Prepositions after "prove"

"prove to" or "prove by"?

In 38% of cases "prove to" is used

He had nothing to prove to anyone.

They have nothing to prove to us, we are leaving.

Now prove to me I don't know what I am talking about.

It's a tired conversation that has proven to fruitless beyond causing my exasperation.

We hope that this section proves to the reader the work of Canadian convicted hacker T.

prove to your parents/carers that you're serious about wanting to change your lifestyle.

The original SimCity had become an instant classic, and SimCity 2000 proved to the world that it was no mere fluke,.

To sustain their business, transaction banks would have to prove to their customers that their records were accurate.

This is where you prove to me that you're not a cowardly lion stuck with a thorn in his paw out moaning in the woods.

We feel like we can go do some things -- proving to the league and everybody else that thinks negative of us wrong.

In 18% of cases "prove by" is used

It has been proven by phrenology.

This fact has been proven by many awards.

John's article is being proven by Hendrix, Dean and Co.

The membership certificate shall be in a form previously approved by the Commissioner.

The first day of any month will not be proved by the prediction made by the astronomers.

They prove by their disparity (tafawut) that He who made them disparate has no disparity.

Miami is obviously concerned, and obviously doesn't know if Morris will be ready, as proven by Golden sending a 5:30 a.

This was proven by the fact that I had to run off and throw up everything I'd drank and eaten in the last couple of hours.

It had the remarkable property that it appeared to give the correct value of p(n), and this was later proved by Rademacher.

In order to control and improve our lives we need to map, to measure, and not to accept anything until proven by the senses.

In 14% of cases "prove in" is used

Organic answers are proven in the center.

As Robert Cooke proves in his biography on Dr.

Rajesh has been proven in films and non-traditional.

Not necessarily better or worse, although certainly not yet proven in the Premier League.

These conjectures and their generalizations have been proven in significant special cases.

We proved in the first game that we can win and, as a team, we just have to show that again.

Falsity of Circular and Infinite Series in Causation The invalidity of circular series can be proven in this manner.

Opponents and critics of Ibn Taymiyyah claim that he rejected intercession completely as proved in Qur'an and Sunnah.

Yet to show much of his ability in Italy but consistently proved in Ligue 1 that the French striker is a name for the future.

The party is financially capable and as proven in past elections, they are well gifted in election operations and mobilization.

In 6% of cases "prove beyond" is used

The point had been proven beyond all doubt.

Proved beyond doubt that nobody will give a ticket.

The statistics that you are about to read prove beyond a doubt that the U.

Proved beyond doubt, because he posts elementary things and considers it as science.

It was a task that proved beyond Duminy, outfoxed by Doherty returning for a second spell.

In such a case the burden is on 393 the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt (Stuart v.

The world-known Pago Pago Bay in Tutuila, American Samoa, is proven beyond doubt to have been formed by an ancient crater.

It is now up to Muslims to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they should be allowed to board planes with other human beings.

Magnus was sure he had saved himself endless trouble and time by proving beyond the shadow of doubt that he was a weight-lifter.

The recent goings-on in Geneva prove beyond a doubt that Sri Lanka is being most unfairly treated and nothing stings more than injustice.

In 5% of cases "prove with" is used

I proved with my own hands that Americans WILL do the work.

The Big Bang is a theory that has been proven with scientific evidence.

Whether China is Kenya's cure-all to her economic woes can only be proven with time.

That Smackdown is now the WWE's A show was proved with them getting the main event spot for Triple H v Edge.

The people of Buhodle have proven with their blood that they do not wish to be part of any separation from Somalia.

It has been proved with good performance in crushing, low consumption of energy and suitable for all kinds of mineral crushing.

Crowds are cheering for Phileas Fogg, Mice are dancing with cats &; dogs For he has proved with a positive mind, The world is yours and all mankind, Can live together and be as one.

But before you go imagining that this is all too good to be true, just remember that this is precisely the route that I've already taken and proven with my own Traffic Czar toolkit.

In 2% of cases "prove as" is used

Most of what is taken as true in mathematics can be proved as a theorem.

And so it proved as the man with the everlasting engine snuck in to head home.

Hence, a person may not be able to clearly prove as to why the special discount was given.

