Prepositions after "provide"

"provide by" or "provide for"?

In 31% of cases "provide by" is used

This variety is provided by research.

This article has been provided by Dr.

When I embed my code (provided by box.

The results provided by NECTA did not provide a meaningful disaggregation of the 53.

Funding for Coming Of Age With Autism was provided by the KUOW Program Venture Fund.

These lists are based on information provided by the member at the time of enrolment.

I spent a faily large amount of money on amazon and stupidly opted for the free delivery service provided by HDNL.

However, I do have to say that the derisory service provided by HDNL should not be blamed entirely on the drivers.

Either there are too few MQPMR records provided by MQPMO, or the GroupId field is not present in the MQPMR records.

An example is provided by Senegal? s decentralized land-tenure system, which already had been codified in the 1960s.

In 29% of cases "provide for" is used

They will also be provided for free.

And everything was provided for our use.

It is We Who provide for them and for you.

With the landing force provided for, it remained to get it there and put it ashore.

Braun had always been vexed by the lack of scientific education provided for girls.

A substantial undercover area provides for room to entertain plus a double lock up.

Political organizations are in the process of being reinvented to deal with and provide for humanity's real needs.

These extra activities combined with traditional game drives will certainly provide for a well-rounded experience.

Section 32(5) seems to provide for set off at the instigation of the credit union, with the consent of the member.

You had to provide for your family if you were a man; women had to be homemakers or, if they were not, to provide.

In 10% of cases "provide in" is used

The information provided in this article.

Examples are provided in Figures 11 and 12.

The required proof was provided in 1897 by J.

In addition, the coverage levels and benefit limits are provided in this fine print.

An overview of the COP-MOP activity is provided in the Meetings of the COP-MOP page.

The advice provided in this publication is intended as a source of information only.

Where animals are not tethered, food shall be provided in a way which will permit the animals to feed undisturbed.

If you're up to the challenge, you can do it, using tools such as the ones provided in OWC's Internal SSD DIY Kit.

This section contains numerous resources to assist you in accessing the health care services provided in the state.

With the new funding provided in the Budget, this will be expanded to people turning 60 from 2013 and 70 from 2015.

In 10% of cases "provide to" is used

Information to be provided to employee 45(3.

It provides to him a complete design for living.

These services are provided to humanity for free.

Impression management training is provided to management students in grooming classes.

Any inaccurate or misleading or unlawful information provided to you via the Services.

Encounter data contains a many specifics about the service provided to a plan enrollee.

However, this data in an aggregate form may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising or other uses.

Water filtration, flood control, species habitat and carbon sequestration are provided to humanity by the forests.

The equipment is first provided to an employee for home use on 1 January 2007 when it has a market value of 2,500.

Still, the socialist state takes all the citizens under its wings? healthcare is provided to all, housing to most.

In 8% of cases "provide with" is used

It was provided with a railway in 1901.

To help them, students were provided with a D.

She will have to be provided with food and clothing.

The god ABUI, with his head turned behind him; he is provided with a shade, (see p.

Each volunteer is provided with an ING sponsored bright orange jacket and Asics shoes.

Also, a variety of color combinations will be provided with the option of customization.

More important is they should be provided with suitable livelyhood so that other citizens may avoid shunning them.

Turkeys prefer to make their own nests but can be induced to lay in a convenient spot if provided with nest boxes.

The policy allows for children to be provided with several opportunities (at least four sittings) to be certified.

Students are provided with the strategies, skills and opportunities to provide meaningful feedback to their peers.

In 4% of cases "provide on" is used

Use the information provided on the paper.

The Website is provided on an as is and as available basis.

Keeping updated record of services provided on daily basis.

LexisNexis Resources Connect with Us Disclaimer: The information provided on Lawyers.

The consultant sourced the list (which was provided on MSExcel) and drafted the letter.

Basically enjoying all the beautiful moments that existence provides on an ongoing basis.

The information provided on your income tax return is used to calculate the OSTTB eligibility and payment amounts.

Width was often provided on the right side by Marnick Vermijl and the debutant whipped in several dangerous crosses.

