Prepositions after "promote"

"promote to" or "promote by"?

In 29% of cases "promote to" is used

V and I was promoted to Flight Commander.

Julie was promoted to CCO in October 2010.

Gary Gibbs, our LB coach gets promoted to DC.

On October 3rd I was married but recalled from my honeymoon as I had been promoted to Ft.

Irving's organization later began to promote to concept of restored prophets and apostles.

Superseded several times, Foni was promoted to additional DIG and transferred to Khulna PTC.

Over the years he has been promoted to Chief Building Inspector and now serves in the position of Deputy Director.

She is a gem, and should be promoted to hotel manager forthwith, merely for understanding what service actually IS.

In the policy, a Diploma holder is promoted to the rank of an Inspector, a First Degree holder is promoted to an A.

In 1811, he returned as the Lieutenant Governor of Java, and was soon promoted to Governor of Bencoolen (now Sumatra).

In 27% of cases "promote by" is used

The consumer market slows promoted by the.

Sunshine State Showdown is promoted by Don King Productions.

This honoring of the neighbor is an example of the tolerance promoted by Islam.

Or perhaps, driven by a culture of madness promoted by our contemporaries, we would.

Advertising support for the programs promoted by the media channel, working on the project.

Dear Child, Santa Claus is a derived mythology promoted by the Christian religion, which is nothing if not syncretic.

Promotion, as follows from the above, spins promoted by the content, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

Incubation stage in the anti-Jerusalem ideology promoted by Jeroboam which laid the ground work for the sect to develop.

Development of mediaplana, as follows from the above, balances promoted by the buying and selling, given current trends.

In 8% of cases "promote as" is used

New Zealand has been promoted as a major world food exporter.

Healthy ageing should be promoted as a positive thing, he believes.

The academy system is being promoted as a solution to failing schools.

Very close if you consider he lives there which he promoted as a reason to vote for him.

To top it off, i was just promoted as a head lifeguard after only 2 summers of working there.

OmMarit: 13 May 2009 1:11:33pm Big difference is these guys are being promoted as role models.

In the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, the Yiling State was promoted as the Yichang Prefecture.

As a result of his dedication and hard work, he was promoted as the Company Secretary on June 1970 until June 1974.

Working code: generally a proposed protocol can not be promoted as a potential standard without thorough experimentation.

Big difference though is that rock and movie stars are not being openly promoted as role models for young boys to aspire to and emulate.

In 8% of cases "promote in" is used

You might like to try the KML files that I have been promoting in recent posts.

THE REASON: After PRU13 pluralism in religion are promoted in Malaysia by a new Government.

The concept of egality does not work when disclusion or segregation is promoted in any form.

All too often it's easy to think that children need to be protected and promoted in their own right.

To promote in the market, Mitashi offers a KB100 keyboard as an accessory which is priced at Rs 1,299.

The new logo is now being promoted in most popular Medias including the official site of Microsoft itself.

He was never promoted in the Hudson Bay Company because this and other attempted ventures were unsuccessful.

A number of companies care deeply about making sure their products are promoted in the best, most professional fashion.

So if your peak average after 20 years is $40,000, but then get promoted in the last 5 years to a job that makes $60,000.

In 5% of cases "promote from" is used

Some are guys who you promote from the system.

This post was promoted from GreenRoom to HotAir.

I have heard of people got promoted from 5th kyu to Shodan.

The boys who had reached the age of 13 (I believe) were promoted from cub to scout.

However, Intel, which has had just five CEOs in its 45-year history, has always promoted from within.

If this is so then he is not restricted to promoting from within the Ministry of Finance and the PIOJ.

Thomas Vermaelen was promoted from Van Persie's No2 to take over as club captain, which opened the door for a new deputy.

Today were going to look at the teams who were promoted from the Championship and there chances of surviving in the Premier League this season.

We have been in the Top flight longer than any other English team, indeed it's almost a century since we were promoted from the second division and we haven't looked back.

At the end of the season referees are relegated and promoted from their leagues To me, this solution seems completely logical and solves quite a lot of the problem without even being that radical.

