Prepositions after "push"

push for, to, into, through or by?

In 35% of cases "push for" is used

So that's why I'd pushing for 2.

Groups have pushed for the release.

That's why I pushed for quick action.

This season the Rome club will definitely aim to do a Napoli and push for the top three.

But when it came to attraction, it never existed, and felt wrong when I did push for it.

Finally, the DOE will push for the installation of up to 548 MW from RE sources by 2013.

Pushing for the passage of ADB is one of Ladlad's intentions if/when it wins seats in the 2013 national elections.

A softening dollar could bring down the inflation, making it easy for RBI to push for growth through monetary easing.

But you have had NGOs pushing for free media, naming of judges from an independent judiciary and for human rights.

That is if the current official proposal and underground push for the Tribunal establishment that need to be endorsed.

In 11% of cases "push to" is used

It's that last push to the summit.

But independence was pushed to the side this time.

But they should not be pushed to a breaking point.

The reasons for not rebasing a public repo are clear, but pushing to a remote origin (e.

That guilty feeling will then be held at bay, pushed to the margins of one's consciousness.

BARED TEETH Also often a bluff, though the dog probably would fight if pushed to the limit.

Those banks that were in need of a bailout made obvious mistakes and therefore they were pushed to the road of collapse.

This means for instance data can be pushed to the Accounting App via a Point-of-Sales (POS) terminal such as a smart phone.

But Yartey closed down the angle to throw himself on the way off the ball to push to safety, leaving Arsenals still in the lead.

Obstructionism can rise to that level if pushed to extremes, but in itself it is just another tactic used by all parties at times.

In 10% of cases "push into" is used

So often people are pushed into learning to.

He can not be pushed into unthought decisions.

Kony and his troops have been pushed into Congo.

The tiles may not have been back-buttered or have been pushed into the mortar properly.

This pattern is caused by the jet stream pushing into the western edge of the cloud system.

Those are harsh words, but many people have a legitimate fear of ' being pushed into buying '.

That's what US philosopher Daniel Klein assumed but then he hit his seventies and was pushed into a major re-think.

Others, like coyotes and even bears, are being pushed into the urban habitat, and consequences are a bit more severe.

We are being pushed into divisive political issues; our lives are increasingly vexatious, acrimonious and full of conflict.

Design had been sort of pushing into the service mode within the organization with people saying ' tell them what to do '.

In 10% of cases "push through" is used

Bush, pushed through Congress in 2001 and 2003.

Try pushing through the needle's eye with that.

I'd hoping one day I can push through it the way you do.

Those reminders are often necessary to push through the tasks that don't excite you.

Productivity shouldn't be about pushing through the muck, but enjoying work you love.

It has also been shown to cause tumors in mice but faked studies got it pushed through the FDA.

Nike Women's Marathon -- Views from a Spectator She is so adorable, that baby!! And well done on pushing through.

Seeing Therese's worn-out brackets, I can see how she would have had a lot of trouble pushing through hilly terrain.

All of these things, pushing through fears, doing what we desire, moving beyond our comfort zone are a means to end.

Yet, every time, I would always be happy to see myself pushing through the last few minutes and complete the workout.

In 6% of cases "push by" is used

They are being pushed by various actors.

He was pushed by Sweeney but the referee gave.

I was pushed by the crowd to move forward for which I had no repulsion.

Resisting the head push by driving into it will bring the elbow back down to the ground.

Some of this year's discovery was pushed by the media, but much of it originated on the web.

From where I sat it looked like Fanny and Freddy (pushed by the Congress) were fueling the market.

The blame falls on Tory policy, whether pushed by the 1979-1997 Tory governments or the 1907-2010 Labour governments.

What a fubar, if true that cap and trade (and the CPC DOA variant) will be he only system pushed by the top three parties.

It may be pushed by actual events in the era of Jimmy Carter (even though historical corrections were made after Toronto).

And after a pretty much non-existent last push by Brazil, all of a sudden Holland found themselves with a ticket into the semi-final.

In 5% of cases "push on" is used

I can not say I did not push on the run.

Formal learning is pushed on learners.

We welcome Labour pushing on this issue.

Indeed, we can guess that the BNP chief quite deliberately didn't push on the water issue.

And so things that might help them get pushed on the backburner, assuming they're even proposed.

But if you look at the GOP's positions, they are identical to the ones they pushed on us before.

On the other hand, if you simply refuse to give up and keep pushing on no matter what -- something good must come from it.

Watts identifies exactly how hard your pushing your body, in the case of cycling it's how hard and fast you push on the pedals.

