Prepositions after "scramble"

scramble for, to, out, in or on?

In 53% of cases "scramble for" is used

Little men grasping for power often scramble for personal advantages.

It is a very crucial game and both teams will be scrambling for the 3 points.

Purdue as he scrambled for a ton of yards as his pocket collapsed time and again.

And now, the small Philippines even dare to scramble for territories against China.

In the late 19th century the European powers embarked on a scramble for African colonies.

It was packed to the rafters and the typical last minute scramble for tickets was abound.

Education as preparation-for-life teaches that the good life necessarily involves a scramble for scarce resources.

However, gold will remain on top of investors ' mind as they scramble for a hedge against the spiralling inflation.

This time however, rain, plus unexpected mid-night flash flood sent us scrambling for an exit strategy early in the morning.

I had never even considered that I should some day demean my pen to write about the perversion that is men scrambling for men.

In 11% of cases "scramble to" is used

They continue to fall behind early and then scramble to catch-up the entire game.

At this stage 50 UK and US personnel, including airmen from the RAF Regiment's Force Protection Wing, were scrambled to the airfield.

Presumably, if Romney had won, officials would have scrambled to setup some kind of framework or architecture that Romney would have been beholden to when he took office.

He? s grateful that he didn? t use his Delta SkyMiles to book personal trips because he would have had to scramble to rebook vacations and upgrades in the wake of his account cancellation.

In 6% of cases "scramble out" is used

Page scrambled out of sight and pulled the trigger of his gun.

Harry scrambled out of bed and scooped the bird up cautiously.

Well, Peter scrambled out of that grave and bolted for Father Allen's.

We all got soaked whilst scrambling out of mosquito tents &; tying tarps to trees.

Scrambling out of the wreckage, Richardson looked up and saw a road sign: Omen, 66.

In 4% of cases "scramble in" is used

But, he kept the first touchdown drive alive with his lone ACL as he scrambled in a pocket that was pretty non-existant all day long.

In 4% of cases "scramble on" is used

Pushing her way out the shattered back cargo window, the slight but athletic preteen scrambled on top of the SUV, which had righted itself, and yelled to her mother to hoist up the younger children.

In 3% of cases "scramble from" is used

We scrambled from this ravine, and galloping away through the hollows, soon found another, winding like a snake among the hills, and so deep that it completely concealed us.

In 3% of cases "scramble through" is used

I scrambled through the escape hatch to man my battle station as a stretcher-bearer in the after-battle dressing station.

In 3% of cases "scramble up" is used

Quinn was injured in the first quarter against the Raiders when he was hit by linebacker Philip Wheeler on a scramble up the middle.

In 2% of cases "scramble into" is used

Today when it happened I instantly scrambled into the living room as fast as I could to tell my parents but then as I stood there my mind sort of was telling myself I was crazy.

In 1% of cases "scramble by" is used

There is a mad scramble by global corporate giants to get into Burma, virtually a plunder seems to be happening.

In 1% of cases "scramble like" is used

Well, if they cancelled the flight that far in advance, then they wouldn't scramble like that.

In 1% of cases "scramble onto" is used

I scrambled onto the top of the bar and dove, using the top of her head as a stepping stone before grabbing the rafters and vaulting myself out the exit.

In 1% of cases "scramble towards" is used

On deck, people scrambled towards the stern or jumped overboard in hopes of reaching a lifeboat.