Prepositions after "promulgate"

"promulgate by" or "promulgate in"?

In 41% of cases "promulgate by" is used

It's pretty much time to ditch the red state/blue state dualities promulgated by the Rove-Bush-Cheney team.

And it certainly seems evident that most posting here are ideologues and not really familiar with the authoritarianism promulgated by the Bush Administration.

The estimate was ready by the night of 26-27 June in the form of a revised loading plan for Mount Katmai, and was at once promulgated by dispatch for comment.

The Seven Dolors are taken from Scripture events and the devotion has a long history, although it was not officially promulgated by the Church until the early nineteenth century.

Also, as consequence of its monetary policy -- and most likely promulgated by a long period of low interest rates -- Japanese investors maintain high demand for foreign currency opportunities.

In 24% of cases "promulgate in" is used

The Watersheds Protection Act The Watershed Protection Act was promulgated in 1963.

The risk management framework seeks to draw upon best practices, as promoted in codes and standards promulgated in a number of CGIAR member countries.

In 7% of cases "promulgate on" is used

It is undoubtedly chiefly owing to this step on the part of Constantine that the council, after being in session for an entire month, promulgated on June 19 the Nicene Creed.

These matters were dealt with by ComNavFE in Operation Order 8-50 promulgated on 3 July and effective on the 4th, which made further refinements in the organization of Task Force 96.

In 2% of cases "promulgate as" is used

I do hope that this has been promulgated as an enactment in Parliament.

In 2% of cases "promulgate at" is used

The ideas were promulgated at 5 start hotel luncheons or on ratty little Xeroxed tracts that got passed around until they were greasy and tattered little transmitters of the common cold.

In 2% of cases "promulgate pursuant" is used

The Commission shall publish once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks in two newspapers of general circulation the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the preceding Section.

In 2% of cases "promulgate within" is used

It shall be promulgated within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the next meeting of the Board following the submittal of the Investigator's report.