Kyles of Bute and Arran aboard The Majestic Line Pushing on north we rounded the Kyles of Bute, the scenic highlight of the cruise.

Canada is not perfect, but gosh, isn't it just great? To Sheila, I completly agree! Why are certain people's beliefs pushed on to everyone.

In 3% of cases "push against" is used

I dislike anything that pushes against that.

The rain chases us, but we push against it, into the sun.

As it pushes against the nearby nerve or spinal cord, it brings pain.

That is why it is soft - your hand is pushing against a layer of fat.

But opened it on a gasp when she felt a fingertip push against her rear.

Slowly extend your legs and push against the foot plate, stopping just before your knees lock.

The wildebeests were pushing against each other and those close to the river had no chance of turning back.

More significantly, those forces are pushing against a rotten door in Egypt too, the largest country in the region.

Around that sturdy hook, Joyce wraps an increasingly elaborate tangle of symbols and themes, many of which push against the fourth wall.

As the stranger's eyes closed and his head tipped back, Claudia felt as if a gate she had been pushing against had finally swung wide open.

In 3% of cases "push in" is used

push in the middle and turn and turn.

New technologies can push in both directions.

It would be equal to pushing in line at the supermarket.

So why were we pushed in this way? To sell books to collect as much money as possible.

She was told he was spiteful and would push in front of other pupils in the lunch queue.

They push in line, they handle communal food, they berate hotel staff when things don't go their way.

If a door does not have a push plate or a sign saying push in an obvious position than natural human reaction is to ask.

We even had two media Land Cruisers, and there were people with cameras and lights and sound pushing in front of everyone all day.

One day last summer it was hot and when I arrived I saw he had pushed in the front door of the cottage and was lying in the hallway.

Don't expect that agreement to acknowledge the principle of so-called ancillary copyright, which has been pushed in Germany and elsewhere.

In 3% of cases "push out" is used

Financial survival has been pushed out of reach.

After that I basically got pushed out of my social circle.

Ken Smith was pushed out of the initial primary vote with 15.

It does appear that the calendar is pushing out of its box &; above.

If you continually repress your own desires, they're pushed out of your mind.

Danny Amendola caught a deep pass and was pushed out of bounds at the 3-yard line.

The boreholes are often marked with a bundle of fibres pushed out of the hole by the beetle.

The controls gradually killed the free enterprise and small traders were pushed out of business.

According to the new report in Vanity Fair magazine, Nicole Kidman was pushed out of the relationship by Tom Cruise.

Gorilla Glue does foam up and expand as it cures, and I suspect the glue got pushed out of my joints by the foaming up.

In 1% of cases "push at" is used

Totnes is collective, and first the kettle could gently push at common ice.

And we're going to pay attention to how much we're pushing at our own email list.

It's a fair reaction to the amount of noise that's been pushed at them for decades.

Suisse Christmas runner I totally agree with Emma that Christmas merchandise being pushed at us in October is ridiculous.

Wot is the use of having a soaking wet piece of leather pushed at you? Give me a hadock every time, at least you can eat it.

Snoop Dogg has also somehow remained relevant at age 40, but he's accomplished that not by pushing at hip-hop's boundaries but by adapting to its evolutionary advances.

In 1% of cases "push beyond" is used

Bold and confident, Nicki fearlessly pushes beyond boundaries to achieve her extraordinary vision.

NOTE TWO: This post is part of a continuing series on advocacy that pushes beyond critique to solutions.

The striking design of the Ascend P1 At the same time, Huawei is also pushing beyond its networking roots.

Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings also hinted that the demise of the president might have been pushed beyond his capacity.

Pushed beyond class politics Sidney's invention symbolises a kind of Frankenstein tale, where humanity's inventiveness overwhelms its capabilities of control.

History only shows that when governments push nominal demand ahead of the growth in the real productive capacity of the economy they push beyond an inflation barrier.

But I think most people have observed that KDrama is, pretty successfully, pushing beyond its earlier appeal to those who were teens at heart if not in biological age.

Advanced Combatives participants are challenged physically and mentally and pushed beyond what they experienced in III Year to include more advanced skills and techniques.

In 1% of cases "push from" is used

He said Walker was pushed from behind and was also hit with a bottle.

According to reports former President Nasheed was pushed from power by the armed forces.

This is a last push from us to get you to single-mindedly accomplish what is foremost in your minds, and to do the work.

Traditional ideas, poetic, visual, literary, are very much in vogue, and they do not tolerate being pushed from their pedestal without a fight.

We saw roofs ripped from homes and evidence of how high the waters flooded the area as parked cars pushed from their parking spots zig zagged down the street.

