Prepositions after "present"

present to, in, by, with or at?

In 24% of cases "present to" is used

Aguinaldo was presented to Brig.

One we are very honoured to present to you.

Not yet ready to be presented to the world.

The critiques exist, and they've been presented to you (thus returning the volley).

In November 2006, the first annual report of the Committee was presented to the CMP2.

Maps and schedule itinerary were well prepared and presented to me when I checked in.

Having to prove yourself to other people means that you are not happy about your self-image you present to e world.

A properly structured contract would then be presented to the bank to finance the deployment to the said solution.

Then awards were presented to corporations and individuals for their commitment to the fight against autism and PD.

In 22% of cases "present in" is used

Presented in first-person perspective.

Presented in candy floss, but a demotion.

This information is presented in a patent.

Submissions have most impact on MPs and the media when they are presented in person.

Convincing or persuasive evidence is presented in support of each audit observation.

That debate is useless and does not align with the original goals presented in history.

The owners of the media corporations decide what is presented in the media, the editors are their administrators.

There is a variety of music genres present in the recent music scene, so I am just going with the motion this time.

I think that for tongue, this was definitely high quality, enough for it to be presented in such a ' naked ' way.

He certainly would not have known all of the incredible astronomical detail that has been presented in this book.

In 15% of cases "present by" is used

The first paper was presented by Dr.

The bills, which were presented by rep.

Presented by OCEAN Style and The Tryall Club.

Make sure these programmes are being presented by people with real world experience.

As Dewey notes, the arguments presented by Darwin may be wrong, but they are compelling.

The management action plans shall be presented by the sectors Assistant Deputy Minister.

These are the bare bones of a delightfully rich guided tour we took last Saturday, presented by Unreal City Audio.

Like democracy itself, this system is not perfect; but it's much better than the alternative presented by Beijing.

The host will be well represented by US Champion Ilija Lupulesku and the American table tennis sensation Ariel Hsing.

The report examines mobile advertising opportunities presented by MMS, video, TV, LBS, as well as contextual advertising.

In 14% of cases "present with" is used

I was presented with an old school bag.

It's an old idea, presented with some new language.

Walshe were then presented with a memento of their.

A number of delegates feel Ministers should be presented with options for Cancun.

A couple of months ago I was presented with a bottle of Deanston, Virgin Oak Casks.

Once again, I was presented with more examples of the importance of learning English.

The series was presented with an animated element film, which was released in theaters on August fifteen, 2008.

At this point, I was presented with my dessert served on a special platter with a personalised birthday greeting.

Next up was a coffe which was beautifully presented with a little milk bottle and the sugar in an old treacle tin.

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

In 8% of cases "present at" is used

According to the testimony presented at her trial, Ms.

Apply to have this presented at the court for evidence.

Board Members present at the Meeting: Voting Members: Prof.

But evidence to be presented at his trial may make things even worse for Julius Br.

But none of those victories came with the Cup waiting to be presented at centre ice.

The average performance of Murrah buffaloes at Lampatan Farm are presented at Table 3.

In 2012 he'll be doing some travelling a bit closer to home when he presents at STANZ in Auckland and Christchurch.

Paper presented at the International Workshop on Land tenure and the Management of Land and Trees, July 1? 3, Tokyo.

The award was presented at Citrix Synergy 2012, the premier event on cloud computing, virtualization and networking.

Paper presented at the International Conference of Land Tenure and Administration, November 12? 14, Orlando, Florida, U.

In 5% of cases "present as" is used

He was just presented as an absolute.

Dot has always been presented as smart.

But it was never presented as an excuse.

Nodular BCC Nodular BCC presents as a slowly growing pearly nodule that may ulcerate.

Invariably this is presented as a merited comeuppance and a laudable democratization.

His motives are, by and large, presented as a mirror image of those of the Soviet leaders.

The ECP definition lines for these two cases may be presented as previously; the following points should be noted.

Mammary Paget's disease Mammary Paget's disease presents as a unilateral eczema-like plaque on the nipple or areola.

Welcome to DA City, proudly presented as the success of the opposition Democratic Party, a city, where everything works.

In 4% of cases "present on" is used

Robert Yang presented on fueling junior golfers.

The hyperlinks presented on the websites austria.

Our products presented on the web site to see most.

I recently interviewed a professor who sounded like he was presenting on CBeebies.

And that might explain the lack of customers present on our Friday evening chow-down.

Furthermore, the veins present on the breasts also become more prominent especially at the surface.

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The reaction to Cross ' idea, first presented on Google+ and then on website Reddit, has been overwhelmingly positive.

There was some fascination too in the staging of the first Olympic medals presented on British soil since the 1948 Games.

In 3% of cases "present for" is used

I'd off on holiday tomorrow, and no presents for my family- The joys.

This is a package from Amazon containing birthday presents for my wife.

This will be presented for feedback at the next round of consultations.

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We were given a short wee while to review our track before presenting for the second time.

In early 2008, a master plan was presented for development of the park but has yet to happen.

It then reveals grave threats that the disparity in taxes presents for rich and poor, alike, along with an elegant solution.

A great credit report is among the issues which you can present for your insurance business and inquire them to lessen your premiums.

I present for your benefit a self-realization course that will guide even a beginner how to achieve the topmost spiritual perfection.

In International cricket meanwhile, awards will be presented for the best batting and bowling performances in Test and ODI cricket.

In 1% of cases "present before" is used

From the moment they thier eyes first gaze at the food presented before them.

This voucher will be presented before January 31st 2013 and will be valid until July 31st 2013.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have listened to the evidence presented before you, and now the fate of the accused rests with you.

The liquidator shall present before the meeting an account of his acts and dealings and of the conduct of the winding up during the preceding year.

In 1% of cases "present during" is used

Different multicultural projects are presented during this seminar.

All papers presented during the conference will be published on an ISBN publication.

The Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa will be well represented during this event.

Those who present during the wedding are sitting on the floor and having lunch on banana leaves.

The mountain of evidence presented during the trial showed that Samsung's copying went far deeper than even we knew.

Virola) presented during the East Asian Actuarial Congress held in Shangri-la Hotel, Manila, Philippines, October 2003.

A lecture was presented during the first 15 minutes of each hour, focusing on education about the diseases common in older persons.

Reyes ), presented during the 9th National Convention on Statistics, 4-5 October 2004, EDSA Shang-ri-la Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Jaeger LeCoultre do you know warning if the watches likely to be presented during JLC retailers within Hong Hong, Geneva, East london and after that Los Angeles, Arizona.

Experts in the field of teaching and learning are therefore invited to submit an abstract of a paper to be presented during the Future of Education International Conference.

In 1% of cases "present from" is used

Every person's life is presented from the open books.

Waiting for me was a few belated birthday presents from my friend JP.

Consider, for example, an educational medical conference where case studies are solely presented from the podium.

All my loved ones were given these as Christmas presents from myself last year -- we're now racing to scratch the whole world.

There was a low incidence (26%) of screening for G6PD deficiency although it was the most common aetiology for infants presenting from home.

Do not encourage children to expect sweets, money or presents from foreigners, nor their parents to use the children so as to sell products or services to tourists.

In 1% of cases "present within" is used

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