Prepositions after "protrude"

protrude from, into, through, around or at?

In 68% of cases "protrude from" is used

Mr seronik used to beba his gun protruding from his coat.

Hans floated face down -- a dagger protruding from his back.

A third was lying face down, with a machete protruding from the back.

Its tongue protruding from a mouth distended in horror and realisation.

The WC cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture and the pan protrudes from the wall, above the floor.

His mention of 5 or 6 spiculae which protrude from the tips of the gills when moving is to me a clear description of polychaete parapodia.

As typically, they consist of a woven rope of diverse lengths with a knot tied at the finish, hermes faubourg, commonly with tassels protruding from the other end.

Another symptom of a possible hemorrhoid problem is when the hemorrhoid is pushed back into the anus, but at the next bowel movement it protrudes from the anus again.

It was generally more or less hemispherical and often supported on a ring base or truncated cone, while many old examples were integrated with a spike protruding from the center.

In 11% of cases "protrude into" is used

The Atlas Mountains cover the northwestern territories embracing Algeria and Morocco and protrude into Spain.

The lamp base has two small dowel pins that protrude into holes in the roof to hold it into position so it won't slide off.

These cilia protrude into a mucus layer that protects the epithelium and provides access for the aroma molecules to the epithelium.

In 5% of cases "protrude through" is used

Generally, the ticks on our pets will appear grey, swollen bodied and seen to protrude through the pets fur.

In 3% of cases "protrude around" is used

It was based on highlighting the threats of being obese or overweight, mainly for fat protruding around the belly.

In 3% of cases "protrude behind" is used

No part of the wheelchair may protrude behind the vertical plane of the back edge of the rear tyres.

In 3% of cases "protrude in" is used

Magazines should photograph the standard lousy case designs like the above in use -- with the CD tray open and cables and adapters protruding in an ugly space consuming rats nest at the back.

In 3% of cases "protrude like" is used

His tummy was protruding like a child suffering from malnutrition.