As the handover is taking place, the rider grabs the bottle tight, as does whoever is handing it up, enabling the rider get a good tow and push from momentum of the car.

PS: Yes we'd need more push from the bottom rather than the top, but in the Euro issues, if we'd wait for another few years before anything is done, there'd be no Euro anymore by then.

In 1% of cases "push off" is used

He said he pushed off the deejay and a crowd began to descend at that point.

Not great footballing minds, easily pushed off the ball and incredibly frustrating.

The peacemaker received a gift; guns were put away and the boat pushed off the sandbank.

Tae-ik pushes off Se-ryung; he didn't reveal the photo because he wanted nothing to do with her.

Homes in the neighborhood were pushed off their foundations, and many residents haven't returned.

In a short time, he built a raft and pushed off the south bank of the river, bound for the north.

It was made up of those pushed off their land, whose numbers greatly surpassed that of the tiny amount of jobs offered in the maquiladoras.

After pushing off the ground, direction of the toes tends to be slightly outward, although this corrects itself as the foot lands in the right place.

With United cruising to a 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, City were pushed off pole position by their bitter rivals for the first time since October.

The wind then picked up and I got pushed off the pier so I decided to try the inside of the harbour but surprisingly I did nt pick up one fish for the 2 hours or so fishing.

In 1% of cases "push onto" is used

War was pushed onto the Germans by talmudic judaic bankers.

I am still extremely upset with the way it was pushed onto us.

Like most Aussies, I have woken up today, utterly disgusted at what has been pushed onto us by **25;5467;TOOLONG.

I'll never forget seeing the poor woman pushed onto the couch, and all four feet and eight years of my brother grabbing her by the ankles.

Unless you are stubborn on what you want, they will make you get something else Actually the development cost of such useless marketing gimmick is also pushed onto people who use dedicated graphics.

In 1% of cases "push over" is used

Such tactics may, however, backfire as peoples ' common sensibilities are at last pushed over the brink.

But the government's highwire act of trying to placate lenders while ensuring that the nation is not pushed over the edge will not be easy.

A massive white dwarf may accept enough mass from a close main sequence companion and be pushed over the edge before a nova eruption can take place.

Can you not tell me you were on the edge of your seat as the Romanian pack pushed over Scotland's pack to take them into the lead by 4 points with 10mins to go.

In 1% of cases "push past" is used

But when it came down to having kids, he just couldn't push past that boundary.

Everything tells me to go back inside, and its usually very difficult for me to push past that anxiety.

Rutanhira inquired about who was in the house, and tried to push past Alfina who was standing in the doorway blocking him from entering the house.

In 1% of cases "push toward" is used

Merkel seems to be pushing toward a fiscal union (of sorts) but blocking any move toward a banking union.

In 1% of cases "push towards" is used

They don't want to be pushed towards the margin.

My son's achievements in hockey and football inspired me to push towards my own athletic limits.

At the same time, Apple as a whole is pushing towards greater collaboration with common goals across divisions.

When the Mongol West Expedition Army pushed towards the South, they went across the east territory of Smolensk Dukedom and Qiernikv Dukedom.

Reckless small mine owners would multiply, increasing numbers of local government officials would be bribed, and more mine workers pushed towards death.

The resilient lower middle order of Bengal bailed them out against a Punjab attack that looked like pushing towards a second straight position of dominance.

Rather than pushing towards that, they would benefit more from breaking it down to mastering the way they cold call, or the way they talk about the product, or close the deal.

Why are we here? Why is this, that last push towards realisation, our issue to solve? I don't know that I can fully answer that, because it's likely based on a complex mix of reasons.

In 1% of cases "push under" is used

Its the new world order making its play, Israel is to be pushed under the bus in return for Arab support for the new world order.

How anyone can say Paa Willie played no role in the independence struggle shows how desperate this revisionist programme is being pushed under Mills ' Ghana.

In 1% of cases "push with" is used

So instead of pushing with fear we actually start by acknowledging it.

Eurogamer: Part of what you're pushing with Bodycount is guns that feel especially satisfying to shoot.

We will continue to push with the speed and access you experience during Seedcamp for the course of the 3 months and the year ahead.

A trio of opponents and a trio of rookie quarterbacks; that should allow Dallas to restart their playoff push with a string of victories.

It was a little difficult to push with the epidural still on, and I was told to focus my energy on the belly as opposed to straining my head (I was turning red with every push).

Steady positions, family group bills, building health and excessive additional potential distractions would be the main reasons for certainly not making push with regards to online business.