Prepositions after "pronounce"

"pronounce in", "pronounce by" or "pronounce like"?

In 34% of cases "pronounce in" is used

These are fairly well developed and pronounced in males, but softer and smaller in females.

The elevation was much pronounced in LFA group subjects when compared among autistic groups MFA and HFA.

The girls were pronounced in good health, their mother says, though they're due for more tests later this month.

Hispanic population growth was particularly pronounced in the Pennsylvania counties within the GPHCC service area.

However, they do understand the general import of the recitations, laudations, and invocations they pronounce in prayer.

It will most likely have a creating taste that could less pronounced in addition to the considered smoother that a result.

Say yes and if you are offered a sandwich (pronounced in Kerry as sangwhich) then gladly accept or you won't be asked back again.

The Italians were in Ethiopia for a short time but their influence is pronounced in the architecture of some of the old buildings.

I agree with you, the name should be pronounced the way it's pronounced in Tivoli, by Dudus and his friends and family and that is DUDus not DOOdus.

It didn't take long before he heard his sentence pronounced in January 2012 on the CBS television program, 60 Minutes by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

In 11% of cases "pronounce by" is used

The Roman Jupiter is the Greek Zeus which is pronounced by the Greek as Zay-oos.

Philbin is Jupiter or Jove, from whose head leaps the Moon Goddess Athena (Annette can pronounced by reading Athena backwards).

The name YAHWEH was considered to be too Holy to pronounce by orthodox Jews, so they changed the name into elohim, adonai, lord or god, and this was eventually adopted by the rest of the world.

In 9% of cases "pronounce on" is used

A special blessing was pronounced on the nation's leaders, the church member and all the people in that country.

The league was scheduled to have a press conference yesterday at noon to pronounce on the decisions, but the conference was later postponed.

We will know a little more after Forrest's trial, if there is one (BTW, you say he ' is guilty of abduction ', but no judge or jury has yet pronounced on the question).

In 7% of cases "pronounce with" is used

This is coming from a man the press has pronounced with godlike wisdom.

This fear is even more pronounced with students, who not only have big debts, but also lack the experience to give.

Looming is slightly more pronounced with radar than with visible light and is a reason for what might seem at first glance as excessive IFR separation in some metropolitan areas.

In 5% of cases "pronounce as" is used

The difficulties usually become more pronounced as the child gets older and more is expected of him or her for example in school.

In 5% of cases "pronounce upon" is used

Mind, the poem can't cover every base, or pronounce upon the value of the life or deeds of every individual.

This is then vetted by an independent expert group and finally pronounced upon by the high level committee headed by the Chief Secretary of a State.

In 4% of cases "pronounce among" is used

Malaysia's unspoiled tropical forest, magnificent mountains and rich flora and fauna are pronounced among the best in this part of the world.

In 2% of cases "pronounce near" is used

While the river's red coloring was most pronounced near Chongqing it was also reported.

In 1% of cases "pronounce after" is used

It is usually more pronounced after intercourse.

In 1% of cases "pronounce over" is used

He expected some words of hocus pocus pronounced over him, a special ritual done just for him.

In 1% of cases "pronounce to" is used

Everything she pronounced to him was mark on, yet it wasn't her place to contend it.