Thus, the resurgence of interest in the translation method nowadays may prove as a blessing.

He says that protests were held over these curbs, which only proved as a storm in a teacup.

Recent researches show that chocolate has not been proven as a junk food that cause tooth decay or any other dental flaws.

The camel advised his little friend not to become sure of himself too fast saying; let it be proven as a fact, my dear, that I can carry a hundred like you over the rough waters.

In 2% of cases "prove at" is used

Will proved at Oxford 14 July 1587.

The TPI team model works and it is constantly being proven at the game's highest level.

Although these intimate connections proved at times embarrassing to the American government, to the Koreans they seemed a very present help.

As the strength and conditioning coach for World Cup Teams and 3 National Championships, his programs have been proven at the highest levels.

REGISTRATION AND AUDITION RULES: You must be able to prove at the time of your registration that: You are between the ages of 16 years and 38 years of age.

In 2% of cases "prove for" is used

Haha, t is the point I've been vehemently trying to prove for so long.

Along with unsecured creditors they can still prove for the residual amount.

In compulsory liquidations the Court has the power to decide the date by which creditors must prove for the debts owed to them.

By sailing through the strait that bears his name, Bering proved for the first time that Asia and North America were not joined.

Do the math but I am sure when you look at the numbers they will prove for themselves that it is worth while investing in a website.

Only creditors who have successfully proved for their debt may receive payment from the liquidator out of the realised assets of the company.

The court further said that when a gang-rape is not proved for want of evidence, it does not naturally follow that gang rape had not taken place.

In 2% of cases "prove on" is used

Vessel already proven on route, fast buck to be made.

It is ok not to believe in things you can not prove on the surface.

Shay and Richard, in particular, will have points to prove on Thursday against Spain.

Closed world assumption -- no means the goal could not be proved on the basis of the rules and facts provided.

Speaking of the Ravens, I would just like to offer my opinion on their wide receiver Torrey Smith: He is a Big Man among men as he proved on Sunday.

In 2% of cases "prove through" is used

This has been proved through Dr.

This has been proven through many Ahaadith.

Prior to that, they were proved through the church courts.

They can still be negotiated separately with Canada or proven through Court challenges.

He had no intention of reeling in the banks to any degree, which is proven through the appointments of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers.

Aboriginal land claims and rights to hunting and fishing can still be negotiated separately with Canada or proven through Court challenges.

I not only believe that oDesk will deliver, I have proven through my personal success via oDesk that this opportunity is real, because it has delivered and continues to deliver for me!!

Advocates for the blind say it will take time before society accepts the potential of blind drivers and that the safety of the technology will need to be proven through years of testing.

In 1% of cases "prove after" is used

Others were only proved after Ramanujan's death.

This was proved after the war in ideal conditions during trials.

We've a point to prove after losing the Towns Cup Final last year.

Also, these are players (not including Veikkausliiga newcomer Rivera) who have everything to prove after spending a couple of seasons under the Veikkausliiga radar.

In 1% of cases "prove against" is used

Maple Ridge will have some bright stars though next year as Drew Dickie has emerged as a solid goalie as he proved against Langley stopping 43 of 55 shots on net.

In 1% of cases "prove from" is used

You know me well enough to know I would n't, I wouldn't tell something I can't prove from the Bible.

In 1% of cases "prove of" is used

The small details of training, generally found so irksome, now proved of value.

This Gyro's behavior is shown like prove of the Law of Conservation of the Angular Momentum.

prove of that is none of this happenned in Puna I, except minor power games, but while Sheela was in power.

In 1% of cases "prove over" is used

His thought processes have been proven over time to be second to none.

We've proved over the winter how we take our wickets, we build pressure and put the batsmen under pressure to score runs.

Clippard looked for a month or so like he might be closer material, but he's been proving over the past three weeks that he's not.

Indeed, this opposition party has proven over the years that it will be ready to claim that there is no God if it will help it win political power.

Because it's what you prove over time that makes the brand stand, and that's why I think when things don't go well sometimes, it has less of an impact than when you are just off the radar.

In 1% of cases "prove without" is used

Madonna unequivocally proves without a doubt, talent does equate to intelligence.

If all equitable remedies have failed, its votaries take it as proved without argument that the one-sided remedies, which alone are left, must needs succeed.