In 2% of cases "provide at" is used

Trail Detour signage will be provided at the site.

Clean drinking water must be provided at all times.

It can be provided at any time, even during deliberations.

I think the information provided at the I for J link provided above is a good start.

An ID is made available to all, and the amendment requires it to be provided at no charge.

Many narrowboats are too big to get through and a gauge is provided at the last lock before it.

The organiser shall have the discretion to determine the nature of the services to be provided at the stand or exhibition.

It must be noted that support is provided at the school for students who have not mastered the GFLT from the first sitting.

Moreover, he said, if gas is be provided at the rate it was provided to the industry sector the price of gas will be Rs 68.

It means that services are likely to be provided at fairly high frequencies, and that where the route goes is fairly obvious.

In 1% of cases "provide as" is used

These links are provided as a convenience to you.

This information is provided as a public service.

Updates will be provided as to when normal operations are restored.

This website is provided as a free informational service of Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.

What do you do? Well, that all depends on what is provided as a courtesy in the ladies room.

The Fine Print Links from these pages are provided as a service to users of the World Wide Web.

Aircoach Journey Times Estimated journey times are provided as a guide only and may change due to traffic conditions.

In most cases, a software-related invention would be provided as a computer program to be loaded on to an existing computer.

A preliminary assessment or opinion may be provided as to whether or not the control appears to adequately mitigate the risk.

A few weeks ago Van Persie claimed he wanted to be doing more for the team, not just scoring goals, so it's great to see him providing as well as scoring.

In 1% of cases "provide from" is used

My guess these stocks are provided from some vendors.

This information has been provided from sources that have been accurate in the past.

In the Second World War almost complete support for forces overseas had been provided from the continental United States.

The cleaning process involves the use of fire trucks to spray down the streets, with water provided from a Roman aqueduct.

The feedback based on information provided from those 30 minutes of effort made me realize that we were on the right track.

As Pemba channel is a constant area of currents it is mandatory to use a dive mark buoy -- these can be provided from the Oxygne Pemba dive shop.

Access to all printer's functions is provided from its front panel: power-up, operation of menu, and also fitting a roller with material and inked ribbon.

It is always going to be in your best interest to try to remove negative reviews about yourself, or the service that you provide from various Internet sources.

In 1948, for the first time, it assumed responsibility for the weather forecasts broadcast by Radio ireann, which had been provided from London in the interim.

Locations such as the Branch Mall, the Internet Shopping Network, or the Internet Shopkeeper Mall provide from 30 to 100 links to participating Internet retailers.

In 1% of cases "provide through" is used

Such drugs are therefore not provided through the public sector.

This principle is applicable to information and services provided through websites.

Funding is provided through the development of photographic tourism in the Simanjiro.

Transport services, event services, and mediation services are all provided through the ESB.

Finance is increasingly provided through the contract farming approach by interlinked agents.

Linkage with the city is provided through a shuttle bus service running between Moscow and Sheremetyevo Airport.

The services provided through the Career Transition Services program are included as part of the rehabilitation program.

The information it provided through its advertising space on job opportunities enhanced the fluidity of corporate careers.

NextWindow can not guarantee that any of the information provided through this website is complete, accurate or up-to-date.

Locally, these services are provided through CITIZENS INFORMATION CENTRES Target Groups: Policy makers, researchers, community and voluntary groups and the public.

In 1% of cases "provide Under" is used

Modest compensation and transportation will be provided under the program.

Indeed majority of Ghana's education infrastructure was provided under NDC governments.

The proof required is provided under the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act (Cap.

Any warranties provided under the general law are expressly excluded to the fullest extent possible.

It was decided to provide Under Ground Drainage (UGD) facilities in Bandar in Composite Madras state.

Charter bus parking would be provided under the Gardiner with bays on Queen's Quay for loading and unloading of passengers.

Canoel is relying on the exemptions from the formal valuation and minority shareholder approval requirements provided under sections 5.

It makes changes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided under the Act and deliver better outcomes for owners of leaky homes.

The Bill proposes to enhance the punishment provided under S 376A of the IPC for sexual intercourse with a judicially separated wife, from 2 years to a minimum of 3 years.