, while acting as governor, shall be paid the compensation and expenses prescribed for the governor.

There is nothing in the record showing whether the method prescribed for selling property for delinquent taxes was followed or not.

In 5% of cases "prescribe to" is used

Its chant is frequently prescribed to patients for relief of their symptoms and to reduce illnesses.

When we don the mask of the anonymity of the group we also say we prescribe to the group's judgements, morals, prejudices and so forth.

If you need something to lighten up your Monday then there is only one thing I can prescribe to you right now and it will work better than any anti-depressant on the market.

In 3% of cases "prescribe under" is used

The tax under the Income Tax Act is payable for the income in excess of the limit prescribed under the Act.

Contrary to the rehab receiver's findings, SCP handily passed the balance sheet and cash flow tests of solvency prescribed under both the old and new law of corporate rehabilitation.

In 2% of cases "prescribe as" is used

Hard to promote evidence based prescribing as a result.

Continued progress in the program is contingent on satisfying conditions which may be prescribed as the terms of probation.

Just as poisonous mercury was once prescribed as a cure by doctors, the vibrator was initially seen as nothing but an antiseptic medical device.

In 2% of cases "prescribe on" is used

On the other hand, organizational procedures are instructions which are carried on a step by step basis in order to prescribe on how actions are to be executed.

In 1% of cases "prescribe at" is used

However, its effects last longer with each dose than Baclofen, and small doses of ValiumAr may be prescribed at bedtime to relieve spasms that interfere with sleep.

In 1% of cases "prescribe with" is used

It is often prescribed with antacids but that is hardly a viable solution for long-term use.