In 3% of cases "promote on" is used

Great goods promote on their own.

The money made through the programs promoted on BigBooster.

I've seen this book being promoted on other art websites as well as parka blogs.

The blog might be promoted on the Internet and they are able to earn money from adverts placed on the blog.

This report includes examples from the following range of messages that are repeatedly promoted on PA television: Contents: 1.

Promoted there for economic reasons, it has been promoted on this side of the Pacific by such geniuses as Joe Biden, and the greenies.

The core problem is that helmets have been promoted on the idea that bicycling is inherently unsafe and that a helmet will protect you.

My firm certainly does and I have been promoted on two occassions mid year - did not filter through to my pay until the next pay review.

Our goal is to deliver captivating feature-length films with such emotional impact that they become broadly promoted on word-of-mouth alone.

In 3% of cases "promote through" is used

The conference is being promoted through the DCU Ryan Academy, which exists to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Short articles are promoted through the internet with respect to the type of business, product, or services your company offers.

As one strand of the project we've been collecting existing bioscience resources which we'll be promoting through a new website launching this autumn.

Product messaging is promoted through advertorials, content integration, and product placements that are conducted through external trustworthy sources.

Every State has the duty to promote through joint and separate action universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Charter.

In 2% of cases "promote for" is used

The focus of public outrage should be translated to help and do something to promote for the victims.

The red state/blue state mythology that the NY Times has been promoting for years is an abomination.

To prevent HIV transmission, protective measures such as condom usage shall be promoted for persons with high-risk sexual behavior.

Khogy was chosen as finalist in the ' Pitch It ' compeition for ' Asia on the Edge ' an initiative aimed at promoting for young creative entrepreneurs in Asia.

While Annie believes she's been promoted for her exceptional linguistic skills, there may be something or someone from her past that her CIA bosses are really after.

Once we completed sending, we'll provide you a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the information about iPad application we've promoted for you.

In 2% of cases "promote into" is used

The next leg should hopefully see Ravens promoted into 1 st Division.

We also have administration staff that have been promoted into management roles to support the operations of the business.

They get experience in various low level positions before gradually being promoted into supervisory positions, and eventually attain managerial status.

Yes, excel in your current role in order to be promoted, but you should not have to do anything above that until you are officially promoted into it and paid the relevant amount.

In 2% of cases "promote with" is used

I actually started to promote with my friend.

These products are often promoted with pseudoscience and outrageous claims of efficacy.

We will now start to promote with monitors and banner so that the next few months at ROR are stable and secure.

Cardlytics The company combines transaction promoting with daily deal couponing and on-line banking to assist banks give a replacement service to customers.

In 1% of cases "promote after" is used

I will be disappointed if it's him- I don't want anyone being promoted after this past season that was on staff.

Promoted after his second year in the Academy, Kilcoyne secured a senior contract at the start of the 2012/13 season.

In 1% of cases "promote among" is used

Condoms should be widely accessible, and their use promoted among sexually active people of all ages.

Where dairy development has been promoted among smallholders, such as in India and Kenya, it has been shown to increase incomes, consumption and repayment capacity.

In 1% of cases "promote at" is used

When Pujara was promoted at number3 in that match against Australia in a run chase, that should have been Dravid's last match.

I had just been promoted at my day job with Kaiser and completed my training at the National Holistic Instute for a certificate in Massage Therapy and Health Education.

In 1% of cases "promote of" is used

There should be no **30;5010;TOOLONG based groupings, campaigning for and promoting of such divisions must be outlawed.

Today, they recognise that the methods with the best track records of reducing population growth are, by their nature, respectful and promoting of human rights.

Otherwise, all the issues that invariably come up, although these should not be ignored, should not take so much of our attention that our preaching or sharing or promoting of our culture stops.

In 1% of cases "promote under" is used

Promoted under the guise of children going to school ' safely ' e.

In 1% of cases "promote within" is used

The Quitline was promoted within the campaign advertising as an inexpensive and easily accessible service for those smokers who did wish to avail themselves of advice.